Chuns fierce vs LoV

saying “sitting” is way more funnierest than saying “crouching” that’s soo 90’s.

Cold chillin’ yo. When are you and your boys coming up to UCLA? My mad Necro skills are going to waste.

N - Mebbe I’ll bring my Tri-jumpin’ mama.

no, it will connect.
you’re dumb

uh… ok idiot :confused:

you’re ALL dumb – i mean, who uses chun li in 3rd strike? she’s like, the lowest tier character ever. :cool:

was that suposed to be funny?? :wtf:


…fried Chicken xx SAII sounds good to me. :slight_smile:

…ah, and allow exodus, I think he had a bit too much of that ‘Brain Damage’ drug my friend told me about.

Sitting? lol.

Anyway, once Chun has a super, is there any reason to not JUST use cr.forward(sf term for mk lol. Gotta teach SF terms on, too good)?

I don’t play her( I play her in every game she doesn’t win for free:P) but it seems that all that is necessary is charging and using low forward into super. UOH is ok but parriable. It seems that it most matches the low forward is free even if parried.

I’m just wondering if it’s necessary to actually learn the ho at all.

Other than free wins and simplicity, is there actually something fun about her in 3s? Talk about one dimensional.

Heheh, seriously though, I just had to post about the “sitting” argument.

Rei:this is and “sitting” is retarded here. It doesn’t matter what makes more sense to “one.” For future referrence the abbreviations used on SRK are simple. s/st=standing c/cr=crouching and j=jumping. Pretty simply and universal for explaining position. Why argue something so lame? Just accept that this is the language in this world. It really doesn’t matter what game a player started to play on because this is, heheh.

It was funny to see someone actually arguing about it though.




All these terms are giving me a headache, why can’t everyone in the SF comunity just use “Tekken” terms.

1 2 3
4 5 6

o-U-o - Up
B-n-F - back, neutral, forward
o-D-o - down

there for abreviations like u/f and u/b and d/f are far easier to say than “diagnal forwards down” and “sitting” ( we use crouching too ) but saying 3 and 6 is a lil easier than “forward” and “fierce” lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

see isn’t that SO much easier?

Its almost as bad as the Sol Cal community doing there

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

I mean, ack, dragon punch in the three terms gets confusing too!
Streetfighter : dp + P
Tekken: CD+P or f,n,d,d/f+P
Sol Cal: 6,2,3 + P

There should be like, some universal language to get everyone reading the same damn thing, this is like learning to read all over again. Anyway, rants over and I don’t have much trouble decifering what everyone is saying any more. So its all good. Now, CHUN!

I’m a newb 3rd Strike player, and I hear a lot that CHUN is like “Top Tier” and awesome and stuff. Does anyone have combo’s and what not for me, and can someone give me a really quick briefing on what those abreviations you guys are using mean?

ok… i’ll teach you chun right now

when you start the match, hold back, push fierce punch until your face turns blue… if they jump at you, parry, and throw them, or just throw them any time, throws are the best… then when you have super, just walk back and forth, and once you hit a low forward (medium kick), do her qcf qcf kick super (super 2), and you win!

Haha … I like it. It works too, I won a few matches. :cool:

But then I got the big picket fence sign from the newb’s saying


and the real players gave me a hiding.

chun is low tier she sucks

In MvC2…Every OTHER game though…