Chun-li vs

I don’t get angry at videogames very much but wow this was an uphill battle if the hill was straight up

Most people on her talk about how easy it is for people to just walk up to Sagat and out footsie him then this is truly their nightmare

Maybe I’m just bad (which I know I am) but this seems like 7-3 easy just off of theory alone.

Enough venting about shit nobody cares about, does any vet Sagat have experience with this matchup enough to give some tips?

Or is it just one of those lye down and take it matchups like t hawk blanka

Thinkin’ about it probably not 7-3… more like 6-4 but like I said I’m pretty bad.

In this game it’s 6-4 her favor but it can be a pain in the ass to at a good chun li.

yep, DONT press buttons in midrange. You will get bodied.

You NEED to get a knockdown before she gets meter, and do as much as you can before they get meter.

I think its worth it to still go in with some meter. You might eat an ex spin kick, but once the meter is gone you can go in again.

Just came off a set with a buddy of mine who mains chun…not pretty. He won 2 games for every game I won. She outfootsies, out pokes and outguns gat in almost every facet of the game. Only thing Gat has over her is damage per hit.

IF i were to give 3 pieces of advice, it would be to abuse tigershot at max range and use lots of fakes to encourage a jump in. (oh and if she does jump and u tiger uppercut her, the trade drops gat on his ass so that you can seldom follow up with a step highkick, this sucks, but the damage from the dp is good so…)

Jump in on her while she is downed and go for crouching short mixups into throw.

Condition yourself to uppercut her hazanshou attack (the one where she flips through the air and does a split on your head) its an overhead attack that can lead into kicks ultra if the chun player knows what he is doing. You could also focus attack this move (regular, not ex version) and then punish accordingly.

Crouching jab one links into tigershot or tiger uppercut are helpful (this is a one frame link so it’s gonna be tough but if you can condition yourself to link cr jab 2x into tigershot, it’s effective at keeping her a little at bay.

I know i said 3 pieces of advice, but please, for the love of god…block…block …and block some more till you have an opening. If she has ultra 1 be wary of her charging because it means that she is waiting for a tigershot to give you a fullscreen ultra.

Hope this helps


Nice piece of advice. I hate that ultra 1, always keep forgetting that hardcore punish!

Luckily i have quite some time against cpu chun and she uses hazanshou constantly when she is in range so you get used to uppercut them :stuck_out_tongue:

lol about CPU chun SirEld…i guess that helps a bit. Thing is the unpredictability factor when playing people. a good player isnt gonna telegraph when that hazanshou is coming so you either have to improve your read on the player or your reaction to the kick. Working on the second takes longer but is better in the long run.

Her jump-ins don’t always lead to you being knocked down (it depends on which button she presses for hard knockdown), but if it is knocking you down then you need to delay your uppercut so that you hit her later in her jump in. You won’t be able to step kick into Ultra but you will beat her attack clean and not take any trade damage.

As far as zoning goes, when she has U1 you can still throw Tiger Shots but you have to wait until she moves forward or jumps because then she’s lost charge. Prior to her getting U1 your main gameplan should be Tiger Shots but after that you can try surprising her with jump-ins. She has horrible anti-airs.

Yeah I agree Krimzn. I actually meet very few Chun players. To me it seems like it depends on the day for what character i meet… I swear yesterday I played almost only against Akuma.

I also don’t like that crossup kick Chun does, I have a hard time getting used to it because for me it always seem like attack that’s gonna land in front of you, but as mentioned I hardly get to play against Chun online… not yet at least.

We should do matchup threads for every character…

u might have something there Marz. and Laughter…I was referring to her double fierce punches in the air, which seems like most chuns choice air attack. It beats everything, including tiger uppercut. I found i can hit her clean if i am slightly under her when she does the attack, however if i was at the angle where the punches are coming down, then its a trade with a soft knockdown and we both fall.

Havent tried delaying it too much, but will do this tomorrow and report back.

Right checked out the TU being hit out of the air thing. If u delayed TU she could just delay her jumping fierce and the results would be the same…i.e. either you trade and get dropped or she beats TU clean.

SirEld, the crossup kick can be tricky if u arent used to it, but its not so difficult to deal with. you can either input lp tiger uppercut motion and press the button as she transitions to the other side, or you could do close stand medium punch and hit her before she flips over you (u need to get the timing down a bit…run it through on practice mode).

Chuns hard but not his hardest. It’s possible to rush her down when she has no meter and if you corner her it’s tough for her to get out. Once she get’s Ultra, just lame it out. It could be 6-4 now but in AE I eventually thought it was around evenish. It really depends on who get’s the lead and when she get’s Ultra and how you cope with it.

Focus is very important, not only for the flip kick but to punish her sweep too, you have to dash through and punish. She’s really easy to bait as well since her reversal isn’t great. Can’t push too many buttons against her but she does have a floaty jump and her AA is not that great.

Highlandfireball, How do you cope with her backdash when rushing her down on wakeup? its just…stupid. Cr lk/ cr fierce option select doesnt catch her, neither does os sweep, Which leaves you with os standing punch (which i cant get down for some reason…sagat always ends up standing and breaking the lk link when i attempt it.) I just end up trying to get a read on whether he would dash and i just stand fierce to catch her, but its not ideal.

I’m fairly certain that’s not the case. TU can beat out literally any jumping attack in the game clean. It has 5 invincibility frames.

interesting, maybe I’m not getting the timing right? Maybe it’s a case of priority? not sure…but i also noticed this wonky mechanic with TU and decapre’s drill kick…both get dropped on the trade, unless it’s ex TU.

I just let her back dash or follow her with low step kick, her dashing away is a good thing because you gain space back. I have a couple of chun replays , I might stick them up and explain better. Don’t get me wrong , its still a tough match.

Yea please upload them I hate this MU. I saw Ryan Hart lose to Skatan? Or something at the last big European tournament. Matchup looked horrible

If the chun is aggressive , they are the one’s you don’t want. The two top chuns I used to play were super aggressive and you can’t really control the mid range at all, they sort of just pummel you into submission. I’m not home for a few days, I’ll see if I still have them when I get back.

It’s not that bad. Her buff and change on usf4 just push the scale in very slight chun li favor. I feel it was very close before slightly on sagat favor. I still say it’s pretty close