Chun Li Video Thread: ICPO Surveillance

So I haven’t gotten to practice a lot, but I’m learning. Had a fun First to 5 w/ a friend last night, could use some tips on the matchup and bnbs. I do have a list of stuff to go over though haha. (part 2)

I played Cammy during the beta, but wanted to start fresh with Chun for the retail version. When I don’t know what to do, I tend to turtle pretty hard.
I finally got into a Battle Lounge, and beat this dudes Nash in a FT3. He switched to Bison and won the 1st game, but then I guess he had enough.
It’s funny how far blocking can get you during the early ranks.

Iansanity and Ricky O at WNF (timestamps are in the Description section of this YT vid)

Apparently Ohnuki is playing Chun in daigos stream, but I can’t seen to find it on the archive, if anyone has any links I’ll love you for it.

Can add Viscant and Brolylegs to that.

Chun has always had a pretty solid turtle game tbf. No tables to hide behind in this one though.

It wasn’t impressive at all. Really fuudo with Mika was the only one doing ok. They obviously haven’t been grinding that cracked beta.

Some Nuki vs Daigo play.

Another SF4 head/OG Chun picking up SF5

Justin Wong (Karin) vs Ortiz (Chun) from Portland last Sunday. 4 hours and 28 minutes mark. [ link ]

Cojiro (SF4 Chun player) most likely will hop on the SF5 train, going by his recent streams. Here’s hoping he puts out tuts as good as his old SF4 ones.

[link to his channel because the I can’t seem to bypass autoembed]

Your super v-skill setup midscreen is character dependent. Some the j. MK will crossup and some you can ONLY hit crossup on. Some you can hit crossup j. MK but non-crossup j.FP. We have SFIV style wake up charts … yay …

Also if you do f. HK twice after a hard knockdown air throw you will crossup with f. HK (whiffed) and be +1 for a cr. jab -> st. MP that is pretty tricky.

Also something i’m noticing is FP Kikoken is actually not terrible. Short range but literal sonic boom recovery. Total duration is like 36 frrames.

From my livestream. How’m I doin’?