Chun Li Video Thread: ICPO Surveillance

Yay new subforum :3

Is it possible to move the Blue Jade thread here? I presume there’s that option so I don’t have to make a new one. At any rate, I might devote the first page or so to collating the vids from Blue Jade.

For instance, the Madcatz Exhibs here: Chun Li General Thread: Blue Jade

Crackfiend’s channel is here (link)

Love the thread name @4neqs

My only suggestion would be to change the order so it matches with the other forums having the title first.

ICPO Surveillance: Chun Li Video/Discussion Thread

Having it backwards kinda makes it stick out like a sore thumb.

I would argue the SF5 part isn’t needed simply because we know we are on a SF5 forum.

But good job :slight_smile:

Broly’s tut (December beta tho)

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Bafael guide (underrated channel for Sf4 and 5 that more people should go to):

Working on it (see: the first line I posted in this post) launch week event-- Crackfiend on stream now. Hopefully on VOD later

Playing against my bro in SFV.

Crackfiend’s Chun was legit. The way he was playing her just makes me fall in love with the character and the playstyle.

I know my Chun isn’t very good. I just picked her up today as my alt after seeing how nice her pre-order costume is. Never played Chun in any SF game before. I hope to improve over time.

I was going to post his match in the Lupe exhibition vs Alex Myers as soon as some youtube footage gets up.

I really like that outfit Mr.Flowers. I’ma wait a week or 2 until the servers get back going then grind for the colors for it. The black one will probably be my fav though.


The struggle is bloody real!

Crackfiend matches from last night’s mini tourney. Spoilering to make the thread load faster.


@otori BRUH why are you having trouble AAing Chun’s floaty ass jumps? I know you not that old.

Just mess around with some of her other buttons. Chun’s j.HP just has a hit box that makes it difficult to AA consistently with s.LK or b+HK. Use b+HP. Long as you’re spaced far enough away it’ll beat it clean and if you’re close you’ll still get trade in your favor or crush counter if she starts it late enough.

Otherwise get more varied with your AA game. Don’t just stick to standing on the ground. Jump up and air throw, j.MP counter hit or V Trigger into stomps or neutral jump HK.

Gonna watch some more Crackfiend. Wonder how he does vs LPN’s Birdie.

Crackfiend (Chun) vs Alex Myers (Cammy). 43 minutes in. Pretty hype set for day one.

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I dunno they traded or got stuffed every time. I suppose it’s cause I played DP characters and with them you gotta do the anti air as late as possible but using normals it’s the other way around. It’s getting better, the salt has worn off.

Worth listing the Pros that have picked Chun in the top post? Will make it easier to browse tourney Chun games in the near future.

So far there’s Iansanity (WNF/SoCal) and Crackfiend (NorCal). I will probably add more to the OP as we go along :tup:

Ricky is probably the best Chun at the second.

Been using more Karin as of late tho… well prior to the last WNF

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Mofo is using the same costume and color as me. Nice stuff … now if he just anti aired sometimes. Need to do more kikoken in my blockstrings.