Chun Li or Cammy in 3D?

Hi guys.

I have been making 3D fan models of video game characters for a few years now, and am finally starting work on Cammy and Chun Li.

Since each one will probably take me about a month to make (I am slow) I am wondering if you guys favor one over the other? I like them both.

I will post progress renders in this thread as I make them, if you guys are interested. In general, my work is geared towards adults, but everything I post here will be youth-friendly.

BTW, I am just about finished with models of Lightning and Vanille from FF13 (posted below) with some work still left to do on the faces and hairstyles.

(In the past, I have also made Tifa, Bayonetta, and I am going to re-do my Kasumi model from DOA later this year)



cammy is my pick
may I suggest Juri ?
Very Nice 3d model btw


I might do Juri 3rd…


I was thinking Sakura, too, but how old is she???

Old enough.

Wikipedia says 16, so I guess that is old enough for a fictional character…

as long as there’s grass on the pitch… heheheh:bgrin:

where can we see your other works?

also i say ibuki.

I have a deviantart gallery at

<link deleted by rook>

Chun-Li, please! If it’s going to look similar to that picture with Lightning in terms of quality, I can’t wait to see it.

Oh snap, I’ve just visited your deviantART link while my little brother was in the room. He could’ve seen it, LOL!

whooooa…horny girls LOL

Rose. All the way.


And Cammy. I want some of dat ass in 3-d.

beautiful artwork, you really need to animate, heh!, What tools do you use?

Thanks. I use Blender, which is a great open-source (and Free) 3D program.

Looks like it is 3 to 1, Cammy’s lead over Chun Li so far…


nice site :slight_smile:

Blender can do that??? Wow… *amazed

wait I forgot to cast my vote, Chun Li!


Blender is missing a few of the ‘convenient’ tools that Maya and 3DS Max have, but you can still produce about 95% of the same results in Blender. At this point, a determined artist can make really good art in almost any 3D program that is available today.

before this goes any further, I wanna remind the OP that there’s no nudity allowed on SRK… no genitals, nipples (or parts thereof), pubic hair,semen, or anuses.
tasteful, clothed 3D models will garner you much acclaim, I would think. but any of the above would result in a ban.