CHICAGO 2016-2017 Thread: Welcome New Players, check out the Facebook Group page as its more active!

PLEASE VISIT OUR CHICAGO COMMUNITY FACEBOOK GROUP PAGE!!! We are very active on it with around 500 members! Info is updated constantly and is the best source for gatherings, events and tournaments!




Congratulations to:

Mario for winning Vampire Saviour (Woot woot 8-2)
Noah for 3rd in AH3 (Beats should’ve gone and taken everyone’s money anyway)
Clayton for 3rd in Mystery Game Tournament (Clayton is definitely the Deadliest Warrior)
Limbo for top 8 in MK9 (Cyrax makes everyone look bad the first time)
Frankie for top 8 in MvC3 (Good shit vs Justin)
Spriggan and Marcus for top 16 in SSF4 (Let’s all main Yun in AE)

I suck. I didn’t place anywhere decent in tournament play.

^Didn’t you place second in MK character auction tourney? Sandbagger.

Great meeting a few of you this weekend at UFGT! I didn’t even know Spriggan was from Chicago when he wiped the floor with my Adon in a mirror match (on the stream, even. oh goddddd).

I’m richardserious on PSN and AIM. I play SF3 (Elena and Necro) and SF4 (Adon, Chun and Honda). I’m trying to learn MVC3 but could use some help, I’m total garbage right now. Very interested in the KOF series as well and own copies of 00/01, 02/03 and XI for ps2 (but I suck at those, as well).

I live in Ukranian Village (near the Division blue line) and have a car.

That isn’t even fair. Only 4 or 5 of the players were good in that thing. And the only good person I fought was Perfect Legend and he blew me up.

shouts to shiki (i got your 32.50 for the buttons) flying v (got your twenty bucks hit me with an email for paypal) " ff" frankie g (good marvel3 showing and leaving a tourney to go win another one is gdlk) clayton (thanks for the quick sodder,you made the arcade stream possible because of that .) Mario (fuckin mummys revenge) and to the hitbox (for how funny it breaks st and vs,you guys need to get that shit banned with the quickness)

why do the posts keep getting pushed further and further to the right of the page as they go down? do i have to change something in my settings or is the site just fucked right now since they changed it…? im literally reading posts as a single vertical line of text

AREAXIII will be open tomorrow starting at 6pm. Good job to everyone who participated/supported UFTG this past weekend. Now it’s time to get back to the grind. Too many players just show up to play. Not enough of you are helping others. If you see people who need help put your ego aside and give some advice. Many players I see are still playing at the same level that they were when I first met them. These casual meet ups are for learning more than anything so do your part.

See you guys tomorrow.

This weekend was too much fun. Real talk.

Hope you guys enjoyed the party i threw for you! <3

leave it to fuckin FRANK to place high at UFGT…good shit homie

Had a blast this weekend. Hope to see a lot of people at Area XIII tomorrow. After several thorough ass beatings at ufgt, I’ve decided to finally change up my MvC3 team, so I’ll be trying stuff out. I have a lot to learn about MK9 still as well, especially against certain characters. Can’t wait for AE next week. New main inc…?

I’ll be stealing KBeast’s Chris team since it was hilarious.

Once again goods games to everyone who did well, and if you didn’t do well, i’m sure you did better than me :confused: UFGT has taught me i need more experience and i need to actually get help from other people, and maybe quit with me “never play any high tier character attitude” (Except cyber sub zero) Anyways i reconstructed my team in marvel, waiting on AE to improve my Juri, and learn Yang. And as for mk. >_> not giving up on jade, ill find a way to beat everyone with her. Anyways here is my info.

Julian Turner Aka Franchyze22/Catch_22
Chicago South suburbs(Dolton)
Xbox: Franchyze22
PSN: JT2_Catch-22

UFGT was amazing. Was crazy fun playing MK9 casuals til like 5 AM every night lol. Was my first tournament (let alone major) and first match was against Valle on stream, and even though I lost, I managed to take one match so that was good in my book lol. I met lots of people who lived near Chicago who were really cool. Name is Aaron (or Dizzy) if you talked to me.

I’ll be moving to Tinley Park in a week or two for my new job so I should be close enough to make it to some gatherings after I get settled in. I play MK9 mostly but i’m decent in MvC3 too. Feel free to add me if you play either! (Especially MK9 =P)

PSN: Incorruptibility

Xbox is currently out of commission =(

Damn Keits that tournament was the best tournament I have ever been to, and I have been to EVO. It was just flat out fun and had so much to do, thanks again and looking forward to the next one!

The MK9 2v2 Tag Team Tourney we had in Michaelangelo’s room was hype! \m/

Don’t forget! Final Round 15 Midwest Qualifier #1 of 2 - THIS WEEKEND 6/4/2011 in Kansas City!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Super Street Fighter IV
Mortal Kombat 9
Tekken 6
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2

Team tournaments as time permits, side events welcome! There are two Hyper Fighting cabs and a Killer Instinct cab on site, so bring quarters!

More Information:!!