Check Out My New Arcade Stick! - Part III (No Image Quoting)

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Thanks for the sticky, @appo !


Actually I think this is part 3, but who cares? Lets go!

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@MKKhanzo You’re right, thanks! I fixed the title.

I tried finding the part 1 thread to link it as well, but it gives an error when I click on the link. Hmmm, I think the link broke after the previous forum upgrade.

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[updated 22-05-2019]

Dual Arcade Stick SNES-Saturn

[updated 25-06-2018]

I’ve added a practical carry handle and also a Velcro tape to gather the cable. :wink:

Konami Arcade Stick Gradius Edition XL (Low Profile & Silent Joystick) :grinning:

  • Wood case
  • Old Style (SNES Edition)
  • Low Profile
  • Sanwa JLF-TPRG-8BYT-SK Higher Tension Silent Microswitch Joystick
  • 6 SEIMITSU PS-14-GN Buttons 30mm
  • original SNES PCB hacked
  • Kowal 1mm Oversize Actuator for Sanwa JLF Series Joystick
  • Art Gradius
  • added weight to the stick: 6 squares of metal + 2 top brass tubes + metal plate


Inside, it is all reduced (the hot silicone I put) and painted all black. I myself have made all cables and connectors for quick disconnects. I’ve used another command of SNES, and I trim the motherboard to the maximum. I making connections, this time, from the controller chip on the motherboard. I have added to the cover, a sponge from those used in speakers to more cushion if possible noise, and on the outside cover, I have put you a new pad not slippery. On the outside, I’ve also painted it black and I have added new stickers of companies-developers of shoot’-em-up games. Also has new skins by the sides (stars) and the front (continued with the drawing of the main art/skin).

It has two cap for buttons R2 and L2 me too much (personalized with the logo of Konami).I leave them in case in the future I put another motherboard.
Finally, I have put a white bat top, the other transparent is slippery. This is rougher to the touch. And I’ve also put six Seimitsu buttons 30mm with bagel, with the typical colors of the SNES controller(red, blue, yellow and green).



I love the low profile. Great looking stick!

What type of wood did you use?

I would not know what to tell you. It’s a frame from a picture.

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Picked up a nearly new white Panzer here from a nice guy in the trading sub. It was already pretty tuned up with a Kaimana/custom feet & balltop/Quick Link, so I gifted it to the wife after swapping the art (which was actually a pretty cool outrun theme, but just didn’t fit her tastes) and the face screws. Now we’ve each got one and she’s pretty jazzed for Soulcalibur VI to drop. I changed out the buttons in mine and also added a Quick Link. Those shafts seem like a really great travel feature. Something kind of interesting is that the white one is maybe half an inch shorter in height, so must be a slightly different Panzer model or something.


Finished up a custom build for someone on Reddit! Feel free to check out more photos and some of the other customization options on my site, linked here.


Modded the RAP4 Kai:

Time lapse video:


WWE All Stars Brawl Stick modded to:

Seimitsu LS-32 + PS-15 + Carbon 3D Foil


Is that the LS-32-01-SC-SS (the new model that comes with the shaft cover), or did you make/mod your own shaft cover for the LS-32?

It’s the old LS-32-01(Philips microswitches) with SS mounting plate. Arcade Shop UK sold the last old LS-32 versions with this shaft cover.

Cool. Never realized Seimitsu sold the old one with a shaft cover. I thought they only added it when they were forced to redesign the stick due to the old microswitches no longer being produced.

Don’t think Seimitsu ever sold it with the old LS-32… But they sell the new shaft cover separately. Arcade Shop UK just put these on some old LS-32 which left in stock and offer this variation. There is no difference between new and old revision… beside omron switches… Seimitsu wanted to recreate the original feeling 1:1.
I guess even the pivot jumping behavior (when hitting the gate harder) is still there.

did another hrap3, this time for my lil brother


@bewrong, we don’t see anything. Don’t use photobucket. I use Imgur with zero linking issues. However, you can also upload an image directly here using the upload button on the posting menu (above your entered text, just right of the “</>” button).


appreciate the tip :slight_smile:

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“Fixed” upped a Tatusnoko vs Capcom stick that I won from an auction. From the pictures on the listing I was expecting the main issue to just be the zL button. It was sunk in.

I tested it on my Wii and I was right, everything worked perfectly fine besides that button.

Opening it up I see that the switch broke

All I did was put a sanwa switch from a button I wasn’t using and now everything works.

Another stick to the collection.

Not really a huge fix. Don’t plan on customizing this stick too much. I wanted a stick for the Wii and I like the stock artwork so really no need for any changes there. Only plans I have is to switch out the stock joystick to a Seimitsu LS-40 and replace the stock switches to Sanwa.

Minor Rant

I hate when people ship a product this way.
I’ll give the seller some slack because shipping was cheap and they were based in Europe. The box easily got some damage on the corners.


I love the Mad Catz SE FightStick and the Brawl/Tatusnoko vs Capcom variant.

The dimensions are very practically and it feels good to play with it. The weight is fine for me. Good for modding, too! You can keep the buttons and just need to change the switches to better quality and all sticks fit well with the right mounting plate. Seimitsu needs SS plate, otherwise the lever is to short…

Especially if you have so many different Sticks like me @home. You will save much place because it’s so much more compact than the others.

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