Cheating in Halo 2 out of control

Playing team slayer, and my health just starts magically depleting. Everyone on the team is like WTF until its 10 zip and we realize they are using standby (or thats what my friend said its called). We start bitching and the other team can here us, they tell us that if we stay they will play fair. We all bail, and later realize one of the dudes was a 34!

Not two games later in team skirmish, we are in the base when our flag magically disapears, the game goes to the configure screen, when it comes back “round over” 1-0.

Big team battle, we go up 1-0 and are on defense. Again the magic health depletion/instant death. We somehow manage to hold them regardless and win despite the cheating.

This is just way out of hand now. If you can get all the way up to a level 34 by cheating, and not get banned, something is wrong.

Ok I’m gonna inform you about a few things.

On Zanzibar if you grab the flag and put it in the corner where the stairs are then you can go outside and jump on some crates and grab it from inside the base. Thats probably why they were able to grab your flag without you knowing about it.

And on beaver creek if you like to use the battle rifle/plasma pistol combo then all you have to do is grab the battle rifle and walk to the back wall of the base, run along the wall and you can pick up the plasma pistol from inside the base.

Theres plenty of other shit in halo 2 that you can do involving going through walls.

Got rid of that shitty ass game as soon as SFAC came out.

Sum1 Used Standby on me, :xeye: …Did You Leave Feedback? Thats what you are soupposed 2 do…Also I Played sum1 beyond level 43,beacuse after level 43 you get symbols instead of number,ive seen sum1 with the Halo Ring,sum1 with that comet and a Moon with a eclipse.....its pretty kool, yet very hard when you play them…

I played a lv42 that played like a lv8 or something…and about the cheating, alot of people started to use the rocket/sword trick alot in zanzibar…it’s getting annoying seeing one guy fly from the other end of the screen and kill you.

Yeah, the other day I played a group that was all level 29. Their clan name was something Standby.

All I know is that I was standing at the flag when it suddenly disappears. And they score immediately. I thought maybe I was tripping(because I was high), but it they managed to score again immediately. The game was over in less than 2 mins(which IMO is impossible). I say it is impossible because we played at Coalugation(sp.).

I do leave feed back but it seems that it does not work too good. Especially since it had already happened, and all you are doing is preventing them from doing it to others.

The bottom line is Halo2 Matchmaking is garbage because of Standby and the luck factor due to SMG start.

Play Custom Games With MLG Tourney Style Rules!!!

Only thing online worth playing.

I just played with 3 standbyers in a row in Head to Head. I think one of them got banned mid-game though. :rofl: The match wasn’t listed in my match history at, so that’s what I’m assuming.

But still, I didn’t realize it had gotten that bad in HtH. I just deal with it until they get their undeserved win, and leave them feedback after all’s said and done. One thing you guys have to remember: DON’T QUIT! Remember that that quitter penalty is still in effect, and you lose like twice the amount of experience you would’ve lost if you had just lost the game. So just let them win it, leave the feedback, and move on to the next game. I know it’s hard, but if you care about your ranks that much, it’s wise not to quit.

Me, I got no choice but to play Matchmakin’ for the time being. I don’t play during the late hours much at all anymore, so I don’t meet up with any of my friends. Only freetime I have is during the day, when there’s only 3 or 4 people on the list I don’t like. :bluu: Solution: clean up my Friends List, I know. :razzy: I’m gonna get around to it one day.

[EDIT] - Good thing is that Bungie is going to be addressin’ this shit real soon. Copy and paste from their recent update:

Should’ve had this long ago, but better now than never, right?

Hopefully this will improve things.

I hope they reset the Stats so all the gay Standby homos dont keep there 30’s and above ranks that they dont deserve. Even though I like my ranks I will be willing to start over just so I know if the people I am actually playing are worth my time, cause I got like 32’s and crap on my list that I never play with because I figure they Standby and prob arent even good and will just make me lose.

I just got stand-byed ten minutes ago. Every other bug they could have left alone, stand by is the one that fucks everyone up. My team sat there for ten minutes waiting to be host and then when we were it took another ten minutes to find opponents (because everyone is doing the same thing we were)

That’s what you guys get for not playing more sfac or cvs2 with your precious time!
lol, jk.
at least they’re going to fix it, now we know we’re paying a premium for some reason

Eventually we get all the maps free (sometime summer theyll all be out for free download) and the glitch update is still free according to bungie

i dont care what game it is… but when u have that many ppl playin it, theres going to be cheating! hardcore cheating!.. the more ppl… means the more chances of glitches to be found

but thats what custom games are for :tup:

Bungie announced they’re gonna do that update that SaiST listed on Monday, April 18th. In addition to the stuff listed, there’s also gonna be some rebalancing of the weapons. Grenades(plasma & frag) are supposed to be far more lethal than before, the brute shot gets a boost in power, and all melee attacks are gonna do more damage(with airborne melees being near instant kills).

As far as the new maps go, four will be released before the end of April, two of them being free downloads that will be integrated into the matchmaking playlists, and two that will cost $5.99. For the time being the $$$ maps will have their own matchmaking set. JUNE 28 is when the five remaining maps will be released, either buyable through XBL downloads or through the “Halo2 Expansion pack” that will be available in stores(reportedly) around the same time. All the maps will be made free to download mid to late August, at which point all 9 new maps will be integrated into the normal matchmaking playlists…

Hopefully Bungie’s gonna take care of a lot of problems. Every interview I’ve read…they sound downright vengeful when they talk about Halo 2 cheaters

This might also be a rumor, but I heard all ranks will be reset when the patch is released.

That’d be nice bonus. Zipper blanked the Socom 2 stats when they did this huge update back in September and started everyone at zero(of course the cheaters have since taken over that game AGAIN)

The other rumor I’ve heard is that there’s going to be a new cinematic sequence that will show up with the downloads…and while Bungie still maintains that there will be no content for the single player campaign mode, they are saying there’s gonna be a few surprises that they haven’t told anyone about yet.

The stat reset is confirmed. However, they said it won’t be on monday(The date of the DLC Package), but rather, later.

And, didn’t they say that the first 4(2 free, 2 premium) maps would be available with the DLC package(Which, I repeat, is scheduled for Monday)? Along with the 2vs2 playlist? It looks like the update is going to be ‘huge’.

The brute shot didn’t really get a direct boost. Apparently, it’s just a side effect of the work they did with Grenades. But yes, Bungie said they didn’t particularly approve of how dual wielding weapons were so powerful at close range, and the damage boosts on grenades/melees are made to make the ‘Close Range Game’ more interesting.

I’m loving it.

The Monday 4/18 was an AUTOUPDATE for the weapon balancing, grenade and cheat/exploit problems. No official dates been set for the DL maps yet, but it shouldn’t be more than 10-15 days before it happens. The stat reset is confirmed, but I’m not sure if it’s gonna happen the day the new maps are available, or if they’re gonna wait til ALL NINE maps are integrated into matchmaking(when they are all free August or something)

Otherwise, I’m digging the autoupdate. Bungie themselves said that they were trying to get Halo 2 to be more like Halo:Combat Evolved’s multiplayer, and I think they’re on the right track. Never was a big fan of dual-wielding anyway, so I like being to club someone to death easier…brilliant move with the grenades being pumped up. I used to say “how the fuck did they survive that blast??” Now I can say “I got that bastard with the plasma…and his buddy too.” :rock: :rofl: :bgrin:

They did finally confirm the offline package(with art, etc) will be available in stores June 28th.

My Halo2 experience has gotten a boost.

first 4 new maps come out this monday.