Chat about anything thread

Nice one man, nothing like a good rog bashing.

Spend your winnings wisely, I suggest these:

Street Fighter Toys

A couple more wins like that one and you could afford the blanka keychain voicebox!!


Say “No to Blanka Nerfs” with this:

Playing on SRK Live right now if you guys want to watch.

Shoryuken Live on XBL on

Will probably play for another hour or so.

woo, 5001 pp, took a big set vs a 3900pp ken to get the last 200pp. kept winning 4, lose 1, back to square 1. also tsrai only has 4300pp now, and no new replays on shinakuma’s youtube channel whats going on!

I think playing Ranked was making me a worse player.

Having to revert to bait -> punish in 75% of my matchups, and losing the ability to meaty/do ambig stuff against people who just mash ultra/whatever every time they get comboed or are knocked down.

Able to use new meaty stuff in endless, the actual ability to get into players heads after a few matches against them, and not having to revert to bait/punish so often just makes me feel more well rounded.

I think the breaking point for me was playing against jump back fierce Honda who challenged me like 8 times in a row. Every round took 90 seconds. Then they switched to Fuerte and did the same thing and played me another 4 times later. I was literally pissed off playing against them.

I ran into k mada and IIPeru and got dropped to 4400 a few days ago. Then got stubborn and kept playing this sagat who lagged and kept losing. But got back up to about 4600 right now. Getting 5kpp isn’t so hard. It’s just once you get into the 5k range all those 3500-4200 pp players you run into now eat up like 80+points and only give like 20-30. When beofre it was like a 60/40 which isn’t so bad. So you gotta play really safe. It’s kinda making me more cautious which is good.

@veserius i think ranked makes you bad when you don’t care about losing points. If you can find a reason to not lose then it is easier. 6kpp goal is gonna help me play more serious and stubborn online.

btw @ t srai having 4300pp. I think if he’s legitly losing as blanka and not playing an alt it could be because his style is very agressive. It has more random factors which can get him more wins if he runs into the right opponents or more losses.

so for someone like him he’ll be like 4300 one day and 6k another day lol. While someone who’s more like mizoteru’s style will probably be like 5k-5500k all the time. Personally i think if mizo was online serious he could keep a 5500k+ rating. But i am mizo biased lol. to a fault probably.

I think the problem is I don’t learn anything if I just play how I normally do which gives me the best chance of winning. And the other guy is doing jump back fierce for 40 seconds trying to preserve his 20% life lead, and then I just revert to baiting that fierce and punishing.

I dunno maybe I’ve just been into a run of bad players, but it makes it frustrating to try to win when I can accomplish this doing 2 safejump setups and tickthrowing. When I play 4k+ players who literally don’t have any footsies and just throw out special moves or jump I want to punch them in the throat.

good point. where are you located? do you have a solid friends list to get a nice endless going?

I live in socal.

I’ve been using SRKlive to build a friends list actually, and I’m going to be tourneying more now that I feel better about my gameplay+I’m not sick in bed.

oh ok good.

Do you counterpick your bad matchups and with who? I get tired of using Blanka all the time so I like to mix it up. Been having fun with Dee Jay. He fits my turtle or attack mixup style, and I actually do fairly well as noob with him. Played a Rog that had some points and won without the headache when I’m Blanka. Also beat a good Cammy with Dan. I’m sure it has to do more with knowing those matchups better, but I think I’ll put some time into Dee Jay as my 2nd character.

Rog used to be my main since vanilla just around september did i start to play blanka seriously. So i still play rog but i play blanka in all my matchups. in mirror i’ll go rog/blanka 50/50. But against my hard matchups like rog/cammy/fei i’ll still use blanka.

@Fox ggs earlier.

shgl blanka too sick, I just lost 11 games in a row in the mirror.

runback complete and won. wooh.

Been practicing a bit of rog too. Can of worms combos compared to blanka… jabs and forwards that actually connect?!? Freaky! Although ex headbutt seems a bit crap for aa, autocorrect/startup seems well slow?

im’ doing c shing c achievement now and i’ve lost all my PP, and it takes ages to get to C, like 15 wins, takes ages

played again on G4G tonight.

played against Sim.

So far my matches have been Fuerte, Boxer, Boxer, Sim. That kinda blows, even though I’m only down 60 cents on the site.

If you cherish your PP don’t do C to shining C! :smiley:

When I started doing it I went down to 1800 haha.

Doing Sagat got me like 1k of that back though.

I’m losing a lot and playing shitty, time to take a break for a few days cause I’m getting way to mad at videogames.

lol u mad!
i on the other hand, am not.
jsut got my winning % up to 88 tonight.
not bad for almost 3500 matches!