Chat about anything thread

Watching Realyst streaming on SRKlive. Funny reading comments on his turtling game.


I was trying to do the same/get in the lobby but my efforts are being thwarted. TO JAYS I GO.

mullah, click home, it’s at the top in the events section. he lost to a laggy cody player

Yeah I get lag anytime a room gets over 4-5 ppl, especially when chat is on. There is a PSN stream later I may try to get in on.

6 streaked on Peaceful Jay’s, players in there called me a turtle and then did nothing but walk away from me as some sort of protest?

So I said fuck it mashed jab xx elec. There is 0 point in actually trying to play with people if they are just going to give up and bitch because of my playstyle.

Am I supposed to apologize for not jumping into enough uppercuts or something?

Realyst had some good games stream kind of dried up after he left, so many Blanka haters in there :arazz:

Man I suck when I try to implement new stuff into my game.

I was just relaxing with a beer ‘n’ blanka and got squashed by a 43 hit combo. First time I seen that high a combo, serious lay-down-the-controller stuff. Need more than beer to relax now. Seth btw, Auron255. So funny… :slight_smile:

Tell me about it.

my mindset right now is sweep, sweep, sweep, so I can get used to doing all of my meaty setups. Land a focus? SWEEP. Punish a whiff? SWEEP. I’m even doing it in footsies which is bad cause I get a counterhit.

Saying that just made me come up with another setup. TO THE LAB.

Beer involved, still nice combo: [media=youtube]rRxUt16bEvc[/media]

Wow 43 hits and still almost lost. Seth is my worst matchup. At least you don’t have to hit too many times to ko him.

I’d rather play Seth than Sim. You can reversal U2 Seth Limbs on block.

Sim is my worst matchup don’t run into Many in ranked tho.

I don’t mind Sim when I’m in a technical, counter everything, sharp, defensive and lightening fast reactions mood… But I’m not in that type of mood very often. I find my matchup game improving though, properly murdered a few Sims recently. Now Kens, they seem to be a weird match for me. I just want to kill them too quickly or something? Guiles too, the words ‘sonic’ and ‘boom’ irritate me surprisingly quickly.

I just FA absorbed an Akuma triple-hit fireball, first one got absorbed… the next two just dissapeared!!! Definite triple-hitter, Akuma said “Shakunetsu” as they launched, three big red ones. Hahaha! Completly impossible. Blankas secret kung-fu FA move.

Don’t feel bad about being called a turtle. I got like a 20 game streak and i was rushing everyone down for fun. People said all i do is hop. It’s just for fun and it’s online lol? Can’t win either way.

Sounds like jab shaku fireball. If you didn’t know, jab is only a 1 hit red fireball, strong is 2-hit, and fierce is 3-hit. They all look the same.

Must have been a 1 hitter Shaku, I’m just so used to 3 hitters. All I know was I FA’d it up close and thought ‘Doh!, this is going to hurt’ but no…

I’d forgotten about the strenghts. Seems pointless to only throw a 1 hitter shaku, although I’m sure there is a reason behind it… more stun from inital searches. Thanks.

signed up for a 4 man tournament on G4G cause I found a promo code awhile ago that gave me 5 bucks on the site.

only 2 other guys sign up so I get the bye.

Match ends up being against a Rog player and I almost lose because I ate random ex headbutt -> ultra like 5 times until I learned to just bait him. I really need to stop respecting people and assuming they aren’t just going to mash.

Good thing it was 3/5 as I am now 3 dollars and 40 cents richer. GRINDING MY WAY UP.