Charlie: My new-found love (ehem...)

Ive always liked Charlie, more so than Guile or Cammy. But over the years, Ive focused on my mains for tournament play. Recently though, I was doodling around with random teams and I found one that will be in my lower-tier team combinations…

anti-air proj proj

Everyone knows about the glitch he has in the corner, his ability to otg, etc. I picked this team and found that the THC does a crapload on opponents. Here is a breakdown of the team and its capabilities…
Charlie- Charlie is suprisingly strong, and has decent stamina. His combo rate is typical Capcom, and otg’s and grabs are really effective against opponents.

**Charlie Basic Strats- **When playing with Chuck, use everything he has against your opponent. Aerial combo/quick grab/otg xx sonic blade or somersault justice. Easy-to-use combo with high priority and a slight intimidation factor. Another basic tac is’s for somersault justice or DHC or THC. The has a lot of priority, because it is essential to Charlie’s gameplan. You can also into aerial combo. This is the otg that is very useful, and working on jab pokes to frustrate your opponents can open the otg’s. Spamming sonic booms for coverage and lockdown is also useful. Using the lp sonic boom (slow-moving) allows for mad-dashing for xx super or THC. Another tac that is useful is his moonsault slash (only in the air) He comes down overhead, to have a decent block string with a lp sonic boom. You can mixup as well, because attacking low while the lp sonic boom is nearing, keeps the pressure on the opponents. Or you can cross-up with hk moonsault slash to force the opponent to block both ways. More to talk about, but lets move on.
Charlie Advanced Strats- I will focus on corner strats that can give you the edge in a close match. In the corner, focus on several things (the first thing is to be cautious FYI), corner gestures (geeking, dummy whiffs, manipulation, etc.), corner grabs, corner combos and corner defense. Charlie as you know by now has a glitch in the corner for his damage output. Keep this in mind, because this alerts your opponents of the damage. When executing a corner combo, just a simple corner combo will be more than enough, but mix it up so you continue dishing out the beat-down. Here’s the basic corner combo: cr.lp/cr.hp/lp/lk/lp/lk/hp wait…hk/ landing/hk/cr.hp/hk grab. Thats the sequence and standard corner combo. You can change some things there though, like waiting until they land, geek with dummy whiff, then hk grab. The geek references to going up and down rapidly while standing to throw your opponents off a little. Or hk grab/ wait…hk grab again/ finish with aerial combo. This really puts a hurtin on the opponent’s life bar and allows for mixup for a different look in the corner. That string was 80% on Magneto (with no THC’s or supers).

Charlie leading the THC charge-
This is awesome, and easy to do. Mixing up Charlie gameplan, and then inputing THC is most likely enough to discourage your opponents into hasty confusion of indecisiveness. Its simple, just pick the right assist types (Charlie-anti Morrigan-proj Gambit-proj). This takes more than half-life, and is effortless because of Charlie’s startup into the THC.

I will talk about assisting and Morrigan & Gambit later. This is enough for now to read…(lol)

Ahh, nobody is replying to this thread. It kinda reminds me of my Youtube Illuminati vids where people dont watch them. Is there a conspiracy against the 9Rev? This thread has 54 views, and yet no comments. That seems odd to me, because if it seems interesting for you to view then its interesting for you to post a comment. And dont give me that “People just checking it out, that doesnt mean they automatically have to post”. (Sigh) You cant have 54 views and nobody respond to the post, thats impossible (especially if guys call yourselves MvC2 fanatics) So, all in all Ive been noticing odd behavior everywhere, and just want to let you guys know that Im keeping my eye on you…

first of all, that team is ass. No AA for the point character? your assist punish is going to be dog shit. You have very little mixups going on and you have to bank on charlies c.fp and thats only above average @ best.

Also, everything you have posted in this thread is OLD. There is nothing new here so why should people post? more than likely a player is checking it out hoping for something new. After reading it and not recognizing anything new, they simply leave. Are you expecting something like, WOW what an awesome post about old shit!!

seriously, why would you create a thread about old shit we all know about? furthermore, why would you expect a response about old shit we all know about? there’s nothing to discuss, stop being needy.

I made a similar thread in the iceman section that got 400 views and only 1 reply. It happens 9, not everyone cares about EVERY character.

Also for me personally seeing something on a youtube video in conjunction with an explanation of it helps me way more than a 5 page treatise (text only) on character theory.

I was kidding with you guys…

I have rough humor, if you guys havent picked up on that yet. I know everyone isnt gonna post, I view threads and just read as well. I know its possible…

I know, that is the next step in me helping noobs out actually. Im planning on making tutorial vids for noobs, literally showing the basics of the game. No fancy combos, just simple mechs so they can understand the game more than now. Dashing, wave dash, when to dash, ad,adup,add,adf,adb, offensive & defensive tacs, attack priority, etc. Give me some slack here, Im busy with other things as well. But this is something I want to do for them, cause I love the game and I like to see people get better. My nephew is learning MvC2 at a fast pace, and it makes me feel good to see a freggin 13 year old playing pretty well. We spar on occasions, and he is learning the pace everyday passing. So its not about me just posting lame or old stuff, its about me appreciating every character and showing some basic stuff to use in a match.

you act like this game is brand new. You can pretty much understand the characters basic structure by watching videos and reading the older threads like 00-04 to understand the basics. The only thing you’re doing is repeating what other people have said like a trained parrot.

The forums aren’t super active anyways… and apart from that… lots of people don’t care about low tier… among those that do care at this point… you need to post something fairly new or at least a different take on old stuff… or people will skim and move on.

I post shit all the time for low tier and trust me… you only get a response from the people that like that character… and often only then if they didn’t already know what u posted.

That might be going a bit far… you of all people (as the type to sit and experiment with low tier) should know that 00-04 threads don’t always contain up to date info… sometimes they suggest shit people haven’t done for years… or omit stuff that is a rather big advent for that character in recent years. Apart from that… to suggest that many of these low tier forums contain a wealth of info would be a rather big overstatement.

Shoutzooloo or whatev, I already told him the deal and yet he comes back and rehashes the same thing he said previous. Hmmm, I find that ironic. He blames me for posting old news, and yet hes doing that very same thing. I for one can appreciate someone’s attempt to help, even if I know its old news. I’ll just say its old but he knows what hes talking about. Shaqzilla or Shukizila complains when he can just read the post and not respond. He wants attention, its cool…

So can you explain why so many scrubs are still scrubs then? Because they need (apparently) to be taught over and over again until it sticks. In which me going over some basic tacs for them is helpful. It refreshes that instinct of being competitive and skillful, and bringing back a confidence that fluttered away due to outside forces in the world. Like kids with A.D.D, they need special attention and threads like this are perfect for those who struggle in the game. You never know, someone can read this and already have a basic concept of the advice, but figure out something new that they could work on with the team. So all of you who bash advice that is not flashy or new to the community overall, need to keep that in mind.

@Mad titan

I think shoultzula’s problem was that it was basic shit that was already in this discussion thread. If it was something new, or like a new reset or something (which you find out all the time titan), I don’t think he would have a problem with 9revolta. i agree that the low tier threads don’t have a wealth of info like the top 8.


You need re-compose your team. I’m sorry, but I would fuck up Nash with any character if he doesn’t have an anti-air. I like Charlie b/Morrigan b/Capcom b. You can do something nasty with that. %50+ resets with that shit. I also saw Mixup play with Charlie/ Ruby/ Capcom and that looks devastating. There are so many options you can have other than that team.

And I agree with Shoultzula, find something new or interesting at least with charlie. Low tier land is so untapped because the scene was focused on only 15 characters. So im sure you can find something.

So your basis is you need an anti-air to beat people? No, and apparently you depend on that to win. I can play that team and fundamentally beat you with Charlie solo. With your statement, it seems you spam assist a lot, which means youre toast. Now, I just explained the whole situation and you come and say the same thing he said. I already explained it to you all. Didnt you read the post? If you did, you wouldnt feel the need to post the same thing someone else did. You would see that the point was proven, but yet someone else will come behind you and say the same thing you said, which is the same thing the person before you said. Its like you all are falling off a cliff one after another. You want some Charlie new stuff, then go practice and learn something new, instead of stalking the threads for advice. Im not here to post for you all, a scrub would be glad to recieve this advice, which is all well and dandy. And saying youd fuck my team up? THC would erase your assist quick, and your point if you wouldnt block low. So think before you speak lad, you can imagine doing something that reality wont let you…

Fun times… everyone getting along… woot…

Seriously tho… charlie works a lot better with AAA… just like all characters… don’t HAVE to have AAA to win… it just makes things much more smooth.

a scrub would be lucky to receive your advice? your advice is asssssss. That team is you have is flat out terrible. You’re a scrub yourself, how can you possibly teach someone else? no decent player would op to pick your team when there are much better low tier charlie squads to use.

I would fuck your team up, bet it chump. My charlie team vs yours.

shaqzilla out beetch.

Haha, I crack myself up sometimes…

Listen, you dont need anti-air for Charlie. He can do just fine with any other type of assist. Morrigan’s proj assist is okay, and Gambit’s proj is effective as well. If you think about it, the team is for low-tier counterparts, so no need to fear rushdown god-tier opponents. Facing other low-tiers, youre able to fight in a more standard way and not needing an anti-air assist to protect Charlie. Protect Charlie? From who? Another low-tier counterpart? Cmon, the team was structured this way for THC which does a lot of damage. Also, with Charlie’s startups xx THC, it is a perfect setup. You dont have to play this team permanently, it was a “feeling out” process. I practiced with this team in training, and I play against the cpu for probables against opponents. You should have the common sense to realize that the team can be altered, we are all gamers so we switch things up. And for you to possibly think that that is the only team I thought of and that was the only setup I had for the team…is astonishing.

Think before you post things because you have to realize that people do have brains you know…

No, I take all that back. That is actually a good squad you have with Charlie/Tron. But to be honest with you nothing will ever intimidate me because Ive seen it all and Ive faced some badass opponents. If you like to just spew, thats cool. Im not here for that, every now and then I’ll spew back to get a little nasty with yas but Id rather talk about the game. Charlie is one of my fav Capcom characters, but I havnt been playing with him much. I know everything you know about him and I know how to play Charlie as well. And there is no reason for me to try to explain something to you that will only lead to useless debates. How do you have this notion of me being a scrub? What is your definition of a scrub actually? Is it seeing my vids that only showed a portion of my skill? Was it the post that Ive posted for scrubs and noobs? Your definition of a scrub is based on the fact that my information doesnt please you and you want to be thrilled with something new. Sorry pal, Id rather help people get better than to impress people. Do you see me going to post and insulting people who post old advice? No, because its a waste of my time that I could be using to discuss something that is interesting at that point in time. Dont waste your time doing that, it only makes you look immature…which I will embarrass you if so…

Ok gone on long enough that I’m calling for a Charlie-off… FT10 w/low tier squads… charlie must start point. Then we can have the end of it…

But seriously… what the point of endless empty threats and smack talking… in an age where you can hop on xbl or psn and settle shit real quick…

Fortunately for him I dont play online…

But I get your point, this thread was just something to post for people to see who I play with and who are Charlie players to get some ideas about. Not an actual advice thread, more of a thread for Charlie combinations. Its cool, the debate has provoked me to hit the arcades up right now, and Im getting ready to leave in a bit. Hes cool, just likes to bite sometimes (I hope) Cause if he thinks hes better than me or he would own me hes losing his mind (which is decreasing everyday passing anyway…lol) He seems like a low-tier player, and this means he is in a area that I like as well so there has to be a comparison of some sort I guess. Maybe we should make combo vids comparing skill? I dont play online, so thats about all I can say.

But yeah, L8>>>>>

Two things

  1. I am a scrub at marvel. I want to learn Charlie so I can be good with him, to make a secondary team (or maybe my first team). I read shit in the Charlie discussion thread, and I have applied it.

I was hoping that this new thread would teach me something but it didn’t. So I don’t appreciate your advice. I read your post and others a couple times.

The first one was set up like a tutorial. But I found old stuff. Shoultzula didn’t post the same thing. The first one he said your team lacks structure and the stuff is old. The second one, he said you are a like a parrot. Clearly not the same thing.

Oh, and scrubs are still scrubs because they learn one thing, but don’t learn the other. Like Sentinel, they learn the semi-infinite, but when people pushblock and super jump it, what do you do? Nothing? You can’t do shit because you refused to learn him properly. Thats why people, like me, are scrubs. But now I want to learn everything.

  1. My post does not say I spam assist. You a damn fool for that. You need to go work on you word analysis dude. My post says I think you need an anti-air. I put teams down. I gave input, but I never even closely said I spam assist. I said that Charlie/Capcom has some nasty resets and combos. But I never said I spam assist.

You said that the was an appreciation for Nash. Why the fuck would you bash me for giving input? I CLEARY stated that Charlie/Capcom is a motherfucking goonie ass pair. I CLEARLY gave two decent teams. Isn’t that love for Charlie my nigga? If you say no, you need to check again bro.

Now back to this assist thing, even if I did spam assist, what can you do about? THC? The basic combo into THC which wouldn’t be effective because Flash Kicks knock you into the air, causing minimal damage between royal flash and soul eraser (whoops. learn you hypers my nigga. Charlies flash kick hyper is hella quick, which knock me up in the air. Royal Flash and Soul Eraser are effective hypers on the ground. Now its still alot of damage, but it wouldnt be a efficient assist punisher (Three bars to knock down half life of a whack ass assist. Not Efficient). Charlie/Capcom is alot more deadlier and alot more efficient)? No because all three of them do not have super compatible THC’s. DHC’s, yes. THC no. Sorry.

So do your research man. Read my post again. And don’t reply to me, because you are wasting both of our times.

eh… this game is messed up from a learning perspective. It’s why I’ve forgone use of the word scrub… To me there are noobs who suck (b/c they are new to the game) and ego noobs (who will forever suck b/c of their inability to swallow their pride in order to learn.)

There’s almost no other way about it. Most people who say or think they are good at this game are really really bad… I won’t tell you I’m good… b/c I would have told you I was good 5 years ago and my current skill level would go 100-0 against my old self… so… its perspective. All that breaks down to is that you will be as good as your competition level and practice quantity make you.

I can do nearly every known infinite with anyone… doesn’t make me good. People who can’t do half that shit can still beat me in heads up play. That’s the nature of the beast. I spend countless hours in practice mode. I might call myself good… but if i did… tomorrow I’ll find something that beats the shit out of what I found today… so I won’t call myself good at all. Just a good learner.

I see that ego in you revolta… and I promise you that if you drop it… you’ll get waaaay better. Even if you could be called “good” now… you’d be waaay better. Promise. It was something I had to learn as well.