Character that compliments Guile's bad match-ups?

I don’t plan on changing characters but for others I’m sure they would like to know. My question would be is there a character that compliments Guile’s bad match-ups? I’d like to alternate somebody else but I dunno if I have enough time, just something I’d like to keep in mind.

Boxer is one of the better choices. Helps a lot in the ryu / sagat / blanka / viper department. Plus, your charge character knowledge transfers over pretty nice.

i’m going to say akuma. i feel he wins all the matches against opponents i consider tough for guile (sagat/abel/zangief/ryu/possibly c viper).

blanka isn’t a bad match for guile in my opinion. just turtle like hell and block. there is an easy counter to almost anything blanka thows at you.


Blanka is just a straight up gimmick.

Once you figure his stuff out he’s really got nothing left.

Until you go up against a real pro. The ones that will slide every projectile not by guess but by reaction. The good blankas i go against up here absolutely shut down everything guile has. If you decide to just chill and block, he will get ahead in chip damage due to EX boom being a flakey punish for it… even on standing block.

currently sticking with boxer. but guile is not second

Claw was actually my first main then guile

Guile isnt that bad agianst blanka imo

just jab blanka out of his balls.
Focus bait his slides, because it makes them react if theyre too concentrated on slide punish.

see it just comes down to who you struggle playing against i suppose.

i’ve played quite a few good blankas…and i would say the match is pretty even.

i really, really struggle against three characters: bison, ablel and zangief.
rush down bison is my worst nightmare and the match is supposed to be 6-4 guile lol. there is something about his jump that just really mind fucks me.

gief and abel are supposed to be 5-5, yet i find if they get in on you once you are dead pretty quickly…especially gief. his cross up jumps are pretty much undefendable with guile.

Down fierce a few bison jumps and he’ll cut that shit out reaaaal quick.

I really like what Abel brings to the table and I’d definitely make him my secondary if I had more time to play. His mix-ups are just crazy and with a little meter he’s insane.

Yeah, a good 2, 3 or 10 down-fierce hits will teach a Bison player. Capcom should have added a jet pack to his back considering how much a Bison player jumps during a match.

Personally, I second Cammy because of her speed. My bad match-ups are more player dependent than character at this point. I lose sometimes to Ryu’s and Ken’s, sometimes to Zangief and Honda, but thats only if the other person knows their ins and outs. Cammy is just a joy for me to play and she’s very very sneeky. ex-hooligen ftw.
I still hate Blanka but I’m learning to deal with him more easily.

Ex flash on wake up should launch you the other direction and far enough unless hes expecting it.

and if he messes up his cross up, an ultra or super will knock him down for you to escape

lol… I always keep a bar stocked for this reason

cool this is one of the best tips i’ve heard for a long time.

Fei Long = offensive approach.
Guile = defensive approach.

Both, imo, are mid tiered but where Guile can’t get in with his boom followups, Fei Long makes openings with his tenshins.

Boxer (or M.Bison as he is named in the Japanese Version), he is the first guy i mained when i first started playing and 4 months after i switched to Guile and persevered with him til this day.

If happen to come across a Blanka player, being able to use boxer gives me confidence going into the match.

Even some of the Good Blanka players who come up against a good boxer will be ripping their hair out in this match up. This doesn’t mean they cannot win against boxer, it just means that they have a serious uphill battle

If you’re going to rely on a secondary, why even main guile? Why not just main Sagat who is at least as good as guile in every match up, and better at most.

I wish the one character rule was used in US~

Maybe this is off topic a bit but it seems related to me

I respect Warahk’s point of view quite a bit, I only use Guile when I play in the arcade and 90% of the time on the ps3 online.

However, I have been using Seth and Chun and I find that I get better with Guile by learning the timings and strategies for other characters.

I am nowhere near as good as most of the people here, but I have definitely noticed my Guile game being stronger after playing somewhat extensively with my second(s).

Maybe it is all in my head…

I agree that using other characters can help you improve. I use essentially every character, and choose random quite frequently. I spend a lot of time in training mode with all of the cast because combos make me happy. I also think playing matches in reverse (like using sagat against guile) can help you understand the match more.

I will never pick a character other than guile in a tournament setting.

EDIT: I often threaten to switch my main to sagat/ryu/akuma when I lose, but I am all talk.