Chance of Hakan in SF Vs Tek?

Well now that we had a peek that Hugo is in the trailer of SFxTek. Capcom seems to lose another seat reserved for a grappler. Though I am happy to see Mister huggy in I would absolutely love to see hakan get in as well I’m sure some of you here would like that as well. Now some may say, Hugo is not yet revealed in the roster, but if you consider the amount of time he’s given in the trailer and the “liquid” effect he does when he’s doing the clothesline that seems to be the graphic effect given to characters of SFxTek so I guess there’s that logical hint of why he’s in the roster. But the chance of Zangief or Tony Hawk getting picked than Hakan is much bigger I should say. So… sigh and I don’t think SFxTek have that focus system integrated into the gameplan anyway so hakan may not have his focus parry advantage there and technically hard to fit his play style in balance with the rest of the roster.

I don’t think his playstyle is hard to fit into the game, doesn’t SFxTek have a parry system? Or was I imagining that? I’m sure they could give him some additional ‘options’ from a parry if he was oily. His oil shower would need to be much faster though!

Launch > tag Hakan in > Ultra 2 would be hilarious.

But I too can’t help feeling that Hakan won’t make the cut. It is slightly annoying when you see Poison (never been in SF apart from Hugo’s introduction!), Haggar (I will do a massive WTF if he makes it in) and Julia from Tekken (most underused char in Tekken ever? I don’t see many Julia’s online). Oh and Cole from Infamous if you have the PS3 version.

yeah, Haggar served abit like a cameo in that trailer. I did see some sort of flash like in after a focus absorbs a single hit damage but i think I heard in keits’ video post or was that podcast or some sort that the mp+mk button turn to tagging button but of course that does not mean it’s impossible to put it in other button combinations. Yeah just putting hakan there may not be hard but to mess with the focus canceling things may be discomforting. Also SFxTek involve lots of charging, say ryu’s normal hadouken can be charged like his denjin super. Wonder what is it that hakan can charge other than oil dive and oil shower. Be mighty useful if we can charge up slide as another shenanigans eh? Bet the animation will be hilarious like a swim athlete getting ready to dive in hahaha

I asked Ono on twitter if Hakan would be in st x tekken, but he never replied, just the other day I asked if we would ever see him in another sf game, he still hasnt replied, grr. I sooo want to see him in sf x tekken! But I don’t think they’ll bother because he’s not popular…we’d all need to hassle ono or something to try and get him in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve just rewatched the trailer and when hugo is out he ran and nearly tripped on the steel door I think that really brings out his sluggish and dumb-ish personality at first I though he’s stomping it in anger but nearly tripped in his 360+k motion is so hilarious.

That gives me an idea… what if in the next costume dlc hakan wears hugo’s costume you see… he’s got the chain already on his waist. Zangief wears haggar’s and now hakan turns to wear huggy’s. Although his 2 other unreleased costumes concepts are awesome love that grand suit and roman style armor (

Yeah, he acts on demand it seems, this is the 2nd time i see him do the “ask the audience to get 10-20 dollar bills from wallet” to get a game development going or maybe that’s what marketing guy told him to do.

he wont be in there, the game has like 0 turtleing it seems, so there wont be a chance to oil.

I would love to see Hakan pop up in the game, and I could see him fit in. But, there are also a ton of grapplers (potentially) in the game already. So far we have King, Marduk, Abel (whom I consider one for conventional purposes), Hugo (unofficially), and surely to come, Zangief.

Honestly, I think we’re more likely to see Fuerte or Juri before Hakan.

Yeah, eyepwa

Eyepawd is right, so many grapplers right now.

Also, Eyepawd, where you been? lol. Good to see you back.

Yeah! I’m hyped actually with the amount of grapplers I knew n love in that game, and if Sodom or birdie got in too I’d probably be the happiest man the month the game is out lol. I guess i’d have to settle with Hakan appearing on background like hugo did in the construction site stage…

But if we look back, I think the SF - tek roster is made on posting their mirror counterpart self in tekken ver
SO like maybe… Ryu >< Kazuya, Ken >< Paul, and considering the size Marduk >< Hugo who should king be compared against? Abel? But there’s still a big possibility that Zangief may got in due to that Kuma comparison, hope he’s got a bear version SPD just to make it a parody somehow lol. Oh hang on… so… who yoshimitsu’s SF counterpart is…

I’m not going to completely discount Hakan, as I would be fine with as many grapplers as possible. But, sadly, I would see R.Mika as a more likely addition than Hakan at this point. However, I think we should take a look at the upcoming Arcade Patch and see how much (if anything) they give Hakan. I feel like that could show Capcom’s support for the character. I mean, it is hard to argue for a character to be added that wasn’t represented at all at EVO (then again, I don’t remember seeing any Cammys on the stream either, so, take that theory with a grain of salt).

Uh…I’ve been around. lol. Sad to say, that I go hot and cold with my fighting games. In fact, before this weekend, I hadn’t played online in about a month. In fact, my ranking with Hakan dropped from 20 to 240. Yeesh. Doesn’t help that I’ve been playing a few other non-fighting games (my pile of shame is gigantic).

However, with 3rd strike, EVO, and the patch announcement, I’m probably back for awhile.

Someone posted this on eventhubs…Hakan in SF x Tekken?

Probably being very hopeful!

Huh? Which character is that linked to?

Trust me, I’d love Hakan to get a second lease on life in SFxT…But, with Hugo added. Zangief surely to be added, and R. Mika being rumored to be his partner…I don’t know if I see it happening.

However, if Honda was added to the game I could see Hakan being added (as they’d probably be ‘official’ partners).

Thats ravens shoe/boot

Unfortunately I think that’s probably how they see hakan, only good enough for button checks and to stick on someones boot

But it does kind of look like him, but it’s probably me just wishing for the best, I’d so be using Hakan and kuma, lol

Thought there’s a little glimpse of Hakan’s lion head belt buckle or something there on the cropped poster. I was too hyped then… sigh lol

from what i get so far the primary combos to juggle is lp mp hp then another hp to launch and switch to partner. so if hakan is in there we’ll see a combo (well you can imagine what it looks like) we’ve never seen before. I’m so confused now on who to use when this game is out, I like kuma, i like king, marduk, and hugo lol maybe I’ll try poison just because hugo and poison mix well narratively as a team. at this point I really wonder why i get the feeling that zangief isn’t going to be added… but we’ll see.

Another hint that Hakan might be in SF x T? :

Again, I’m being hopeful, but I can see red and black so…you never know!

I think you’re seeing things, Drew. =P

Haha, gotta have faith y’know!

Just looks like a larger Ibuki image to me. :confused: Lets keep the faith people! (But I don’t see it happening! :frowning: ) Also, I dunno what I’d do with Hakan without a focus attack.

Honestly…I’d love see Hakan in Tekken x SF as well. That’d be really interesting…


Yay self-plugging!

I would love to see Hakan in another SF game. I’m actually still hoping for an appearance in SF IV: Volt on iOS lol. But with the liquid effect, that actually looks a lot like Honda to me. You see his hair at the top, his um…bulk…and some blue from his belt.