Chabot College's Con - 7/6/07

To all the people out there in the greater Bay Area and Northern California:

Chabot College is holding an anime convention on July 6, 2007. If you like anime or game or both come down and see us. We’ll be holding tournaments for:

Tekken 5
Guilty Gear XX and
Super Smash Bros Melee.

So come on down if you are in the area. Admission is only 10 bucks and free parking until 12, so get there early. The tournaments are free (cash prizes for the winners) as well as free food at lunch. Doors open at 9 and the festivities run all day until 5. We are located at:

Chabot Community College
25555 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward CA 94545

So come on down to see what it’s all about. Remember, that’s July 6th, 2007 from 9 to 5 at Chabot College.

I might be down to see what’s up. Been a long time since I was around the greater hayward area.


t5 could be fun though

MvC2 would be nice, but it guess it’s too late, so I’ll be there for Smash, get ready to feel my Luigi and Link

Someone should totally show me how to play a better A-Groove in CvS2

can u hold a game the majority plays…um 3s?

how much are the cash prizes

I’m assuming these are console tournies. Update your game list, I just got done playing GGXX in Minnesota at some scrub con and the bastards wouldn’t even play Slash because 2 or 3 whiny punks were complaining about how it was more “difficult” to perform supers in Slash ( for the record, they sucked at doing it in XX too ), and please tell me this isn’t one of those places that believe in the myth that arcade stick are considered “cheating”.:lame::lame::lame:!!!

And yeah if you have CvS2 on there you gotta have 3s. You might wanna see if you can get hooked up with a Japanese PS to run AC or at least Slash on. Other than that, good luck with the con, I’m surprised you’re not running Naruto GNT4. That’s like the smalltime con staple.

Yeah I’m guessing this is console too since it’s Tekken 5 and GGXX, not T5:DR or Slash

If you guys can I could bring a copy of SFAC (3s on there) and MvC2 and we could run those, I’m sure other people would help

fyi, dr is on ps3

Som, I doubt they’ll have a few PS3s out there just to play DR, but if they do, power to them

Also, what are the rules for said tournaments and times where each one will take place? I’d hate to miss one(especially SSBM & CvS2)? Anything but best 2 out of 3, double elimination and I’ll be greatly saddenen

Sup y’all :lol: I’ve been out of town for a bit and I’ve been very busy w/ work and helping organizing this Anime Con so I had my friend post this thread up while I was away. So I’ll help w/ any questions you guys have.

This event and the just about the whole anime con is brought to you by Game-Zone Recreation :tup: and this is the Kin-Yoobi Con I was talking about a while ago.

Check this website for more information to answer a lot of questions about it.

Ok so the tournament games are

Guilty Gear:XX
Tekken 5
CvS 2
Smash Bros Melee.

the reason it’s GG:XX is b/c we don’t have Slash
and the reason tekken 5 is tekken 5 and not T5:DR is b/c we don’t have it (or two copies of the game) BUT if people have or can bring slash or T5:DR then we can switch it and have no problem w/ that.

We also have some TVs where you can bring your own system and encourage you do so but remember we are not liable to wat happens to your system but well try our best to keep everything :cool:.
this is where games like **King of fighters and MvC 2 and 3S **come in and we can have other tournies in there also but the main ones are the ones listed above in green.

O and yes all of these are run off of console but u are more than welcome to bring your own sticks and controllers.

I’ll post even more details later b/c I’m about to sleep and get ready for some stuff tomarrow like con meeting, work and wat knot be I’ll try to check this site to fill you guys (and girls :lovin:) in :lol: as much as I can.

Please post details.

Thanks for the update, I just might bring MvC2

Also, Albert, I’ll show you how gay A groove is :stuck_out_tongue:

you host host guilty gear but not third strike? good job!

Any chance of posting the exact time that CVS2 will be held?

CvS2 will be held 3 PM to 5 PM

Check the website link

I’d still likes the rules and regulations on each tournament, I’m assuming Smash will be regular MLG rules (1v1, best 2/3, double elimination, all that good stuff), and CvS2 will be the same (same as MLG rules except without all the stage and counter picking rules)

soooo whose bringing the melty blood? :smile:

:wtf: :lol: CvS 2 is supose to be from 1pm-3pm and **Smash bros ** from 3pm-5pm
Crap! I’ll tell the guy to make that change today.

OK this is mostly an anime con and it’s open to the community so it is a community event. With that said there will be people of all ages there at the anime con. So to get into the con it costs 10$. once you get in there will be free food around lunch time (about 11:30am-12:30pm), there will be at least 4 free video game tournaments (maybe more check the website for details (, anime showings, dealers, discussion panels (basically debates in anime and watever), 94.9 is going to be there, we have a cosplay contest, there’ll be live bands, plenty of anime music, art gallery/show, O and I’ll be DJing there too from 9am (opening) till about 12pm and in and out if needed (like if we have another frekin band drop out :annoy::mad::arazz:) :lol: but it’s all good :lol: I gotta rep KCRH 89.9 the east bay’s best Variety as a radio DJ b/c I work there also (o and that website is )

With all of that said the gaming part is a section within the anime con, so entries for all of the tournaments are **FREE ** so the prizes won’t be as big as if the entries cost money. BUT IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO DONATE ANYTHING FOR THESE TOURNYS AS PRIZES PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP :bgrin:

**all of the tourny games except smash are best 2 out of 3 **
we probably won’t have double elimination to be honest b/c that well take to long so it’s single elimination
Characters that u can not pick are abvious ones so
**NO Shin akuma, ULt Rugal, Justice (GG:XX) and there’s one other guy but I can’t remeber at the moment but I beleiev he’s one you earn and is obvious you can’t use him, and no costum grooves. **:wasted: :lol:

can you post a specific amount for each game?

You know I clicked around the website several times and still do not see where the times are listed for the tournaments. Can someone just post a direct link?