CEO 2011 Official Results

Just wanted to post the thread now, I need a few days to catch up on day job stuff that was crazy while I was gone. But feel free to start posting your thoughts, comments, shoutouts and what not.

Until I post again, Thank you so much guys for making this bigger then I ever imagined. Already planning 2012.

Top Results from All the games Courtesy of Eventhubs, SRK and TYM that I gathered these from.


  1. TTC|Tokido (Akuma)
  2. TS|Arturo Sanchez (Dhalsim, Rose)
  3. Mike Ross (E. Honda)
  4. Marn (Yun)
  5. TTC|GamerBee (Adon, Fei Long, Akuma)
  6. fLoE (Yang)
  7. Banana Ken (Ken)
  8. EG|Justin Wong (Yang)
  9. EMP|Twisted Jago (M. Bison)
  10. DMG|PerfectLegend (Akuma)
  11. DMG|PR Balrog (Balrog, Yang)
  12. TS|Min (Fei Long)
  13. DMG|Rico Suave (Oni)
  14. FR|ShinkuuR (Rose)
  15. EMP|Yipes (M. Bison)
  16. FR|DSlicer (Zangief)

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

  1. TTC|Tokido (Wolverine, Sentinel, Phoenix)
  2. EG|Justin Wong (She-Hulk, Wolverine, Akuma)
  3. LB|NYChrisG (Amaterasu, Ryu, Wesker)
  4. EMP|Twisted Jago (Wesker, Dante, Trish)
  5. EMP|Remix (Magneto, Wolverine, Sentinel)
  6. EMP|Evil Rahsaan (Spider-Man, Sentinel, Phoenix)
  7. DMG|PR Balrog (Dante, Wolverine, Tron)
  8. Ryan Hunter (Dante, Amaterasu, Dormammu)

Mortal Kombat 9

  1. LB|NYChrisG (Reptile)
  2. EMP|Tom Brady (Sub-Zero, Noob, Kung Lao)
  3. TS|Arturo Sanchez (Reptile, Sub-Zero)
  4. JTCircus (Kano)
  5. ATL Redd (Liu Kang)
  6. TFA|Banana Ken (Cyrax)
  7. DMG|PR Balrog (Raiden)
  8. Noobe (Cyrax)

Tekken 6

  1. DMG|Kor (Bob)
  2. FightingGM (Lee)
  3. TTC|Tokido (Bob)
  4. IC|PokChop (Bruce, Miguel)
  5. NYC Fab (Bruce, Miguel)
  6. ATL Redd (Law)
  7. DevilReborn (Lars)
  8. WayGamble (Leo)

Soul Calibur 4

  1. RTD (The Apprentice)
  2. SuiRad (Astaroth)
  3. Enkindu (Voldo)
  4. Luigi PR (Voldo)

I had a blast, good seeing some old faces again and meeting some new ones. Thanks for throwing the event Alex, you looked busy as hell all weekend haha

Thanks Alex. Glad I could have been a part of it. I hadn’t realized how much I’ve missed the scene these past few years.

Arcana results:

1: TS Sabin (Kamui)
2: Hozartis (Nazuna)
3: Banana Ken (Elsa, Kira)
4: Nightblade (Zenia)
5: Viety (Elsa)
5: Lord Cruxis (Maori)
7: M.Song (Eko)
7: Alice-Chan
9: LambdaDizzy
9: Blue Baroo
9: NerdJosh
9: Shinbo’s Dad
13: Sillender
13: Orka
13: The Great Reptar
13: Zen
17: RKG Eternal Blaze
17: Return of Shiki
17: FunkyP
17: Zerp
17: FlutterViess
17: Pirateyoshi
17: OceanBlue
17: Ryu
25: Longshot
25: Arrogant Swagge
25: Hellsoldier
25: Laijin
25: Napstar
25: SayaSP
25: Voltaire

How many people were in Marvel?

Can you please post who more results so we can see who earned EVO points? Top 16 IRC. Thanks. Awesome event!!!

Congrats, Alex.

What about ST?

Link to MK and MvC finals plz.

FR|D.Slicer won that over DMG|PR Balrog

It was pretty small, but nice nonetheless…

when will we get full results of all the contestants?

The only thing I was dissapointed in was that no FL players made it out of pools while there were two from Atlanta. We Floridians need to step this shit up. The tournament itself was great though, and this has been probably one of my favorite tournaments, up there with Last Stand. And even though every CEO I find ways to troll Alex (he knows it’s all in good fun and is a good sport about it), he deserve a world of recognition.

One last thing I want to note is that, I spent a good amount of Saturday trying to find pool footage of AE and MvC3, which will be up at my youtube page all in due time.
Sunday I was recording Team AE, mostly my friends who were participating.

EDIT: Oh shit I totally forgot about Ryan Hunter in top 16 in MvC3, but then again he had to beat Eder argggg

Good shit Alex! Anyone know the total number of entrants across the board?

I completely agree with you bro. Don’t worry, I personally plan on getting more into the CFL scene and find out what’s going on. We place in Top 8 in games that aren’t as popular as Marvel or Street Fighter. It’s either NY or Cali… I don’t want to turn this into another topic all together. But I can tell you this much, this time next year. We WILL have a higher placing FL contestant. Watch and see…

Flocker beat Smooth Viper to make it out of my pool. He also came close to beating Justin Wong if I recall (I didn’t see the match but everyone was telling me about it).

This was the first major for myself and my bros from small town Ocala, where there is pretty much no scene. We all had a blast. Hope to see some of the FL people I played over the weekend again in the future. We’re roughly an hour and a half from a lot of the bigger cities (Orlando, Tampa, Daytona and Jacksonville).

I played on stream 3 times and that was a fun experience. I played omg itz Andre and he beat me 2 - 0 in MvC3 casuals but it was pretty close. My MvC3 team (Gold Rush a la Mode) got reversed OCV’ed by a Jill/Viewtiful Joe and I was astonished by how good this guy was with these underused characters. Then Marlinpie blew me up in SSF4:AE. Quick complaint about stream matches, I was told I would be playing Marlinpie on stream so I let the guy running it know and then sat down in the audience to wait for my match. About an hour passes before we play because no one could find me even though I was waiting in close to the front of the stream area. I didn’t hear my name called on the mic until it was the last warning. Marlinpie was really nice about it though and he was such a nice guy.

Sunday’s small 3rd Strike tournament was probably the highlight of my weekend. Shoutouts to keninblack for running that. Along with a ton of hype matches, we were all able to spend some time with Gootecks and Chris G. Those two are ridiculously good at 3S and I’m sure its been a while since they’ve played. Hanging with the pros was definitely a blast. I can’t wait for next year’s CEO. Alex, you are my hero for making this weekend happen. It was a little tough to get the dates of from work because CEO coincided with my county’s graduation dates but my wonderful boss knew this meant a lot to us. Hopefully next year the dates won’t do that :]

For anyone who is interested

[CEO 2011 Stree Fighter III: 3rd Strike Grand Finals] - Gootecks (Urien) vs. NYChrisG (Ibuki)

CEO was my first major tournament, and I loved every minute of it. A recent change in my work schedule prevented me from entering, but I definitely will enter next year to see how I stack up. I had an amazing time, Jebailey, and I can’t wait to see the Central Florida scene grow and grow.

Man I had the pleasure of getting some games in with Ryan at ECT2 in our room before the tournament. Such a great player and an awesome guy. Him and the SoCal scene really inspired us on Long Island to get our 3S scene going.

Eder, his brother in law, and myself (Dennis), are planning on leveling up seriously for any upcoming events in FL. We’re for certain going to the next CEO event in St. Augustine that Jebailey mentioned at CEO 2011. If anyone is down for some training sessions or knows anyone who does get togethers on weekends for MvC3 PM me.

I really wish I could’ve actually participated in this event but due to some shitty circumstances in the 2 weeks leading up to it and my job I couldn’t get shit done in time to get registered properly. Glad to be there to spectate and participate in casuals though. Great to see some old faces from Tampa and Miami.

Eder was one match out of top 16 and pretty much gave that first match (AKA CEO Moment #1) away with his fancy She-Hulk shenanigans instead of DHC into Haggar ftw. Not to take anything away from Ryan Hunter he’s a great player and grats to him on top 8.

Great job Alex, awesome stream/event… Wish I could have made it to this event!

Thanks man.

Marvel ended up with 285 entrants and AE was at 302. T6 ended up with 63, MK9 had 122.

Ended up with like 650 Competitors across all games plus like 200+ spectator Badges Sold.

I’ll post up full results of pools sometime later this week, I have a lot of sleep to catch up on.