CEO 2011 Official Results

Same thing happened to my team (Team Nathan Best Man), we got blasted on stream by OMG Itz Andre then got reverse OCV’ed in losers by that team who had the Jill/V.Joe anchor. Good stuff.

Despite the fact that I dropped every combo possible with Elena and played like trash in general, I too had an extremely good time during the 3rd Strike side tourney. It’s literally been years since I’ve played that game with a group of people and it was just so refreshing as I absolutely love 3S. That little side tourney, and keninblack in general, got me more hyped for 3S Online than any trailer ever possibly could!

Hopefully come next year the 3rd Strike tournament will get a little more love and 'll have gotten back into form. Good games to everyone I played!

Great job, great tournament Alex!

You can’t actually make up for lost sleep… so…

Tournament was cool =) It was awesome how so many pro players came to Florida. :tup:

<3 3s.

<3s Popeyes.

Real shout outs later. This tournament was too hype regardless of what game you played! :smiley:

tourney was gdlk i look forward to next years!

Shout outs to all of team spooky.

Drunken flash is still brokentier lol. see you all on the flipside.

congrats on a great event Alex! Its a was a hyped! Cant wait for next year!

Good times… Alex can’t wait till next year. Here’s hoping I don’t have issues with cabs next year.

Props to everyone that played Garou, Twinkle star sprites, and magical drop 3 with me.

jwong is gdlk in md3.

GS GA/ATL/FR Crew/AL/SC for repping & GS to the all the Arcana players for showing up & supporting your game.

Drunk flash is godlike…

Saturday night at the party he just stared at me for like 15 seconds with this blank look in his face…and then he just told me…“What’chu looking at nigguh???” then he laughed and walked away…da bess…

My MvC3 Pool footage

Good shit to Art (wow and consider his chars too, my faves but damn) & to Mike. I guess your Honda IS better than Clakey’s! :slight_smile:

^ that has to be the best avatar and screen name I’ve seen in a long time!!!

some photos and player/crowd reactions -

Anyone happen to know who won BlazBlue at this?


SSF4 AE Pool footage, sorry about the lack of matches here (there’s about one to two more to go) we set up a MvC2 machine in the back during second round of pools and I was there most of the time lol. Although I do have a bunch of AE teams, so sometime next week I’ll upload it.

Was there a cvs2 tourney?

don’t think so.

Alex, were you able to play in any tourneys? I understand if not.

Yea he got put into losers in AE by FR Cardell. :slight_smile: