Central PA thread (Harrisburg,York,Lancaster,other centralish areas)

whats up, im in York and i dont know of literally ANY other players in my area.
the closest area to me with players is Bmore and i cant get there all the time.

so if your in the Central PA area, post up. we can play local matches.

I’m from Hershey area myself.

Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 6 mainly, also play Soul Calibur 4. (not very good but like finding new people)

Gamertags: Xbox360 - thebeanoffury PS3 - BeanOfFury


I live in carlisle ive been looking for people to play locally forever I have and play everything would you all be down to play offline sun or mon I can host lets get a scene cracking

Hey when would everybody be free for a gathering and where

My days off are Sun and Mon. Normally raid in WoW on Sunday nights though. Also I work 3rd shift so my schedule is a little wonky. I got your friend request the other day and added you. I’d be down for some online matches when I see you online. :slight_smile:

I have the same days off if you want we can set some offline games up for this upcoming mon

Holy crap a central PA thread that isn’t State College.

I’m around Dillsburg (between Gettysburg and Harrisburg).
I’ve got a Supergun with COTA, MSH, MvSF, Vampire Savior and Vampire Hunter (and would play any of those on GGPO). It also has PSX ports to plug in PS1/2 controllers and sticks.

Not into newer stuff though since I don’t have any new consoles.

can you also hook up cps3 games to your supergun if so I have third strike and would be down to play I also have alpha 3 and msh

I’ve never tried it, but as long as you have the motherboard and it can use a CPS2 kick harness, it should work.

sweet it does use a kick harness

MASTEROFKING, I don’t have any plans currently for Monday. What timeframe you looking at to play?

edit: Sorry about the edit. It looks like I’m not going to have time to play Monday after all. I’m in the process of getting ready to move soon. Hopefully I’ll be more free in a couple weeks.

Also in York and work just south of Harrisburg. I’m only playing SSF4 but I’ll send out a few FRs.

yoooooooooo 3RD STRIKE tournament time, come on down! THIS IS IMPORTANT!


I’m usually online before 3pm or after midnight for games if u guys want. I dunno if anything’s going down, but there aren’t any near enough tournaments next weekend, so if someone wants to set up a gathering or something, i can roll through with a handful of players. Also shout outs to diaper bomb and third strike. Tell kevin and flare that the meat trucks says they’re fagels

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w00t! Finally moved in to my new place so I should be able to make time if we want to get some people together for some offline play.

Edit: btw, I posted in the Tournament forums about the Harrisburg Ballers Club and their monthly tournament. Next one is June 26th. I am going to try to make it again. Let’s see if we can get more people to show up for Tekken 6 and Super Street Fighter 4.

10 dollar entry fee per tournament with a chance at a pot depending on the amount of people.


what up people me and beanoffury are playing tomorrow at my house in carlise at 6pm all are welcome plan on playing a little of everything

Hey, I live in Morgantown my GT is OutlawNaters I’d be glad to get together offline and play a few matches and meet some people:D