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are we going to put who each player mains in each of the games?

Never too late to start in the training mode, honestly this is just my own opinion but I hear a lot of HD remix and old school street fighter but the big game is now SFIV, I mean I’ll be learning ST soon but if you want to get competitive you gotta play and learn SFIV. This is just my opinion. Can’t live in the past forever, and you can forget about the past either.

games at my place. if ya don’t have the number by now ya suck!
2548133599 TEXT!!!

Nothing against SF (or anyone here in the 254) or anything, but I’m a tekken person :slight_smile:

we have a few tekken players here, not sure if we have any die hard players though. i bought the game and might start playing it but idk yet.

imma die hard tekken player!!! fuck yeah! im lars-be-ian!!!

Yea I found my old capture card from a couple years ago, I don’t remember how well it was though

EDIT: Yea the highest in terms of quality it went was this:

So it’s pretty shitty I guess it would only be good for casuals I guess to record, I would like to record some just to look back and see how I play.

ahhhhh mk hands hurts user!!!

Ha I had to rejoin the fun!!!

A) I AM ALL FOR A TEKKEN 6 TOURNEY!!! Get me a chance to get back @ Momo for his Godlike Paul…

b)I Can also host… My TV is as big as the one Aarons provides (I went to an SFIV Tourney @ Hastings… came in second :frowning: )

C) I am selling my Tekken 6 Stick (PS3/PC) I will accept offers. NO WIRELESS Lag

D) I am off for block leave on Friday and will probably get the majority of my Street Fighter-ing in on that time as I have been severly out of practice before you guys, and you all have made me improve my game a thousand-fold! I will definitely be a force again, and help put 254 back on the Map!

Also My SFIV Main is slowly changing from Ryu to Abel… but my Tekken 6 is still Die Hard Kazuya…

(lol@Flowchart Ken…)

@ Rotendo
Good stuff Rotendo, I’m glad that you are taking the initiative to make a scene here in Killeen. Also I can help you with your Dhalsim if you need me to.

@ Ian
Good shit with your Cammy and Balrog nice to see them coming a long nicely. The only thing I have to say is, actually try when you play us…

@ Demarcus
Are you practicing your Viper? I really want you to be insanely good. Oh and at locals, just don’t say anything that is out of place, or people will get mad. Also, I have a capture card coming in the mail soon; so we will be using that to record our locals, and if we want to do commentary, I’ll bring a microphone. I will be using that same capture card to record my online matches.

@ Chris & Steve
I know you guys are the Turbo gods and all, and you prefer it more, but It’s time to get up to speed and play some Street Fighter IV. You guys have all this talk about coming back on the map, but you guys hardly even like or play IV. Chris, I am willing to help you with your Ryu. Steve I can help you with Honda in IV, since I’ve played so many good one’s. No more complaining more learning (Yeah, I know I’m being a hypocrite).

@ ThaShizzle
Get to work on that Bison, I know you love your Blazblue and it’s a great game in all, but start playing Street Fighter IV more. I can help you with your Bison.

@ Gavin
Awesome games last Saturday it was fun playing you, but next time we meet I will have some more shit for you to deal with…

Come on guys, I’m tired of playing locals, and the only challenge is Ray, Ian, and more recently Gavin. All of you need to be a challenge. I understand that all of you have jobs, girlfriend’s, wives, kids ect., but if you really want to make a scene in Killeen we need to get better.

Before everybody feels that I am being unappreciative/disrespectful, let me go ahead and get my thanks out of the way.

If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t even be in to Street Fighter. I want to thank you for all of the times you gave me encouragement, and all of the rides you gave me also. You are such a welcoming person, and you are also very generous opening up your home to people and leaving them there with absolute trust. That is what makes you a great person.

Thank you for spreading you vast knowledge of Street Fighter IV with me, although you put it in a way to where it is aggravating, I still learn from it. I know I act like an asshole toward you, but in all actuality I’m just kidding.

Being around you is fun, and you make everything feel chill, especially on Saturday.

Your so awesome, you always keep everybody laughing and in a good mood, but you know when to be serious (This is the personality that I wish to one day achieve). You’re also good at giving good words of encouragement.

I have lots more to say to more people, but I’m tired of typing.

my bison is improving slowly. i been watching videos and been picking up some strategies and combos so hopefully ill be able to get a lot of practice in this week.

RAY!!! We have a match pending my friend!!! I gotta take out your Balrog, My Ryu style has changed dramatically, and I am still working on Abel. I am almost Tourney worthy, but I have to take out some of you who constantly pwn me lol

New thread? Awesome. What’s the occasion?

Also Pat is Right… We do need to provide a challenge… I used to be that challenge back in the Day and I let that stupid Iraq Deployment slow me down!

I remember after playing you at the Hastings tournament, I was like damn I hope to see him again one day. So when I saw you again a few weeks ago, I was ready to see how much you improved since then, and after playing you and realized that your game didn’t change since then, I was like did he quit the game…

Well Pat basically put everything in a nutshell without mentioning anything to me =[

Seriously, we all need more practice if we want this “tournament” to be noteworthy. Sure its great its bringing a lot of people, but we need to impress and win if we want to appeal to the mass public.

I’m putting in countless hours and effort into SFIV because I see that we really want to make killeen a threat, and as of now I honestly don’t think we as a group are ready to pit against other cities. We have potential, if you guys could do it back then, I’m pretty damn sure you guys can do it now, just as all the other old timers are doing. It’s great you guys are supporting us young ones but you guys don’t have to stay behind, you’re not old or stupid, you guys can still kick some butt.

If we’re going to pick who plays what games lets make sure that they’re games that are played often in tournaments, which consists of SFIV, Tekken and Blaz.

I just want us to actually stand out and back up what we say. I wouldn’t want to attend a tourney and not impress, which would only less our appeal to everyone. I’m doing what I can by training and keeping posted on this thread, and I hope everyone else also puts in their effort.

Sorry for this rant but I felt it necessary.

Btw I might not know much about street fighter in general, but what I do know is a solid Balrog (feel free to disagree). I personally believe I have the majority of strategies, combos, matchups and mindset of Balrog, so if you want to know how to play/beat/learn feel free to ask, just saying…(again, feel free to disagree)

I’ll be checking these forums very often

Honestly I am looking forward to it =]
It’s relieving to hear that people are putting effort into learning SFIV, it really gives me hope that we as a group can make a comeback for killeen.
Keep it up sir! Hopefully this weekend or sometime we can rematch! I promise I won’t disappoint, as I learned a few new tricks with Balrog, and a new character =]

Also wtf??? Can I get some rep love guys? lol

yeah…guilty. i was a bit discouraged saturday and just wanted to punish myself by fooling around.
when i play some of you i fool around because i dont want to piss off my peeps. you want a serious ian you got it. at least when the game is on.
i hope yall enjoyed the XX i left at chris’!!