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Central Texas (Killeen), K-Town is back in full force and growing! 254 getting recognized again and through here you can follow up on the latest news, tournaments and events, recorded matches, and even check out pics.


2/13/15 - Most of KTB’s discussions; well ALL of he discussions are being carried out on our Facebook group page, which is linked below and in the title of this thread. We are currently discussing dates for our next CTB event and looking for a venue. Join the discussion there!

8/2/14 - Updated a few things on the first post. Not much. Removed the website url we had because it became inactive and we stopped paying the monthly fee. That and we use Facebook now anyway. We also have Geekfest 2014 coming up that we will take… again. Added people to the roster, but did not include phone numbers. Again, this can be obtained via Facebook group.

11/6/13 - WE MOVED TO FACEBOOK! > https://www.facebook.com/groups/146505068838960/

7/13/13 - This format is going to get restructured. News is going away since I never find time to update this anyway. Website hasn’t been touched in months so I got to do something about that. Will update member’s info, location, and etc.

5/10/12 - So yeah… I had to update this post seeing as it has been almost a year. So much has happened and so many events has past. Oh well… with a schedule like mine, it’s tough, but at least all that info gets filtered via regular posts.

8/21/11 - KTB takes Geekfest 2011! Killeen’s Fighting Game League ‘K-Town Brawlers’, takes another Geekfest. This year in 3 titles and a surprising 2nd place finish in an FPS! Reigning Geekfest SF Champ, Roderick aka Mookie254 claims this year’s SF title, going undefeated through the tournaments for 2 years in a row! 14 year old, Nico, takes Geekfest’s first Mortal Kombat tournament using Sub-Zero and Raiden! Carlos aka GOX takes Geekfest’s first Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament using his original and only team of Dante/Wolverine/Ryu.

New tournament announced for the release of UMvC3 on Nov 15, 2011! Not just one but two of them! One only allowing the 12 new characters and the other allowing the full cast. Sign up at http://challonge.com/tournament/signup/stc8hnucft

8/15/11 - Major update! Evo came and went…funny I used those exact words last year, but this year one is is different. I was there to make up for last year and it was amazing! I was going to post about our official website… but looks like I beat myself to it, months ago. :lol: That goes to show you how often I update the 1st page of this thread, but its been a challenge with work, family, gaming, and everything else going on in my life.

We have set an official date for the next Central Texas Brawl tournament. CTB III will be held Jan 28-29, 2012 at Proving Grounds Gaming Center, here in Killeen. Featuring SSFIVAE, UMvC3, MK, and 3SOE! We have some really cool prizes to give away again next year, and are expecting some heavy hitters to enter the event. So plan accordingly and get those days off!

4/1/11 - It’s here! Hope you practiced up for Proving Grounds or you’re going to be sorry! In other news, KTB now has an official website! :wow:


go check it out!

3/14/11 - GET HYPE! Proving Grounds MvC3/SSFIV Tourney Coming up next month 4/2/11, a *** UCC *** sanctioned tourney. If you’re in the CTX, hit Proving Grounds weekly for casuals and ranbats!

2/19/11 - CTBII was a huge success! With Adnan aka Findmyfarms winning SSFIV and taking home $1,000.00, a free dual-mod, a bad ass trophy, and other cool stuff that I don’t remember! Arthur aka Team White Guys took 2nd place and Jewelman took 3rd (I don’t know his real name). Jewelman will end up winning Evo’s SSFIV PSN Online tournament the very next day!

With the release of Marvel vs Capcom 3, we are pushing to represent KTB to the fullest. It seems like almost everyone is really enjoying the game with all its stupidness (and I mean that in a good way) and KTB is already proving to be a threat by placing at tourneys. Steve aka iHiryu won an XB360 at Copperas Cove’s tournament with me, Rodolfo aka Rotendo, taking 2nd; Rotendo winning $250 at FX Games MvC3 tournament; and recently (although it really doesn’t count) our first ranbat with top three honors going to Demarcus, Rodolfo, and Bryan. Revolucion 2011 is going on today in San Antonio, but unfortunately we weren’t able to send anyone to represent KTB for SSFIV and MvC3 (a tourney I know we would have won).

1/22/11 - OMG! <exactly… I’ve been quite busy and have not been able to update this first post, but with the latest news there is much to do, edit, and update. It’ll take some time, but I promise it’ll be updated…slightly when I get the chance. On an important note…

CENTRAL TEXAS BRAWL II is literally here! Jan 29, 2011 @ Pluckers Wing Bar in Killeen. Cash money baby!

7/19/10 - Evo came and went and we’re focused on improving our current skill level. I personally have taken training more seriously, and as for the rest of the crew, I can say on their behalf that they too have been hitting more online and training mode. Just yesterday, a few of the crew hit up Arcade UFO for some games.

I have yet to update the current points and standing for this season’s Ranking Battle, but will get around to it soon. Limited internet access and work has kept me busy. Big tournament in McAllen, TX on the 31st, but with little information as to how many participants they expect and the distance (6 hours away) we would benefit better from something much closer, and probably more challenging. Not to discredit the Mcallen scene or anything, the only big wigs I saw post that were considering going were about 3-4 people. Despite the $500 guarantee pot, the numbers ran still do not run in our favor. So it looks like the we’ll be hitting up the next two tournament next month on the 14th and 28th (San Antonio and Dallas/Grapevine).

7/8/10 - Evo 2010 is here! And to celebrate it, for those who couldn’t make it this year, we’re having our Ranbat/Too Broke for Evo Tourney on Friday. As far as catching the stream, that is something we all plan on doing. We already had some early upsets in the Ranbat season. T getting knocked out early, Mookie takind 2nd place, Ray the comeback kid… what surprises will be in store for us this time around? Stay tuned!

Good luck at Evo Pat, Xavier, Mike, and I feel like I forgot someone… when I remember, I’ll update this.

=== Current Active Players ===

Billy/ShinRukus…254-813-7964 (new number available on facebook)
Carlos Marin…
Chris/Ryu K…254-220-8236
Demarcus…925-890-4935 (needs updating)
Frank Morgan…
George/hoikam EXE…254-371-2597
Jacob/Tha Shizzle…253-330-2489
Jamell…404-483-3000 (Copperas Cove)
Maota/Momo254…254-813-7781 (maaaaaaayyyyne)
Shawn/Little Goten…254-213-3100
Sinister -X- (San Antonio)…
Steve/ihiryu…254-247-cinco uno uno nueve
if I left you out, let me know!

=== Hosts ===
[S]Proving Grounds Gaming Center[/S] Joysticks

=== Next Session ===
Every Friday and Saturday @ [S]PGs[/S] Joysticks

===Current Tournament Results===

=== Next Tournament ===
Waco: Fight for the Future June 2, 2012

=== Links of Footage ===
K-Town Brawlers Ranbat 1.2 Tekken 6

K-Town Brawlers Ranbat 1.2 Street Fighter IV
Coming Soon…

Arcade UFO Tourney
Interview Part 2
Chris vs Sean Game 1
Chris vs Sean Game 2
Chris vs Sean Game 3
Chris vs Joe
Rodolfo vs Pat

=== Links of Pics ===
K-Town pictures by RoTeNdO - Photobucket

You can find the older Killeen and 254 threads here:
Click here ==> 254 Pandas, Hondas & Smelly Ian… Oh My!

K-Town Brawlers Ranking Battle Season 2


Super Street Fighter IV
40pts - Ray
28pts - Mookie
13pts - Phil
11pts - Demarcus
9pts - Steve
7pts - Billy
7pts - Matt
7pts - Vic
5pts - Ruiz
5pts - T
4pts - K
4pts - Scott
4pts - Sean
3pts - Anthony
2pts - Jacob
1pt - Ezra
1pt - Ian
1pt - Jae
1pt - Korey
1pt - Marky
1pt - Rodolfo
0pts - Brandon
0pts - Celson
0pts - Chris
0pts - Elliot
0pts - James
0pts - Mike
0pts - Xavier

Tekken 6

===Last Ranking Battle Results===

K-Town Brawlers Ranbat 2.5 - 8/29/10

Super Street Fighter IV
1st Demarcus +10pts
2nd Vic +7pts
3rd Phil +5pts
4th Sean +3pts
5th K +2pts
5th Steve +2pts
7th Ezra +1pt
7th Korey +1pt
9th Rodolfo

K-Town Brawlers Ranbat 2.4 - 8/6/10

Super Street Fighter IV
1st Ray +10pts
2nd Mookie +7pts
3rd Ruiz +5pts
4th Phil +3pts
5th Scott +2pts
5th Steve +2pts
7th Demarcus +1pt
7th Jacob +1pt
9th Anthony
9th Billy
9th Jae
9th Korey
13th Chris
13th Mike
13th Rodolfo
13th Xavier
17th Vic

K-Town Brawlers Ranbat 2.3 - 7/23/10

Super Street Fighter IV
1st Ray*+10pts*
2nd Mookie*+7pts*
3rd Matt*+5pts*
4th Phil*+3pts*
5th K*+2pts*
5th Scott*+2pts*
7th Jae*+1pt*
7th Marky*+1pt*
9th Anthony
9th Mike
9th Sean
9th Steve
13th Elliot
13th Rodolfo
13th Xavier

K-Town Brawlers Ranbat 2.2 - 7/9/10

Super Street Fighter IV
1st Ray*+10pts*
2nd Mookie*+7pts*
3rd T*+5pts*
4th Steve*+3pts*
5th Phil*+2pts*
5th Billy*+2pts*
7th Jacob*+1pt*
7th Sean*+1pt*
9th Anthony
9th James
9th K
9th Rodolfo
13th Elliot
13th Matt

K-Town Brawlers Ranbat 2.1 - 6/26/10

Super Street Fighter IV
1st Ray*+10pts*
2nd Mookie*+7pts*
3rd Billy*+5pts*
4th Anthony*+3pts*
5th Matt*+2pts*
5th Steve*+2pts*
7th Ian*+1pt*
7th Rodolfo*+1pt*
9th Brandon
9th Celson
9th Jacob
9th Sean
13th Jae
13th T

Post seized by Rotendo!


Street Fighter IV
39pts - Steve
31pts - Demarcus
24pts - Ray

16pts - Rodolfo
10pts - Gavin
8pts - Scott
7pts - Billy
5pts - CP
5pts - Pat
4pts - Lawrence
4pts - Mike
3pts - K
3pts - Matt
2pts - Anthony
2pts - Brandon
2pts - Darion
2pts - Ian
2pts - Sean
2pts - Shamarii
1pt - Jamal
1pt - Ruiz
1pt - T

Tekken 6
17pts - Maota
15pts - Rodolfo
7pts - Billy
7pts - Matt

3pts - Chris
3pts - Ian
2pts - Anthony
2pts - Dre
  1pt - Darion
  1pt - Shamarii

===Last Ranking Battle Results===

K-Town Brawlers Ranbat 1.6 - 2/21/10

Street Fighter IV
1st Steve +10pts
2nd Demarcus +7pts
3rd Billy +5pts
4th Scott +3pts
5th Rodolfo +2pts
5th Brandon +2pts
7th Shamarii +1pt
7th T +1pt
9th Chris
9th Surge
9th X

K-Town Brawlers Ranbat 1.5 - 2/5/10

Street Fighter IV
1st Steve +10pts
2nd Ray +7pts
3rd Rodolfo +5pts
4th Matt +3pts
5th Anthony +2pts
5th Darion +2pts
7th Ruiz +1pt
7th Shamarii +1pt
9th Chris
*9th Demarcus
*9th Mike
*9th Scott
13th Dre

Note: * indicates forfeited game(s) or match

Tekken 6
1st Rodolfo +10pts
*2nd Maota +7pts
3rd Matt +5pts
4th Chris +3pts
5th Anthony +2pts
5th Dre +2pts
7th Darion +1pt
7th Shamarii +1pt
*9th Demarcus
*9th Mike
*9th Ray
9th Steve
*13th Scott

K-Town Brawlers Ranbat 1.4 - 1/24/10

Street Fighter IV
1st Steve +10pts
*2nd Ray +7pts
3rd Sean +5pts
4th Brandon +3pts
5th Mike +2pts
5th Scott +2pts
7th Rodolfo +1pt
7th K +1pt
*9th Gavin
*9th Lawrence

Note: * indicates forfeited game(s) or match

K-Town Brawlers Ranbat 1.3 - 1/16/10

Street Fighter IV
1st Demarcus +10pts
2nd Steve +7pts
3rd Rodolfo +5pts
4th Scott +3pts
5th Mike +2pts
5th K +2pts
7th Jamal +1pt

K-Town Brawlers Ranbat 1.2 - 1/3/10

Street Fighter IV
1st Gavin +10pts
2nd Demarcus +7pts
3rd Billy +5pts
4th Rodolfo +3pts
5th Lawrence +2pts
5th Ian +2pts

Tekken 6
1st Maota +10pts
2nd Billy +7pts
3rd Rodolfo +5pts
4th Ian +3pts

K-Town Brawlers Ranbat 1.1 - 12/20/09

Street Fighter IV
1st Ray +10pts
2nd Demarcus +7pts
3rd CP +5pts
3rd Pat +5pts
5th Lawrence +2pts
5th Steve +2pts
5th Billy +2pts
5th Sean +2pts

Ranking Battle Schedule Below

(edited to free up space and add relative content)

…coming soon.

We hit three buttons when we make the bracket: “randomize seeds”, “generate”, and “start”. Once you hit “start”, zero changes can be made and absolutely nothing can be done about it. We don’t preview the bracket, modify the seeding, or re-generate the bracket if we don’t like the first one for any reason. That’s why we use challonge, to remove bias from seeding which certain other events are notorious for.

Yes, you are the guy who complained despite your prior knowledge of how this would be handled (and then pointed out again in this thread that it could have been handled better) and yes we are still cool.

Glad we could clear that up!


This is taken completely out of context.

Rotendo said

No one said it wasn’t stated or that it was anyones fault he was just stating it was unfortunate, please calm down.

Rotendo I can do banners and posters and can be done by friday, just tell me what they should say. Also what about Blaz for people that still play it in killeen such as the CTC kids and this one kid in Heights

But what are the odds that out off 44 people that the 9 from Killeen played each other. Both rounds? I think Ian and Jacob were the only ones who didn’t.

This is the part where he nonchalantly stated that it was our fault for “not putting enough effort” into the bracket. Thought I would highlight it for you since you somehow skipped over it.

That wasn’t quoted out of context–that’s saying “hey, you guys should’ve done a better job making the bracket random.” We didn’t make the bracket–a computer program did. Do you get it now?

Nobody is angry in this thread (besides the person posting passive-aggressive accusations), but I can assure you that we do, in fact, bust ass doing tournaments for the community and that maximal efforts are exerted! I’m personally very sorry and felt legitimately bad that the bracket generator paired you guys up, who traveled together, but this happens to someone in every single tournament.

You are really just beating a dead horse.

Probably around 1%. People win the lottery almost every week! There’s also a good chance you may be struck by lightning in your lifetime.

Sean: It is a closed discussion. It was since we were there, he just felt that I was continuing to rant about it which I wasn’t and we’re good now.

Demarcus: No one is going to want to promote or guarantee an event for one kid in Heights and a couple of kids at CTC. The idea behind it is to drive business through cross promotion and you want something that is mainstream and will attract people.

Sales for both SFIV and Tekken 6 are strong. We sell copies of these games daily. As far as BB goes, it has more of a cult following due to the GG series and being produced by AKSYS. Just like how NIS is to strategic rpgs for the PS2/PSP. It is an rpg, but not really and not a lot of people are familiar with Nippon Ichi Software of America. This goes for a lot of great games under the radar, but goes unappreciated. One of the reasons is poor marketing, but anyway…

BB will not… and I repeat will not receive 30 entries. If there is a strong demand for it during the tourney, then we can add it to the next tourney.

K-Town Brawlers Presents: The Ultimate Street Fighter!

Games: SFIV and Tekken 6
Date: Jan 2/3
Time: Noon
System: XB360
Prize(s): Ca$h Money!
Date and Time subject to change…

Why XB360, everyone has an xb360.
Cash prizes? From pot of entry fees or if host will be providing awards

Ok guys. Just called Hastings and spoke to the Manager, Ashley. They base their tournaments on new ‘hit’ games and so forth (like Guitar Hero) and host tournaments. The TV are provided by Aaron’s (usually 2, but I know we can get at least 3 or maybe even 4) The TV’s they use are good btw. When I threw my SFIV GameStop tournament and used Aaron’s, no issues with lag for those of you concerned.

I need to fax them information and other logistics so they can see how this will work. I told her, early January… so far, so good.

Now calling Bush’s Chicken

Maybe someone can let me use a 360 stick for the tourney lol

ALL PS3 cept for ggxx ac

Ryan from Bush’s Chicken will be able to help us out too. Same as with Hastings, as soon as I get him the info, the better we can get this rolling. The tricky part is the number of people who will show up.

This will take a lot of word of mouth and for those who know people in Heights and Cove, spread the word. In order for this to be successful, it will need to be further in advance. About a month, so now it looks like mid January.

How do we do this? Simple… if we can get Bush’s to commit and can get Hastings to commit and even throw something in for a reward it’ll be amazing! If Hastings has no plans for rewarding the winners (I’ll find out asap) then it’ll be Cash prize (from pot)
We will need these players to register online via SRK or email to RSVP and to make sure they actually attend and don’t cop out… hey, free food from Bush’s Chicken! Guarantee cash payout to top 3 finishers.

$5 entry fee per game, $2 hosting fee >that would go toward Hastings for allowing us to use their store. If they are cool, we can add that extra $2 to the pot!

It will be all about presentation, so this will be important. I don’t want anyone thinking that it is a bunch of kids running this and/or for profit. This is to promote the fighting game scene in Killeen and to bring awareness to those who have given up finding anyone good to play or who think they are good to meet competitive players… and to grow the crew to overtake Texas! Mwuahahahahah, lol.

disclaimer: prizes will be paid out in 70/20/10 ratio taken from the entry fee. No one is profiting from this as we are establishing a larger fighting game community and spreading competition throughout Killee, and beyond with the hope of having players from Killeen to attend Evolution 2010 in Las Vegas, NV in July. Evolution is the largest National Fighting Game Championship for Street Fighter and other fighting games worldwide. No age restriction to enter, but if you’re under the age of 13 you must be accompanied by your parent(s) or legal guardian and we will not take responsibility of watching, feeding, or ensuring that they behave at the venue.

Any other suggestions for the whole operation?
I also plan to use live updates via twitter (or maybe now… hassle)
Posting the brackets online at the conclusion of the tournament via challonge.com
and using text messaging to announce next match ups (given everyone has a cell… and minutes)

I have to get ready for work now, so when I get home tonight I’ll add more details and see what you’ve posted.

references: shoryuken.com, evo2k.com, capcom-unity.com, challonge.com, tekkenzaibatsu.com, Hastings, Bush’s Chicken
^for credibility purposes. So they won’t be like, who the hell is running this?

do we still post in the old thread or just all move to here? lemme know. anyways…

Lets talk SF shall we?


Are their guarantee throws? yes!
How does the throw work? same as 3rd strike
How big is my window of opportunity to tech a throw? smaller than that of 3rd strike.

In essence the throw mechanics of this game is exactly the same as 3rd strike just with a smaller tech window.


Don’t mean to sound cocky but I’m ready to win! Practicing SFIV a lot more now!

This thread. I consolidated as much as I could within the past 12 hours. I’ll tune it up when I get home tonight.

Don’t really play Street Fighter so I’m sure you’d own me regardless :slight_smile: