Castle Doom: Doctor Doom Video Thread

its still possible without the 2C, but it’s a lot harder. i was getting frustrated till i took a closer look, lol

I agree that it’s a LOT easier but I wanted to add what I could to make the combo cool, yet as damaging as possible.

so doom can’t wavedash, buts since he can jump cancel his dashes he can basically get two in a row, with dash, jump, dash. doesn’t really make him fast, but might make getting in a bit easier with the right assists. i can’t wait to see what people can come up with using these dash cancels though.

j.f+H into air dash j.M or straight to the ground and cr.L or throw seems like a good way to apply pressure with him.

working on a loop right now:
corner j.B or (j.6C, 3-dash,) /, 2B,5C(1 hit), 669 j.6C, 3-dash,/, 2B,5C…

also, 5C, dash jump cancel, 3-dash,/, 2A is a combo midscreen.

i dreamed up an idea for an infinite based on s.C dash uf j.f+C adf j.B, but hit stun scales it so fast you can’t even get a second loop.

haha, yeah me too :frowning:
It would have been nice to do at least two to three reps of it, I think that would have been fun

I put together a quick little tutorial and hands video of the Doom Buktooth loop, hopefully it’ll help some people figure it out:


im not home right now, but see if you can’t end that with s.H xx H doom rocks xx super instead of straight from c.H into super


dash cancel -> jc -> air dash basic shit

i suck so the low is faster than i make it look like.

you can cancel the jump any way you want including with stuff that will beat like a basic jab too which would probably beat this.

edit: MrMamation posting

you can actually re-launch after that, bring them down, and 5C, Super.

I have this cool looking combo that doesn’t use x-factor for over a million damage. I’ll see if I can record it for you guys.

Just tested it, and it works. It adds about 10k damage.

EDIT: Didn’t see this post

Might as well do that, does like another 90k.

Edit2: Add rocks xx super on the end of that you get around 780,000 damage total. (if you start with a footdive instead of cr. L)

Here we are. Doesn’t use x-factor or assist, pretty easy combo yet kinda cool.

Does of course use level 3 super.

Also I found that if you are midscreen and you do the Bucktooth loop, where you would normally uppercut super you can also level three.

lol nice, i like how it was a combination of everything discovered so far


Thanks dude. I’m still very bad at the game, probably my lack of Marvel knowledge. Gotta say though, it takes a while at first but over all these combos are prettttty easy compared to Hokuto. Man was that stuff hard.

Lol, Doom can launch 4 times in one combo in the corner. He can also dash cancel some of his normals like stand H. Might not seem that good at first considering how shitty his dash is, but that’s probably why they had to make it so bad. He’d have absolutely ridiculous lockdown potential otherwise. Anyway, if you connect st.H you can dash cancel into j.f+H then airdash back to the ground for any combo you like. Not terribly useful, but it’s pretty flashy.

He also has a 2.5 million damage corner combo if he has level 3 X-Factor on.

In the corner:

j.f+H, airdash df, cr.M, cr.H, S /\ sj.f+H, sj.S, airdash down, OTG st.H (2 hits), S /\ sj.f+H,sj.S, airdash down, OTG st.H(2 hits), S /\ sj.M(2 hits), sj.M(2 hits), sj.f+H, sj.S, airdash down, OTG st.H (1 hit)xxlevel 3 super.

You can also substitue the end with st.H (2 hits)xx dp super for 2.4 million ish damage. Lol, like it matters.

That whole sequence does over a million without X-factor and 810k if you use the level 1 super instead.

Any ranked matches really showing what Doom can do? I am not impressed thus far (I know its early yet)

Use his jump f+H move into air dash alot. That seems to be his best way to create offense. I would try and avoid staying on the ground.