Castle Doom: Doctor Doom Video Thread

whenever you find any good videos of doctor doom
post them here!


Inputs? That was very nice btw.

Could it be possible to cancel the rocks into Level 3?

Yes, im pretty sure. Still trying to figure out a usefull midscreen combo though.

Are you not able to wavedash toward your opponent after the OTG and relaunch? Or does it take too long?

As some requestes here is the combo with lv3 at the end and inputs.

I might test some midscreen combos today but it seems way harder to get something working, i think dash wont work after j.S

messing about in training with doom
Nothing special


Buktooth playing Doom in the first match. Sick combo off Dive Kick - teamkhaos -

This does 750 ish for 1 meter, close to 1 mill with the level 3. Kills anyone outright if you Xfactor the super into another dp super. Sorry but I don’t have a capture card.

j.f+H, air dash to ground, c.M, c.H, S, sj.f+H, sj.Sxxairdash down, OTG H (2 hits), S, sj.M(2hits), sj.M(2 hits), sj.f+H, sj.Sxxairdash down, st.HxxH rocksxx dp super

Starting to seem like everyone has a touch of death combo for 1 bar.

Well after playing with doom
I must say at least from my experience hes very very very rush…down…able meaning i dont see much opportunity to fight back a rush down besides ADV.Guard and projectile
His range on normals are meh
and he cant really OTG besides in corner…
all this through my play experience had the game since tues.
but i just replaced skrull with doom on my team
Taskmaster / Doom / Dormammu
this team has such great potential i just need to level up doom any suggestions
on a counter rushdown or even a rushdown stradegy for him
…ps his Air.H is a god awful move…imo whats its use lol

here’s a corner combo/reset i just made up


i figured that out when working on the combo above. not sure how it can be useful though. maybe some assist combos or something?

there’s one setup i’m working on:
corner combo into 6C launch, 669, j.B, delay airdash j.B,j.B,/, 5C, 669, j:B,j.B, airdash… then your opponent is really close to the ground. unfortunately, if you simply go into a normal bnb after the 5C relaunch, the damage is below average.

i messed around with the dashes a bit, but aside from resets or mixups the only thing i really came up with was s.C aduf instant apa, or s.C aduf j.f+C j.S apa

edit just stumbled on something that could potentially be great

s.C dash uf j.f+C adf j.B (land) [combo]

or a little bit harder to do:
s.C dash uf j.f+C addf (land) [combo]


Got a couple silly combos I should upload. Here is the first one, sorry for the quality.

just so you know, you have a 2C in there after you land but it’s not in the inputs you have in the description

Yeah sorry, I am trying to edit that part but youtube wants to be poopy :frowning: