Captain America: The Winter Soldier thread

Might as well do a thread for this movie. Trailer has me hyped. Comes off very Tom Clancy.


I feel like I enjoyed the first movie more than anyone I know. Sequel should impress.

When the carrier went down I was like

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i wasnt into cap 1…almost to disliking it. but i def like the look and feel of this one. i feel like we’re gonna get some dope fight scenes. also…dat carrier scene.

That catch at the end was mad HYPE. Like Nope Nope!!!

Took me a sec to remember who the villain actually was he looks fantastic. I liked 1 a lot mainly because of the contrast between the other movies in the MU’s arsenal. The trailer gets me hype for Thor next month though lol

Isn’t that supposed to be Bucky?

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I dont want to spoil anything but if this movie is anything like the second season of Avengers EMH it should be good.


I couldnt contain my excitement after that trailer. Good to know this movie is upping on the fight scenes.

Dat Bucky!

Trailer needs more Bucky. I got hyped every time he appeared on screen.

You guys must refrain from using the name Bucky, the man can only be addressed as WINTER SOLDIER. God damn, he’s looking pretty badass in this flick. My boy caught Cap’s shield and said DENIED.

Fuck the NFL teams vying for dat playoff spot, he is the Winter Soldier. Fantasy points, Super Bowl ring, bitches, profit

What kind of asshat would just randomly spoil that shit for people, not everyone reads the comic, fucking old awkward ass dudes lol.

Anyways, stupid ass shit aside, I wonder what percentage of this movie is going to be montages…

You don’t even have to read the comic to know who the Winter Soldier really is. Knowing Sebastian Stan is playing the character is a dead giveaway on who he is.

How many people know who the fuck Sebastian Stan is, I mean seriously?

Fucking autism man, just, whatever fuck it.

Fans of Once Upon a Time and Gossip Girl. His identity is not a secret to anyone who followed the development of the movie. Stop being pissy over it.

Just scroll down to the first movie for 2014.
It is listed who is who in the Credits.

hahaha i tried avoiding sayin who he was…but then i remember this is srk no secrets are safe…but then again its like snape killed dumbledore situation…books been out for years.