"Capcom to adopt 2.5D For Future Fighters"

So how does SRK feel about this?

Personally I think this is a good thing if it means a resurgence in Capcom fighters.A MVC3 would be amazing in the TVC engine.Rival Schools would also be great in the SFIV engine.It looks like this could be coming true if this story is anything to go by, which is very exciting.

I hate the fact though that this means we will probably never see a proper Capcom fighter with traditional 2D sprites.I guess the public just doesn’t appreciate the high level of sprite work like the stuff Capcom did with their CPS3 games,to justify Capcom putting time into producing 2D animation from the ground up.The 2D sprites in 3rd Strike contain far more beauty and style than any 3D models can hope to achieve.That’s not to say that the look of SFIV and TVC is terrible I just think 3S is still better.

I love 2D sprites, but it’s just not realistic to use them nowadays. Fighting games arn’t exactly mainstream anymore like in the 90’s and drawing sprites takes too long and costs too much money. I think I read something about King of Fighters 12 characters sprites alone took like almost a year to finish, is this true?

I hated the SF4 graphics at first but I have to say, they’ve grown on me. I think they done it right. 3D graphics gave us alternate costumes aswell, which is another plus side to them.

Anyway… if 3D graphics can give us more Capcom fighters I’m all for it. And I agree, as unrealistic as it is, MVC3 would be sick in 3D.

As long as its more like TvC I guess I can stomach it. I know we aren’t going to see many sprites done like in BB and KOF12 anymore cuz they rather save the dough. Plus the mass market doesn’t like those games anyways cuz they splooge when they see 3D.

I don’t understand how one guy can pump out something beautiful like Vanguard Princess all by himself (for free no less), yet a big company like Capcom has to move to 3D to give us any games at all, with people around the world essentialy paying them millions of pounds each release?

Does some serious screwing over happen in publishing or something?

As long as they’re making more fighting games I don’t care what it looks like…

Capcom fighters are 2D at their very core; I’d rather see polished 2D spritework than a recurrence of the 3D models they’ve used for SFIV and TVC. Especially in the case of MVC3, my favorite renderings by far of the Marvel characters in any game are in their Capcom fighters. I guess using 3D for backgrounds from now on is sensible enough, but for the characters themselves it’s more of a shortcut than a proper aesthetic to use 3D models. Hand drawn characters are inherently more expressive.

People need to stop acting like Capcom sprites were like Golden Age Disney.

Super Stick Fighter 5 The Frail Generation?

Ooh, that was clever of him. If there’s one thing I’m sure about, it’s that talking like Mario always helps to draw in the casual gaming crowd! (insert moustache emoticon)

This here is mu opinion.
Good point on the alternative costumes. For sprites, that’d be double the work.

That dude isn’t exactly the norm… Seriously, how long did that game take him?

And no one has yet to pull of a 2D HD fighting game that looks good. Think about it… HDR and Million Knights Vermillion. :wtf:
Now, I love low res sprites, but it won’t sell these days.

I’d play it…


Either way, this is a kotaku article.

Translation: More shitty games.

i dont know if this is more reliable than kotaku

still, i really dont care, it seems that capcom cant make good fighting games anymore

Actually, the real reason is probably more like: That one guy was working on a 2D fighter out of his love for the genre, Capcom is a business that needs to make money, and minimizing production costs (By using 3D models) as much as you can is good for business.

I’m with you 100% on 2D sprites, although I don’t dig flash animation style graphics like on HD Remix (I’ve actually got used to them now). Unfortunately, the general public are all about graphics. They don’t spend however much money to play 2D games, most people expect amazing realistic graphics. A few years ago it meant the absence of any 2D games because people were buying into the console power wars and everyone expected amazing graphics. Fortunately it’s starting to change a bit, although we may never get another traditional Streets of Rage in 2D. It seems a lot of people don’t see the value in 2D games, like they can’t have as much mechanic or replay value as a 3D game.

In my opinion the SFIV graphics are pretty poor, yet I still hear people comparing HD Remix to it and saying HD Remix’s graphics suck in comparison (just because it’s not 3D). I think fighters are a lot more effective in 2D. In 2D, interrupting an animation looks quite normal, but in 3D having a model suddenly change what they are doing just looks weird.

Hahaha, zombie Fuerte looks like he’s about to chomp that dude’s leg right out of the air.

I just threw-up a little in my mouth.

Personally, while I loved those old 2D sprites and the amount of amazing things they could do with them, I wanna see how Capcom (or any other FG developer) can push 3D models and see if they can equal or surpass what has been done with 2D.