Capcom needs to patch out 1 frame links

Did you not realize that was sarcasm?

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Don’t like 1 frame links? Don’t use them right? There are low risk combos and characters all around in this game. You also need to understand risk vs reward and how it relates to execution and fighting games before claiming 1f links have no place in competitive fighters. Everybody can have the same knowledge of the game, know the same strategies. Acquiring game information shouldn’t determine the winner of a match because of it’s ease of attainability. Reads are just glorified guessing. A competitive fighter shouldn’t rely on guessing because there is nothing competitive about it(competitive coin flipping anyone?). Execution and reaction(both go hand in hand) are one of the only elements in the game that separate the individual traits and skills on a level unique to the player and add an active(meaning it is addressed continuously, every situation of the match making it a game of who can perform consistently better than the other) element of challenge. 1f links represent the highest of risks, and in theory the highest yielded reward. A character’s minimum and maximum risks are generally proportionate to it’s reward and vary from character to character. Not having this dynamic in place, or replacing with your model which would essentially be low risk= any reward, would make it a completely watered down competitive experience as any average joe can pick up the game and win tournaments like evo. You think people would actually travel far and wide to play tournaments if all the game required to be good in it was literacy and a link to the street fighter wiki?

First you will say 1f links are hard… then someone else will say 2f links are unnecessary and hard … and it will go on until all the combos become chain combos , and thats a totally different game …

1f links are a part of the game …by ur logic why dont we just remove the net in a tennis game? It makes the game harder just for the sake of it right?

Also you dont need 1f links to win … You can easily beat a person who has 100% execution if you have better fundamentals…

That’s exactly what they did. Easy yet hard…Street fighter has been like that since forever. Anyone can play but when you get more into it. BOOM! If this guy doesn’t like it he shouldn’t play. Simple as that. He should try marvel. Not discrediting marvel (I play it all the time) But it sounds like that’ll be more his cup of tea. Jus sayin’

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Since forever is 2009?

Every SF before SF4 has always been hard. Maybe easier than Hyper Fighting or ST, but still vastly more difficult than Sf4.

I don’t agree with that as it’s an opinion. If you think SF, I don’t know alpha 3, is hard, just practice but that doesn’t mean your gonna be the best of course. Every SF is different and there are always obstacles. If your trying to say SF4 is easy to play (like get into) then yea of course. But can you rape wolfkrone for free? That’s hard. Can you whoop this guy who made this thread? Yes… It all depends. Every SF (really every video game) has it’s hardcore aspects, even peggle…

Posting in an obvious scrub thread XD

That being said… there are two things that invalidates this argument and shows the OP doesnt really understand sf4 or fg’s in general.

  1. Most 1-frame links in sf4 aren’t really 1-frame links. You should be plinking all of your 1-frame links, which essentially turns every link into a 2 framer and makes each link considerably easier. So, imo, you shouldn’t complain about links when the system already makes them easier than what they really should be.

  2. Given the way fg’s work (or ones that aren’t absolute shit at least), each normal is going to have different properties regarding their frame data. If you understand frame data you understand that there will always be 1 frame links… thats just the way the games work.

I wonder if they knew about plinking before hand, because without it the links would be truly impossible.

Execution is one aspect I really do like in fighting games so I’d hate to have it removed. It’s the first think someone notices, even if they know jack shit about the game. The majority of people most likely miss the intricacies of Justin assist summons in MvC3, footsies and baits in SFIV, but anyone can watch Marlin Pie do that doom tac combo and be all “dayumnnnnn I can’t do that, this guy is a beast!”.

Cody (and I’m sure other characters as well) has a neat solution for this, he has an easy 2-frame punish combo that does ~280 damage. But then you get the optimal punish that does around 50 more damage and 100 stun with two 1-frame links in it. So most Cody players stick with the easier version, but if you want to squeeze everything out of your character you can go for the harder one.

No dude it’s a fact that every single previous SF is vastly more difficult than SF4.(Lack of input shortcuts, reversal windows over half the frames of SF4, these things can be quantified) Unless your definition of difficult differs from the dictionary.

Execution is an aspect that must be taken into consideration when forming a strategy. Given an opening, you can risk dropping a long, damaging combo, or you can decrease the risk, but increase the amount of damage you do reliably (while decreasing the maximum damage potential). That’s just one example.

This thread is literally calling for the straight-up removal of a layer of strategy from fighting games. Foolishness.



This is all the OP needs to know.

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It’s still an opinion. Everybody is equal. It’s not like because of the input window I’m going to be better than you. You have the same rules as me. It’s just a system. When you get down to the meat of the game it can get difficult. If you want you can get some games with my little brother on 4 and you will start saying the game is difficult. In alpha 3 it kind of promotes mashing. If I am in blockstun I can press a bunch of punches and take less damage and still block. You can also try to SRK if you think the combo is done and it won’t come out you’ll just glow blue and take less damage. What other SF does that? Every game has it’s “Thing” I remember when alpha 3 came out people thought it was too easy and said it caters to beginners. Every new game has that type of talk. It just seems like it’s the cool thing to hate SF4, Tekken 6, Blaz Blue Etc. Times are changing and so are the games but the hardcore extras on a game like 1 frame links, roll canceling, kara grabbing, back dash canceling, etc will always be in these games, (I bet SFxT will have something too) SF4 is just a different game that has annoying reversals, yea but you can’t deny that you play and yawn at everyone you play. “this bores me I better hop on GGPO and play HF”

Street Fighter has too many buttons.

1f links are there to make it so people don’t mash. So what you’re saying is SF4 should make it possible to execute a combo by memory and allow people to mash at the same time?

can you refrain from using argument fallacies please?

oh sorry I meant blockstun. Whoops. I’ll fix it now…

you are a disgusting piece of shit, worthless furry. fuck off. High level play already equates to that, because execution isn’t an issue at high level play.