Capcom needs to patch out 1 frame links

Execution that isn’t easy (for the purpose of this conversation meaning it can be done 99+% of the time after some practice) only serves to be an artificial barrier to entry. It has negligible impact on competative play and prevents new and casual players from sitting down and enjoying the real meat of the game, I think this is bad because I enjoy playing with other people. Execution that is harder than that only serves to make a distinction between players who have spent a large amount of time grinding muscle memory and players who haven’t; I don’t think this is a good thing and I’d rather see the game distinguish between players by their reaction time, strategy, reads, and understanding of the game systems. Some forms of execution create strategy through the time they take to perform and what you can or can’t do while buffering them; these particulars can be interesting and add to the game but I don’t think they allow us to dismiss the validity of execution complaints.


Quit bitching and train. Problem solved. Don’t like it, go play Call of Duty or wait for SfxTekken.

SFxT has an auto combo gem, have fun.


Ummm I would say one frame links need to be rewarding more than anything. Some are, some aren’t. Beyond that no one frame links are here to stay, deal with it.

No, it doesn’t.


It’s not about SF4 being “hard” or “easy” on some universal scale that doesn’t even exist, it’s about asking how difficult execution makes the game better, competatively or otherwise. One frame links serve no purpose save to seperate the players who have spent time grinding muscle memory from those who haven’t; I think that’s pretty fucking dumb.

Well then why don’t we make players recite the periodic table from memory before each match and play with 300 pound solid stone arcade sticks? More arbitrary shit to practice makes the game better right?

New and casual players shouldn’t concern themselves with 1f links, they can have just as much playing the game without doing any complicated combos, and they can revise and hone their strategy to a point where doing high-damaging combos isn’t even necessary. What they DO do is reward those players who are willing to put in the time and effort to maximize their damage potential for each opportunity they earn to do damage, which gives them a slight edge over using easy mode combos.

Just because you’re able to do 1f links, doesn’t mean you’re given an inherent advantage over a superior player who has better reaction time, a higher-level strategy, more intelligent reads, and a solid understanding of how the foundation of a game system operates. You don’t spend a majority of the match doing combos, so why would you think that they have enough power to further divide players of any skill from playing with one another without frustrating newer players.

Not only that, but there are plenty of characters who don’t rely on 1f links, who are able to win matches. This is the true beauty of fighting games. It’s that whatever strength or weakness that you possess as a player, whatever play style you prefer that caters to your needs, there’s a character for you. There are characters that demand high execution, that is rewarded by the ability to do a higher amount of damage, that needs to constantly be in your face applying pressure. There are other characters that don’t need very high execution, can win purely on zoning and knowledge of prioritized moves, along with solid reactions.

tl;dr. Stop trying to rely on Capcom to constantly patch all your problems away. Train hard, work on improving yourself, and level up your game.

So you think people that put no time or effort into the game should be rewarded just as much as the people that grind countless hours into training mode?

It’s arbitrary in that it exists only within the game system and has no relation to anything outside it. Reaction times, reads, mind games, being able to use a set of rules to your advantage, and to a notably lesser extent being able to judge in-game distances are all useful skills that have applications in other games and the real world. The same can not be said about many skills involved in playing street fighter but 1f links are the most offensive because they add little to the game while simultaneously requiring a lot of time investment from the player.

I hate one frame links. But then again I hate SF4.

Just gotta pick your battles, I guess.

Like I said,"*So you think people that put no time or effort into the game should be rewarded just as much as the people that grind countless hours into training mode? *"

How does having execution barriers such as 1 frame links make a game more competitive or “fair”? Making things difficult just for the sake of being difficult does not give the game any more depth.

Yeah, you know what every character should have the exact same combo and the exact same motions. And every link in the game is 3frames…er wait, we don’t want anyone to feel left out so let’s make it 5frames for every link. That would make the game extremely deep. Fuck out of here with your fucked up ass logic. Go to Capcom Unity with that shit.

Having the patience and dedication to grind out training mode so you can hit a 1F link consistently in a match is something that definitely can be applied to the real world.

If you aren’t trolling with this thread (and I sincerely hope you are), then you most likely do not have a very good understanding of fighting games, competitive play, or the tournament dynamic. However, If I am wrong I would suggest Marvel 3, I haven’t found any of the combos in that game anywhere near difficult.

actually I think 2 frame links for at least bnbs would be pretty neat to open up all characters to all ‘newer’ players. many are scared of tough bnbs to even get started with a character (rufus for instance).

By that logic, or lack thereof, then we should remove the 3-point system in basketball. Why bother with it? Shooting 3 pointers is so much harder than scoring 2 points, or making a free-throw. The game would be perfectly fine if we could only score 2 points at a time. Why should I head into basketball practice every day to practice such a difficult shot if it hardly contributes anything to the game?

Fuck it. What’s the point of throwing a football any further than 10 yards? We only need to score 10 yards per 4 downs, why bother going for a 15, 20, or 30 yard pass?

Hint: Think risk v. reward.

I do feel that SF4 does have a bit of an identity crisis. It’s a game with one frame links but a 15 frame reversal window and input shortcuts. It’s like they honestly weren’t sure if they wanted the game to be easy or hard so they just made it both.

If you want the game to be hard, make it hard. If you want it to be easy make it easy. Whatever the case don’t half ass it.