Capcom did a good job, SFxT is just great!

I think Capcom did a pretty good job and I am really enjoying this game at the moment. Played over 40 hours already and more than 70 online matches and it’s totally awesome in my opinion. The Tekken characters are very well implemented, the combos are sick, the roster is huge and online is very good, aside from some minor bugs. SFxT is a much more polished game than the vanilla versions of SF4 and MvC3 in my opinion.

I know some of you want to troll me right now and some people are hating the game because all of the stuff that happened recently (DLC gems, DLC characters on the disc etc.) and I can understand it to some extent. That’s not a good marketing strategy for a company. But I don’t get why people hate the game because of the DLC stuff. The game itself is complete in my eyes and could just use a few more tweaks to make it the perfect Fighting Game experience.

So I just would like to say: Thank you Capcom!

So, this deserves a thread? No offense lol

SFxT may be a fun game, but… it is a shame that in the long run, if Capcom doesn’t address the big issues that the game currently have, the cons will outweight any pros pretty easily.

Nice to read something positive about the game that this entire section of the forum is dedicated too.

I am really enjoying it as well, and I think Capcom did a good job.

I was never interested in the game, but I think all this shit throwing at SFxT and Capcom is ludacris

Its really a good game, people are bitching about stupid shit.

I really could care less anymore.

I have my problems with the game but its the first game that capcom has dropped in a long time that I actually want to play.

I read this expecting a troll thread :wink:

Personally, I am not too concerned about all the DLC stuff — I choose not to buy them because I do not support the practice whether or not it was on the disc in the first place. The specifics are neither here nor there for me.

Personally, I get a very incomplete' feel from this game. Some patches andfree DLC’ (read: patches) can probably resolve much of it. Capcom’s PR failures, however, are the cause of probably… all the problems? Very close to all, at least. Transparency and openness would go a long way in the case of this game.

It’s nice to see a positive thread for a change. Nothing but negative threads and hate. It’s ridiculous. It’s like no here even likes fighting games any more or they like a single game and feel the need to tear everything else down since every other game isn’t the game THEY like.

Sorry but I am a fan of fighting games. I like nearly every game that’s come out recently. We are in the midst of another GOLDEN AGE for fighting games. Enjoy it while it lasts because I know some of you started playing when SF4 came out and don’t remember the dark ages when no new games were being released for years.

Speak for yourself. Being mainly a 3D FG player, Tekken, Virtua Fighter and Soulcalibur never ceased to satisfy me with their releases.

And on the 2D side, KoF, GG and other titles also count - but of course, you’re mainly referring to Capcom lol

(I’m the only one who HATES when people keep saying such misconceptions?)

I’m enjoying the game despite it’s flaws and the drama with Capcom PR. It’s a couple updates away from being something truly great.

Lol, ok…

Yeah the dark ages, the horror!!

OP: good for you if you are enjoying the game, i hope you enjoy it even more.

Fun game
Ugly ass graphics

its not a golden age per-say, just a humongous influx of fighting games simultaneously.


Just no.

this game is far from good. its playable at least. but it definitely needs a few more patchs.

Try livejournal instead of srk

Game is glitchy, unbalanced, ugly, price gouging…


going back to ssf4 for my competitive needs, ill play sfxt when I want to fart around

Maybe I should clarify 2D fighters. I did play SC but the whole reason I got into SC was because there wasn’t a new SF, CVS, Marvel game around. There were a few other games that came out but it was called the dark ages for a reason. None of those games caught on. Not like the 3 I mentioned. It wasn’t until SF4 that fighting games came back in any meaningful way.

Alenth, look at that list. MvC2 and CvS2 were the last big games that brought the community together.

Keep playing online scrub.

I honestly thought the OP was being sarcastic, but I don’t think this deserved it’s own thread.

SFxT feels somewhat fresh, and I feel motivated to play it since unlike Marvel I copped it because I was legitimately hyped for it and not just because it was the new FG to garner the spotlight. Can’t say Capcom did a “great” job because of they way the DLC was handled, and no fighting game will ever be perfect.

I find it weird that your reasonings for hating this game could be applied to the entire SF4 series. I’m not even trying to be funny.

Some people like the game, some people don’t.

Tide goes in, tide goes out. Never a miscommunication.