Capcom and engine swapping, how will this affect us?

All this capcom engine swap between games seems really lazy and if it hits(they all make it to evo) its going to be one hell of a bummer to those of us who keep attending evo. I will admit from right now that I love kof, I have been playing kof since 95 but as of now super is the only fighter im playing. But imagine going to evo and seeing super, then capxnam… then mvc3 and tvc, that right there takes 4 slots, with only 2 engines and no diversity. Im not even including tekken which WILL still be there(along with maybe namxcap), that leaves room for what? for srk to throw a wildcard position at us and us fighting over it.

Im glad the fighting game community blew up to what it is now, but capcom is monopolizing almost everything. I mean I wouldnt mind… if they were DIFFERENT games like cvs3 or whatnot, but this? I know some people are really pumped for capxnam, but all that work couldve been to improve the roster greatly(even though it doesnt really need it) AND create something unique, not another engine swap. You could argue that the engine works, sooooo keep working on street not another game with the same mechanic?

You have the new BB and KOF, two gorgeous 2D that will end up fighting for each other. MK9 looks really nice, not my type of game but diverse nonetheless. Darkstalkers? Chances are its another sf4 engine swap… goody.

After the unveiling of capxnam, are you still that pumped for it? This is not only related to evo, which it mostly is, but what are your thoughts on paying for pretty much the same thing over and over again?

Sigh… Street Fighter X Tekken is meant to be ‘Street Fighter’ merged with Tekken. Of course it’s gonna be similar.
Also, you don’t have a clue about what you’re talking about.

You’ve played KoF for years and now you have a problem with paying for the same thing over and over? Umm…

Street Fighter 2.

That is all. Changes were made, yet they all were still based around the same fighting system, with just tweaks here and there. Never stopped it, so I don’t see why it’s such a big deal here.

And these games are hardly the same, anyway. SFXTekken isn’t due for possibly another 2 yrs. No one knows how it’ll compare to Super by that point.

Why are you assuming the games are going to be clones just because they run on the same engine?

I wish people stopped using the word engine, because clearly very few knows what an engine is.

Here’s some fun info to put things in perspective: Quake 3, Jedi Academy and American McGee’s Alice is the same engine. Civilization 4 and Oblivion is the same engine.

OP means diversity at tournaments. You won’t see ALL kof’s at the same time on tournaments, only 98 UM or 2002 UM at best. OP is afraid next Evo he will see all capcom games that play alike.

Imho if a game gets released it doesnt mean it will be a tourney game. What if the sf x tekken turns out to be not as succesful? You think it willl have a place in tournaments still? And about tvc, isnt mvc3 like a sequel to that one (as wel as a follow up to mvc2)? I think Mvc3 will replace tvc, unless it gets some cult following.

nice one, but only a few were really good which I did play, but thats not the point. Point is is that super is good, but in the future thats what everybody is going to play, evo with 6 games and almost all will be the same.

have you played tvc and mvc3? identical

Yes actually, I have… clearly seems you haven’t though if you think they’re even close to identical…

Similarly the systems we saw in the extremely short demo for SFxT looked very different from SSF4’s playstyle as well.

Hahahahahah. Well played.

TvC and MvC3 shouldn’t even be in here since they’re on different engines. TvC = custom engine for the Wii. MvC3 = MT Framework. It would be a more relevant worry if MvC3 played like Lost Planet 1/2 and Resident Evil 5.

the evo version wasnt the same as tvc, for a good reason. The developers took away air dash from a lot of characters because people complained it was too similar to tvc, but almost all characters were crap in the end, hell ryu had no way of going in. They said they were putting air dash back so in the end its one step closer to tvc.

When did they say that? I don’t recall hearing anything close to that in the stream.

If you were there at evo you would have noticed

Can I look into your crystal ball?

So, even though this was stated at Evo, none of this became known information among anyone here…?


Vetoed by Marvel, they don’t want UAD either, but for canon reasons.

Also, Comicon build allowed for lockdown and touch of death, things you see in MvC2 but not TvC.

Why did you bold 2D?

When people say ‘engine’ they generally mean gameplay style. Of course we have engine in the ‘MT Framework’, ‘Unreal’ sense, but most people still say “engine” as a means to clarify gameplay style… not ones and zeroes. It’s a bit of a semantics game.

Having said that, I wish people would get off their game industry vernacular high horse and just know what most people mean when they use the term engine and carry on the conversation. And if it bothers enough, be educational about it rather than bitch about terminology.


Still, we don’t know exactly how SFxT will play. Sure it the demo was running on SFIVs code, but what was shown was so contrived that you couldn’t really get any meaningful information of how the final game will play.