CANADA CUP 2010 Results Thread

Side Tournament Top 3 Results!!



Daigo Umehara
Justin Wong

Justin Wong
JS Master
James Jones

More to come as the SF4 tournaments haven’t finished yet…

SSF4 SINGLES TOP 8 RESULTS (copied from - thanks haunts!)

  1. Daigo Umehara (RY/GU)

  2. Mago (FE/SA/BA)

  3. JS Master (BA)

  4. Mike Ross (EH)

  5. Air (RY)

  6. Gootecks (RO)

  7. Jozhear (VE)

  8. EG Justin Wong (RU)



Losers Finals

JS Master (L) vs Mago (W) - 0-2

Losers Semi’s

JS Master (W) vs Mike Ross (L) - 2-1

Winners Finals

Mago (L) vs Daigo Umehara (W) - 1-2

Losers Bracket

JS Master (W) vs Gootecks (L) - 2-0

Mike Ross (W) vs Air (L) - 2-0

Winners Bracket

Mike Ross (L) vs Daigo Umehara (W) - 0-2

JS Master (L) vs Mago (W) - 0-2

Losers Bracket

Jozhear (L) vs Gootecks (W) - 1-2

Justin Wong (L) vs Air (W) - 0-2



JS Master (BA)

Mago (FE)

Daigo Umehara (RY)

Mike Ross (HO)


EG Justin Wong (RU)

Jozhear (VE)

Gootecks (RO)

Air (RY)


  1. Team USA

  2. Team Spiral Fan Club

  3. Team Japan

  4. Team Calgary

Team Calgary (Lap Chi, Hai, Phil) - Lost to Team USA. Gootecks OCV. Plays Team Japan to determine 3rd Place. Loses to Team Japan – 4th Place.

Team USA (EG Jwong, Mike Ross, Gootecks). Wins over Spiral Guys Fanclub. Double OCV by Justin Wong

Team Japan (Air, Daigo, Mago) - Lost to Spiral Guys Fanclub. JS Master beats Daigo for the reverse OCV. Plays Team Calgary to determine 3rd place. Defeats Team Calgary to place 3rd.

Spiral Guys Fanclub (Jozhear, JSMaster, Killacam). Lost to Team USA. Double OCV’d by Justin Wong.

Salty Congee (Wilson Derek Sampson) - Eliminated by Team USA. Gootecks OCV.

Thanks to for providing the list of teams.

Good shit to you for organizing this.

JSMaster = American Killer

I was watching the stream live.

1]Daigo Umahara
3]JS Master

Congrats Lap Chi on hosting Canada’s biggest FG tournament.

Good shit JS and Air for holding it down for Canada!!

Don’t forget the clutch Vega Joe’s Ear

Good shit JS !!

why is there never a breakdown of the payouts?

Very nice results. Team Japan in 3rd under Team Spiralguys.

Daigo and Mago were pretty much a shoe-in for first and second, but good shit to JS for holding it down for Canada and taking 3rd over the American dominators. JS definitely made Mago respect him during that match, so gdlk.

Hopefully we can really blow it up next year and not let it all rest on JS lol.

I have some questions about HDR

what happened to Thelo, GeneiJin87, Jimmy Bones ??
and whats Justin Wong doing in top 3 `??
and who is Embrio ??

Much thanks to Lap Chi and his staff for putting together the biggest and most high profile Fighting game tournament in Canadian history. Your hard work will go far to further Canada’s exposure to the rest of the fighting game community.

Congratulations to JS Master for his clutch play and strong placing in all tournaments entered.

This tournament was amazing. I think Lap got what he wanted from it and in all ways can consider it a success. Props to him for making this happen and for getting JS the exposure he needs :stuck_out_tongue: I thought JS was going to take out Mago, but I’m sure he’ll study the vids enough to be able to make it closer next time.

As for this WC/EC drama, people need to realize that its being caused by a small fraction of the people at the tourney, but unfortunately it was because they were allowed to commentate on stream that this is blowing up. In the long run though, the BS said by those on stream won’t stand up to JS coming third and plowing through some US top players to do it. Say what you will, but canada was hype, just not as loud as they would have been if it was in TO/MTL :stuck_out_tongue: Canada is on the map again, that’s all that matters.

PS - JJ tactics owes Jiggabry the $1000 Marvel MM. Come get it.

East Coast > West Coast

Props to JS, Air and Jozhear for some clutch plays. Props to Lap and the West Coast for organizing a great tourney. Plus the cosplay at Canada Cup was awesome!!!

Oh yeah, since it hasn’t been said yet. Props to Mago and Daigo for trolling the finals in world class fashion and sending Mago for a rematch vs. JS. Japan can troll as well as the rest of us.

He owes him a $100 money match as well. But we all know he’ll pull some smoke an mirrors bullshit and vanish when the time comes to run it.

Why does everyone think the second largest country in the world is like one city? It’s only slightly easier to travel to Calgary from eastern Canada than Evo, and not really worth it at all if you don’t play SFIV.

I’m curious what the turnout was on BB and HDR overall, even if I perhaps don’t deserve to be.

Anyways kudos on the event, and good luck for next year. If I’m still living in the country after school maybe I’ll have some damn game by then.

Very nice tourney. Things seemed to have been very well organized and the stream was very smooth (and thank god, loud game sounds).

Let’s hope the next Canada Cup is in TO :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed the stream, seemed that everything was well organized :slight_smile:

Embrio is the best HD Remix player in Canada.