Canada at Evolution 2010

OK so Mr. Wizard has announced the date and location for Evolution 2010.

DATE: Friday July 9th - Sunday July 11th

LOCATION: Caesars Palace Resort & Casino

This thread is essentially going to be used as a placeholder for the time being. I know that I’ll be going back this year and I know a couple of other people have decided to go back as well.

We’re going to have to wait for Mr. Wizard to post up the specialized rates for the hotel. I did a quick look up for flight & hotel for that weekend just to get an idea. If we were to book a room for 2 people in Caesars coming in Friday and leaving Monday it’d run just under a grand before you’ve actually done anything in Vegas. That’s a substantial increase from the coasts associated with The Rio. I’ll be checking various sites periodically to get better handles on rates. Hopefully Wizard comes through.

If people are LEGITIMATELY interested in going please post up in here. Assuming Wizard gets a decent rate, you’re looking at $1000 - $1200 for the trip. If you don’t have it now, start saving. If you can’t put together $150 a month for the next eight months, don’t bother posting up. You can’t afford it.

Hopefully we can make a big showing. Super Street Fighter IV will draw a massive crowd and it’s great to be in the thick of all that madness.


I was gonna make a thread but figured you would anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Last year I remember booking the flight with WestJet for $400 roundtrip. (Toronto to Vegas)

Right now if you check, it is almost DOUBLED that amount. $800+!

We should keep our eyes out for a sale (WestJet has them all the time) and make sure to post in here if you see one!

And just as an idea: last year Nagata and I paid about $150 USD each for a room at the Rio for 5 days. Whether or not Caesar’s will be more or less expensive (with SRK’s group rate) is anybody’s guess… although me thinks it will prolly be moar as Caesar’s is right on the strip.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to go, a handful of guys from here went last year and said it was great. I’m heading to Vegas this year anyway, may as well have part of my trip coincide with this.

Was it 1k-1200 including everything (hotel, food and stuff like that) or just for airfare? Tax return will be paying for me likely, I just want an estimate on what to expect.

And we should do international (against the US) and interprovince regionals :stuck_out_tongue: show them what we are aboot

I’ll be going. Not many of you know me because I’ve only been involved with the Waterloo scene for about 1 1/2 months and have yet to make it to any larger GTA events. My parents live in Phoenix which is about a 4 hour drive to Vegas, and I plan on staying with them for about a month in the summer (scheduled around Devastation and Evo of course…:rofl:).

So yeah, I’ll be there. I hope to meet some of you within the GTA within the next few months (if school allows) so you can see that I won’t be a bad guy to room with lol.

Canada represent!

honestly fuck staying at the caesar’s lets just grime it up at bill’s/Imperial palace. less than 100 a night on weekends!

Fly from the states and save $200-$400.
Last time I went, I saved $300+ by just driving out to buffalo and paying $40 for the airport week-long parking.

Quoted for truth. For us mtlers we’d need to drive to burlington but still cheaper than flying from montreal!

I’m in. Need some redemption.

If we go Ill consider not talking shit against u guys for the weekend hahaha Team Canada at EVO

I’m in. :tup:

we need to form the canadian coalition and fight against manifest destiny. But when we head back up north you’re gonna hear a lot of “FUCK YOU SMOKEY”

Nah I wont if ppl talk shit on me they all do it behind my back :stuck_out_tongue:

Me/Kallan/Myles/Alex are all going, hopefully.
Hope to see you guys there! :smiley:

idk who else from Ottawa is going.

I’ll be going.

repping the 604 with my scrubbiness

Yo valaris, you should post ur EVO tips from the Montreal thread in there. They look solid. Things that everyone going to Evo should know.

ill be going 100%

There is no way in hell i won’t be there. I’ll prolly run the girlfriend combo :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a very good chance I’ll be going as well, with the MTL guys.

If the playground sponsor is a trip to Evo den i might consider selling it… will find out whenever playground decides to contact me for details.

i’ll give you 426 dollars on wednesday for it :rolleyes: