Can You Drink Alcohol in the Tournament Room?

I’m just going to spectate, is it okay to have a beer in the tournament room?

I’m pretty sure alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the tournament floor…

No outside food or drink in the Event Hall.

Damn, in 2009 I had some drinks in their no problem. I guess things have changed, that one was at the Rio too.

Is this for the Rio or just in general?

I remember seeing people with alcohol and food at Caesars last year.

It IS a rule at EVO. Just no one follows it.

Anyone know if you can drink in the BYOC area?

BYOC is in the event hall. All of EVO is in one room.

No drinking anywhere at Evo. Take it to your room.

'09 I had a beer but they threatened to kick you out after a while if you had any alcohol so I guzzled it. I’m sure somewhere it got out of hand because people are stupid and cant handle their drinks.

i drank my 45 dollar Mai Tai while playing HDR last year?

I guess i was breaking the law?


cant remember seeing any alcohol @ last years but there was definitely some loud mouth drunks in the room acting belligerent.

No outside food or drink. Does that mean no water bottles?


quit trying to be a smart ass.

You don’t have to be a dick. I was serious. I messaged Mr Wizard and got an answer. Sorry to bother you, oh great one.

Wow… Wizard laid the law down, why are people still being ass about this?

People really love their beer.

pull a always sunny in Philadelphia and put it in a coke can, if i remember right things worked well for them LOL

belligerently drunk trash talk during top 8 is the most fun i’ve ever had

Anyone caught drinking beer, or visibly intoxicated, will be ejected for cause.