Can Someone watch this video and explain why this game was overlooked


This is truly a brilliant fighting game. This is too good.

SFXT should have been as fast as this.

MAN if only bison had an overhead like that @1:15 in sfxt

PS2 launch was ass, lack of familiarity just like SFIII, the crossovers were more popular, the mainstream boom of video streaming and fan media building hype for games was years later, and no real promotion.
Same case with Super DBZ being under MASH AND GUESS QTE FESTS that the current games are, with Akira co-developing that too.

And then I realize. Akira was a better modern Capcom than Capcom if you boosted this up to HD with modern digital instruments, yet its most recognizable stuff nowadays are rehashes and scuba diving. God, that’s an awful feeling.

Wasn’t Akira going to release a fighting game with his old characters like Kairi?

Because even though this game looks good from this match, as does probably any game when played at a high level, it’s still pretty shitty and broken.

NOW Super DBZ, that’s a fun game.

@ yomi: iono what the hell youre babbling about. Youre just spouting trash, when you dont know what you are talking about.

In any case


because capcom didn’t put a million dollars into pot bonuses for the game and make a 25k reality show about it

I mentioned this game last weekend to you and you said it was for autistics lol

What different am I supposed to be seeing here? I still see the same crappy EX3, or pretty much every EX, has always been. I owned this game, I played a lot of it, I’ve seen the stupid shit you can do in this game. It’s broken, it’s never been in any tournaments because it’s trash. Are you one of the players in these videos, or do you know them? I mean no personal insult towards you or them, they’re playing great, high level as I said, but that still doesn’t make the game good. It’s fun to play yes, It’s like a HnK type of kusoge fighter, but it’s still not any good.

That SDBZ line was a joke, if sarcasm escapes you. That game is pretty balls too.

yeah but im more polite on the internet jeez

also i didn’t say that sfxt is for healthy intelligent individuals at any point did i?

Really hate the camera in this game. It’s real close up, so it’s constantly zooming in and out when the opponent jumps.

You’d get a better answer if you posted it in the SFEX thread.

don’t think so

Im not talking about your sarcasm. Im talking about you stating its shitty and broken with no reasoning behind it whatsoever. NOW if you EXPLAINED why then I would be more apt to listen. However stating you have this game doesnt mean crap. There were a ton of people who had this game that say this game is utter trash as they rave about the myriad of mechanics that are taken from this series and placed in to SF4 and SFxT. I would love to hear your reasoning but theres TOO many people these days that have absolutely no clue what theyre talking about. Theres die hard atheist that dont know a damn thing about science and the politics behind it, and theres my Christian brethren who dont even read or attempt to seek understanding from the texts they hold in such high regard. So tell me what bothers you and we’ll go from there. no LOL BAD argument. No one wants to hear that.

Also not every game looks solid at high level. At least imo.

for 3ds iirc, there was a video posted around here on srk

That was just a tech demo not to be an actual game and the company name is Arika.

WTF how many meters do they get? It’s like every other move is a super

in this game you could literally link anything into a super, then link that super back into a special, lol.

the first time i played this game i thought it was slow… it still is but it looks fast because fighting games today are a lot slower than they used to be.

  1. Lacked all the bells and whistles that the previous versions had. Despite being a sequel had NO new characters. 5 characters from 1st game missing and 1 from 2nd game.
  2. Most traditional SF players simply do not like the way SFEX looks. Therefore it sucks, despite subsequent SF games borrowing lots from it.
  3. Traditional SF players don’t like how easy it is to build meter.
  4. Momentary combos replaced Excel combos. Unfortunate some momentary combos are excellent and others are pure crap, making the balance poor. Excels were broken, but everyone could do damage with them. Not only does a character with good momentary combos do more damage, but they build MUCH more meter. But hardly anyone played the game enough to actual know about #3-8.
  5. Surprise Blows replaced Guard Breaks. Surprise Blows are 10x harder to use and half as rewarding as GBs.
  6. Zooming Camera is annoying as hell.
  7. AI sucks.
  8. New mission mode sucks.

Suffers from Time Overs just like SFxT (or vice versa since the games share so many features). That’s why they play with infinite time.