Can someone explain why Karin is so desired by fans?

I genuinely want to know, what is it about this character? Why do so many people want her back? Was it her move set or just the characters personality? I only played Alpha on my PSP I didn’t grow up around any arcades and never got it back on the PS1. I haven’t been able to find an answer else where and this seemed to be the best place to ask. So if your a fan of Karin or just know why people want the character so much please inform me.

the same reason they ask for R.Mika its just fan service, she is cute and sakuras rival thats all. and yeah she has rekkas like fei so top tier material lol

Her Rekkas are more like Abel’s then Fei’s.


Karin > * that’s’ why.

I always found her annoying with her “Hurrrrwaaaaa!!!”

On her 16th birthday she probably drove her bugatti veyron off a cliff because her parents bought her the wrong colour.

…and she’s a total bitch to her butler lol.

“the same reason they ask for R.Mika its just fan service, she is cute and sakuras rival thats all. and yeah she has rekkas like fei so top tier material lol”


“And HOOOOOOOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!! Is reason enough.”

the same reason they ask for URIEN it’s just fan service. He is cute and Seth’s rival thats all. And yeah he has a unique playstyle so top tier material lol

And PITIFUL SCUM!!! Is reason enough.

Contrary to Karin, I feel Urien would actually bring interesting gameplay as he plays so differently from anyother Street Fighter.

The way her character was originally written in the manga, she was much less of a spoiled bitch. Though she was essentially a flawless Mary Sue in the manga, so that might not help my argument there.

She had a somewhat original moveset, a fun, over the top personality, and a sailor suit, which is bonus points as far as I’m concerned (though your mileage may vary on that one).

I’d MUCH prefer someone like Maki.

Karin? No idea. Sailor Fuku and OOOHOHOOHOHOOHO. Not that she’d add much to gameplay though.

Because she’s unique and people are tired of Shoto’s.

Schoolgirl rich bitch

But white, blonde
But wearing almost the same sailor suit as Sakura

With yoga shorts instead.

Or just ask them. In 2013 even they aren’t playing Karin’s games anymore. Did this get moved out of FGD…?

Karin was actually a fan created character. She is also R. Mika’s sponsor and the basis for Lili in Tekken. Go read Sakura Ganbaru! scrub and then next time you will know where to make a shit thread like this you worthless peasant.

Because rich-bitch pussy.

ojousama laugh with rekkas? good enough for me.

btw, shit thread.

not enough waifus in the game

Because standing fierce that’s why. That thing had the most ridiculous hitbox of all time. Use it early and it’s a better anti air than a DP. You think Sakura’s c. HP is good in SSF4? SHIIIIEEEEEEEET!

Can someone explain why many dumbfucks post their threads on the wrong section?
Or why many people can’t grasp the simplest things as this and need everything explained to them like if they were some type of retard kid?

They should have added Birdie into Ultra, but they gotta go make sure not to go over budget and instead reuse the same shit, which is dumb since it isn’t even hand drawn. We gotta 100 shoto clones, so why not more Gief, Guy, and Guile clones?

Because deep down everybody wants to be berated, abused and humiliated by an ojou sama.
You know, having her look down at you with disgust. Having her kick you in the face and catching a glimpse of moist, schoolgirl peach poking through her spats.

He knows more than he “tried to let on” (or let you know)

He did use the word “desire” in the thread title & question

Sakura needs a friend