Can someone explain the hate Tekken gets?

It’s unquestionably the biggest 3D fighter not just sales wise but competitive wise. Yet it never gets any props from the gaming media (look at how many E3 awards it got snubbed out of for recent proof). Find any Tekken video or article posted at a gaming site, read the comments, and see donk after donk bash this series.

I debated this with some 1up editors a few years back. The same guys who can’t make a Tekken review without bringing up VF, 10-hit combos, button masher, and on. After proving 99% of their criticisms wrong, it came down to basically “we just don’t like it and don’t care how competitive it is”. Which could have fooled me because they more than anyone try to pretend they know what they’re talking about when it comes to fighters. And their bias is still present to this day.

So is there a definitive answer for the hate? Or is it just a bunch of VF homers still butthurt by the success of Tekken?

every game gets an amount of hate, look at sf4, sf3s, gg, mvc, kof, halo, every game gets some hate its not new

That’s pretty much it.


there’s no answer. partially butt hurt vf fans, people who dont know what the fuck theyre talking about, scrubs who just try to repost what someone of more caliber has said against the game, people who dont know what theyre talking about, and just flat out haters who have never even tried the game.

i find it more to be just people who never have played the game or been in the scene, and are just blindly hating and reciting shit other people have said against the game. all in all. tekken has a scene a pretty old scene, and a lot of dedicated fans regardless of the changes its made over the years. its been popular and always will be. everyone will see when zaibatsu membership blows through the roof as people put down sf4 for tekken 6 in a few months.

Most of my friends who hate Tekken (fucking assholes) don’t like it because of the animals. “It’s not real looking!” nonsense.

It’s funny because I when I used to read gaming mags and later websites, Tekken got nothing but praise.

Times change.

P.S. Tekken still sucks.

It gets hate for its fucked up risk/reward(to me).

I get that shit about SF4 from anyone who plays gaylo or CoD4…

My response is always “That’s what you think real life is like? Here’s a hint buddy: There’s no pulse rifles, and you don’t respawn. Ever.”

Reality in (fighting) games = Serious Business

Well your problem there is trying to make an argument about fighting games with people who just don’t really invest themselves into it. Even the best people in the 1up offices aren’t really that good, they might like it more than others and are better than people who don’t even play fighters, but they ultimately don’t care about the competitive scene. They only mention it as a standpoint to realize, but they don’t know what it really means to invest themselves into a fighting game.

Thats why.

Someone probably got shit-canned by some little asian kid who beat the shit out of the buttons.

Getting your shit rocked for free = bad game to some people. I kinda like tekken but don’t take it too serious, there is a level of depth and learning the ins and outs of the system is rewarding, some people just don’t like that shit but who cares.

i don’t like 3d fighters because i like having the game take place in more than a tenth of the screen

wait for it

b-b-but there are running attacks too!

i think being a kof fan, kof gets a lot of hate. the only reason it does cause people suck it, and cant handle rush down.

I don’t get it.

Cause it plays like shit and ^

The problem is the media themselves. Real talk.


Because the character designs are a bit uninspired(some are nice though, like Heihachi, Kazuya, Bryan, Dragunov…), and the command lists are one mile long and consist of mostly nonsense i assume you’ll never use, and the “feeling” of hits and movements are kinda off somehow.
And that’s all it takes to divert my attention to the many, many other fighting games that I find more interesting. So, there.
I’m sure it’s perfectly viable as a competitive game though, it’s not that.

Yeah, like there’s less risk in tekken than SF(hit confirmable low pokes into around half life)… See below.

That’s the noobs complaint. EVERY SINGLE FIGHTING GAME HAS WAYS TO DISH OUT BIG DAMAGE! What difference does it make if it’s on the ground or in the air, there’s still nothing the opponent can do DURING the combo to stop it, no?

In tekken, it takes more risk to do so than it does in SF4, and don’t DARE tell me other-wise. A low poke into a half life ultra? There’s very few safe lows into big damage in tekken(the only one that comes to mind is king’s FC d/f+1, but it’s slow enough to consistently parry and punish.

If anything, the risk vs reward in sf4 is more skewed than tekken, out-right. There’s plenty of totally safe low moves into huge damage in SF that are considered unseeable by any standards. Meanwhile in tekken, the only lows that combo in T6 without counter hit is usually extremely unsafe on block, if not blockable/parryable/crushable on reaction.

So, essentially, it’s the people who are too stupid to defend themselves, and attack when they’re at a frame disadvantage, who complain most about juggles.

I guess you never heard of spacing and using traps to push your opponent towards the wall(yes, even on block). I’ve never EVER had a fight only take place on 1:10th of the over-all battle ground.

Plays like shit? If anything, it’s one of the most polished fighting game series ever made. That’s why T6: BR gets more play in japan and korea than SF4 ever has…

I love juggles. It is awesome when I can do extra damage by landing a combo on an airborne opponent’s feet.