Can someone explain the differences between types of techno?

…seriously. like what’s the difference between electronica, trance, house, jungle, etc… in general, i think i like most of it i just don’t know what the differences are and which is which.

help me out so i don’t get clowned while trying to spit game to those glow stick twirling heaux!

There’s some elaborate flash site, but I learned what I know from wikipedia. I only like house/ house hybrid stuff.

Electronica is usually composed fully or mostly with artifical instrumental sounds, those that cant be produced without a computer.

Trance is usually a mix of beats and a tune that lasts foreverrrrrrr. Most trance songs are really long 5-10min or longer. They usually dont contain lyrics or singing, but here and there may have some.

House is more of a up beat style of music, more like pop almost. It has techno and synth themes in it, but usually has lots of lyrics and vocals.

I listen to alot of trance and techno :stuck_out_tongue:

like 2 halloweens ago i went to an armin van buren show…like what genre is that? can i get some youtube links or something?

like what’s [media=youtube]p-Z3YrHJ1sU"[/media] for example?

Some good examples of what techno vs trance is would be to go to and search these keywords.

“DJ Tiesto Adagio for strings” (Trance)

“DJ Splash Drop the Bass, OR Basshunter Now You’re Gone” (Both techno songs)

lol. And everyone in here is wrong.

First and foremost Techno is a genre itself its not an umbrella term. The word you are looking for is EDM which stands for Electronic Dance Music. There are sub genres of Techno but House and Trance are completely different genres.

The difference is the theme, BPM and moods. Go here and learn everything in less then an hour. They sort each genre with sub genres and derivatives of the sub genres, also descriptions of each genre and sample files to hear each style.

Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music | New Home on

it’s all about trance imo. but i like things with lyrics and good beats sometime…i guess that’d be house? i listen to the different streaming channels on all the time, but i’m still not sure how to separate the different genres.

edit: that link is funny, that guy loves all the genres i can’t stand and hates all the genres i love. but the information itself seems solid, although he has shitty taste in music

If you want to be stereotypical:

Techno - Hard, aggressive, very repetitive. Fast.

Trance - Long mixes, long buildup. Heavy on synths. Glowsticks. Anime. Dance Dance Revolution.

House - Soulful. Mid-tempo to Fast. Groovy. Funky vocals. Imagine R&B a-capella over a dance music instrumental.

Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music | New Home on
This link really explains it to a t. Its no point in responding with “Omgz I dunt no!” if you dont go here first.

I thought we actually had an electronic music thread, but maybe it’s gone

I thought this was house but whoever posted it said its trance.

Is this trance as well?

The reason this thread has the potential to get stupid is because the sub genres of Trance House Techno Dub and Electro blur the lines between each genre.

For instance, HARD HOUSE can and sometimes does mimic TECHNO.

House in itself is very complex and just off the top of my head here are a few subgenres:
French House/Filter House - [media=youtube]4YCoSF-voHY[/media]
Figit - [media=youtube]iODdvJGpfIA[/media]
Dutch House - [media=youtube]pWU338UqQOI[/media]
Funky/Diva/Club House - [media=youtube]fS-X7KOTfcQ]YouTube - Booty Luv - A Little Bit [HQ[/media]
Beach House - [media=youtube]YCjzMHXcapY&feature=related[/media]
Deep House - [media=youtube]TDaHyz7mo_g[/media]
Latin House - [media=youtube]_Ekbh3qbb8I]YouTube - AWA Band - Timba [Full Intention Club Mix[/media]
Classic House - [media=youtube]pol807RkijU&feature=related[/media]
Industrial House - [media=youtube]DjS_mgYOn5A[/media]
Electro House - [media=youtube]zRH3ZiwvA2M[/media]

And of course sometimes they can be a mixture, they can be debatable. They can be subjective. Electro house to me might be “indie house” to someone else …it might be “indie electro” to someone else …it might be “deep house” to someone else.

It all boils down to the FEELING with this music. How it makes you feel. Do you want to fly down the highway in a convertable at 2 in the morning? Do you want to chill by the beach? Do you want to dance in a club? Do you want to pop an X pill and float on a cloud? Its a genre for all of your moods and they ALL still sit under the phrase “HOUSE” but over the last 20 years or so they have really broken up into clear subgenres.

Once again:
Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music | New Home on
Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music | New Home on
Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music | New Home on
Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music | New Home on
Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music | New Home on
Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music | New Home on

first is trance, but the dirty Vegas one is more like big beat imo. I’m not great on genre details myself and I actually do listen to a lot of electronic music and have read all of ishkur’s guide.

This is way more on the House side of things: [media=youtube]uqJu_3CPhC4[/media]

edit: or you could just listen to yyb lol


Depends on what kind of computer they use to make their “music.”

I wasn’t wrong. Who was everyone? 1 person?

Well now your ignorance is showing since all modern music is digitalized. Even if its a live band its still fine tuned, equalized and cleaned up digitally. If anything, EDM takes more effort to create since the past 10 years of hip hop, pop and r&b have been nothing but garage band stock edits and old school samples with a drum loop tossed on top.

Assuming that you were trying to imply its simple to make EDM. It would slightly amuse me if you downloaded FruityLoops and quickly made me a 16 bar loop.

Vynce I wasnt talking to you. You didnt even say something that could be disproved. ie: “i like house music”

One is totally like boom chicka boom, boom chicka boom, boom chicka chick a-chicka-chicka-chick a-chicka-chicka-chick, etc.

Another’s totally like unst unst unst unst unst unst unst un-un-unst unst unst unst unst unst unst HYPER HYPER (i.e., Scooter).

Then there’s this one that’s all like bweeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrnnnnhhh unst unst un-un-unst boom chicka bweeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrnnnnnnh unst unst. I really like that one.

Dr. B’s techno is, of course, the best, but to type it I’d need seventeen more fingers and just as many more keyboards.

I’ve never been so devastated in my whole life. Specs stole my joke, literally word for word. WTF.

i knew a guy who would just say “dance” and “dancing” to the beat of techno songs…dance dance dance dance dance dance dancing dancing…repeat… ugh :frowning:

Yyb: Acknowledged.

There is a ton of confusion regarding EDM, which is understandable. It took me years to realize the only stuff I liked was house and its off-shoots. I dislike the majority of EDM to be honest.

That said, find what you like, and figure out what it is later. is a good resource for finding new tracks. They’ll throw some emo at you, and tons of electro-pop, but hey.

I mean honestly this is a close thread kind of case here. Not saying it needs to be just that this sums it up.