Can somebody tell me why PR Rog was picked for the 5v5?

How is Puerto Rico East coast? That’s like picking Tokido for team West coast because his coast is just that fucking West. Unless I’m missing something and Rog currently resides on the East coast? Enlighten me.

PR is pretty much treated like an Unofficial 51st state. People jump between there and mainland like that of Hawaii and mainland. We’d treat Hawaii as west coast.

I have a better question. Why was Noel Brown the team captain? I give him props for building a good team but honestly Noel Brown is extremely over rated and shouldnt have been the anchor. He shouldve went first…or not been on the team at all.

I’m pretty sure he lived in New York for a while.

I agree. I never would’ve even heard of him outside of the fact that he jumped SmoothViper or the PowerUp controversy with Justin.

Noel can feel free to prove people wrong through results, but right now, he hasn’t.

i guess they shouldve made you team captain instead right?

u mad?

i cant stand noel brown but its pretty ridiculous to talk about who does or doesnt deserve what spot when youre a random online scrub

then why you talking?

im not talking about who doesnt or doesnt deserve a spot :slight_smile:

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And who are you?

It is completely fair to think that Noel shouldn’t be team captain, but something’s wrong with what you have been watching if you don’t think that Noel is one of the top 5 players in East Coast. East Coast lost because they aren’t good enough. Period. There’s little that could have been done to prevent this result. I mean yes Chris G probably should be in this team, but how many games could he have won? He’s never comfortable against Phoenix teams and it’s not like he’s better than J Wong or Combofiend.

I coulda swore this thread was about PR Rog.

And I’m pretty sure I see PR Rog play in tournaments on the east coast, like guard crush and stuff (at least he used to?) So I just assume it’s okay.

ITT: People that don’t know Puerto Rico is a territory of the US

It sickened me how Rog was shoe-horned into the 5v5. A Perto Rican representing USA, what a joke!

I know right! Can you imagine? Puerto-fucking-Rico. Where is that place anyway? Brazil? Anyway those people are our allies but they can’t represent the US of A at official tournaments. It’s not right.

Nominate for thread of the year?

^And I am pretty sure Puerto Rico is actually in Asia or Antarctica.Something with an A. Definitely isn’t one of the America’s, I’ll tell you that.

If you’re referring to me, you’d be wrong. Puerto Rico being an unincorporated territory of the US doesn’t make it any more East coast.

Then why was this thread made? It’s on the Eastern side on the United States.

And you said Japan is West why didn’t WC use him when Japan is Far East and not a part of the US so I was confused if you knew Puerto Rico is on the East and a part of the USA.

I like how this thread turned into one that exactly reflected my thoughts: who cares about PR Rog, why the hell was Noel on the team