Can playing fighting games help you in an actual street fight?

im sure a lot of love us fighting games just as much as we love other fighting sports such as boxing or mma. there are many similarities, such as counter-attacking, dashing/movement, range, jabbing, etc. ive never been in many street fights in my life (thank god that i did win when i got in 1). but i still feel like in my every day life its possible where im gonna tested in the streets. i dont do any real life training in mma or boxing, but i do keep my muscle strength in tact in the gym. so if it does go down, all the tactics im gonna use are from playing fighting games, lol. what you think?

I’m really not sure if it will help in an actual fight, but you are probably going to hurt yourself if you try imitating stuff you see in fighting games.

Just remember

walking 720 is easiest in real life. Abuse it.

Sure, because crouch blocking during a real fight is a great way to protect yourself.

Only as much as God of War teaches you how to fuck two girls at the same time.

If you can Korean back-dash IRL sure.

Was sparring with a guy once and I punched him at the same time as I blocked his own punch. Fucker complained that I shouldn’t be able to do that due to blockstun.


Of course. I’ve got a blackbelt SFIV Dan’s backdash.

dude…don’t try to combine fighting game skills with your street skills. The results are far to powerful. I had the same idea back when i was a youngin, i got in a fight outside of this pizza shop with some fucking grease ball who was talking shit about the way i was eating my calzone. I got so mad i powered up and threw a hadoken at his ass…the reuslts were tragic. The mixture of his grease and the heat from the hadoken set the pizza place on fire and burned the place down. Leaving a whole clan of little guidos without any spaghetti to eat and anywhere to live. I can still see the tears running down their greasy faces.

lol absolutely not, good way to get your ass kicked. But if Rooster Teeth do an experiment to see how Daigo and Justin Wong do in a cage fight I would pay to watch.

Driving games do it’s already been proven (not talking about that car dodging the jack knife truck)

help in a street fight?

Yes cos you just run them over

and in for real life driving skills

I’m so pestering burnie burns on twitter about this.


Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.

None of the conditioning you do matters unless you spar with somebody or practice fighting; its a skill just like any other.

Of course it can, I beat down punks with my hadokens and shoryukens all the time on the streets.

I doubt it honestly. I’m sure you might learn a thing or two, but in terms of winning/losing, you’re screwed unless you know how to actually fight.

It’s like 13 year old boys claiming to be rock star gods on the electric guitar just because they can perfect hard songs on guitar hero.

yes, if you use zoning and mixup but your body has to know how to do it. Against someone who trained even a short period though, you would not have as great a chance because the proper fundamentals are better ingrained in his mind.

coincidentally, I friend of mine who trained jiu jitsu for about 4 years told me his new roommate constantly challenged him to spar because the roommate is experienced in UFC Undisputed x_x… the roommate finally stopped when my friend brought back some medals

Only if your dojo teaches real-life Aegis setups.

Don’t get hurt OP.

And you have Ex meter, which is really hard to get IRL.