Can I use my PS3 TE stick with a PS2 through a USB to PS2 adapter?

The reason is, obviously, I can’t use it on PS3 with PS2 games because it just does not work (as most ppl know). So I was wondering if I could use it on a PS2 using an adapter?

Thx in advance

Nope. The PS2 doesn’t accept USB for controller input. There’s not an easily solution for making this happen aside from modifying the stick.

What about something like this?

or these,GGGL:2006-23,GGGL:en&pwst=1&um=1&sa=X&oi=froogle&ct=title

None of these work?

Unfortunately not. The pcb in the PS3 Te stick is not backwards compatible.

Oh well thx for the help guys

I wonder why is it so impossible to make a USB to PS2 convertor? If a person could cheaply make one targeted towards popular arcade sticks like the TE and HRAP it could sell a few.

I know I would buy several if they were a reasonable price.

It seems manufacturing companies have trouble believing “retro” controller adapters make sense… I can see no other explanation. :frowning:
I want a PS3 -> PS2 adapter, an XBox360 -> PS2 adapter, a PS3 -> GC(/Wii) adapter… I don’t think there’s any technical inviability involved…

Even better: let someone make lagless multiplatform controller adapters… PS3 -> PS2/Xbox360/GC, Xbox360 -> PS2/PS3/GC, PS2 -> PS3/Xbox360/GC… I wish someone in a position to make these a reality would listen.

This is probably why my next stick will be a PS1 digital PCB. It seems to work with everything.

Well working with manufacturers, I know I can get them to make that kind of lagless multi console arcade sticks, it just that I need a good community to back it. :sweat:

AV…name please

Hmmm… Well, at this point it seems more reasonable to have multiconsole adapters rather than controllers. I’d say nearly everyone on SRK who got an Arcade stick is ready to use it on the PS2, PS3 or Xbox360, not counting adapters. One big problem lies in the fact you are forced to buy an out-of-print HRAP at a premium in order to preserve your PS2 and GC/Wii Arcade gaming… that, or install a Ctulhu board or something, which isn’t exactly the most friendly procedure one can expect to come across (I get disturbed at the thought of anything more involved with HRAP modding, and I know I’m not alone).

If you have a soldering iron and a ps2 controller, dual-modding the Madcatz stick for PS2/PS3 is possibly the easiest way to go. I just did it last week.

wish I knew.

I agree, we already have the multi console adapter, but the problem is it’s not gonna work on other brand of arcade sticks. The word “universal” is a kick in the hat.

Yo, would you mind sharing how you did this? I’d be interested…and I’m sure others would be as well.

Dual modding is a difficult thing to explain. There’s plenty of guides in this forum to teach you how to do it.
You would need a DPDT Switch, or an Imp Board and a PS1 Controller.

You don’t need a switch (DPDT or Imp), just don’t plug them in together. Its not like a PS3/360 mod where you wanna go for one clean USB cable. You are going to need two cables for this whether you go with a solution like an RJ45 jack or not. I’m guessing not, since we are trying to go cheap and newbie friendly on this.
All you have to do is solder the VCC and GROUND from the Madcatz SE PCB to the PS2 PCB (I went right for the USB connection but there are good ground solder points all over that board). Then solder up the button signals (best place for this is the strip that all the QDs are plugged into). The side with the molex connectors are the ones you want. The other side are grounds. Then just solder up the directions either to the Madcatz PCB, JLF PCB, or hack the wiring harness with a terminal strip. I could take pictures but my wiring looks like ass since this is my first dual mod.

Well, you don’t even need to solder the VCC or the Ground on the Madcatz PCB if you’re running two different plugs. The contacts on the PS2 should only be soldered for signal inputs on the buttons and joystick. Instead of having one wire running to the buttons, there should be two signal wires on the terminal strip.

it looks like vida guerra. and back on topic i recommend u to make a digital psone mod its ur best choice.

Toodles mentioned in the 2 PCBs thread that weird things can happen if you don’t have VCC and ground to both boards on a dual mod.