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Just try to prioritize normals to AA gief, like stHK and bMP, since he has a “U2” 100% of the time now.
Yeah, his air SPD is hella risky, but being grabbed or not by gief is something that you should never bet on.

Thanks for the help, I will try to take your tips to training and see if I can figure something out

He has to guess, the air SPD has startup and more recovery than Juris U2 in SFIV.
One tactic would be to anti-air him 2-3x with DP. If they start doing air-SPD’s to stop you, just wait and enjoy your free punish.

I honestly see no problem with Gief, feels allmost like the ST MU.

How is the startup on the SPD this time around? Can he wake up ex-spd a meaty like he could back in sf4?

His SPD is 5 Frame startup and its only throw invincible if they use the EX one. He cant wake up SPD because its not strike invincible.

Most commandgrabs are 5f, I know Mikas Super was 3f and one of Birdies EX ones is 4.

Well I don’t fear the SPD’s anymore, I pay them a good amount of respect, but I actually go a lot in Zangiefs Faceto pressure him and get out if I want.
His armored punch is super easy to whiffpunish, his sweep is unsafe as f***, he is extremly slow and his jump-ins are bad.
+SPD mashing after jump-ins,during blockstrings,during frametraps,during droped Combos is no longer a thing.

^ I sorta realized that during the last beta. SFV Gief is nothing like SFIV Gief on wake-up. He has a slower SPD, his lariat is not as good as it was either. You can go in on Gief.

So I been training the rashad matchup for the past hour. I’m finding out he’s not nearly as safe as I thought.

I’m getting destroyed by Karin online lol.

I think Gief is a bit more easier on V compared to Ultra.

Punishing Nash’s F.HP

As a rushdown player, i feel happy that grapplers now have to learn how to take pressure

I have no idea what to do after Birdie throws a can at me.

How to deal with Dhalsim?
It’s like… you gotta chase him down and when you finally get to him wtf do you do? Throw so that you have to chase him down again? heh
I can get in this sim here pretty easily, but he never presses a button. He realises that getting thrown by Cammy is the best deal ever.
It doesn’t seems like you can win in the neutral game either.

I’m having trouble with the Dhalsim matchup as well.

Yeah, his vskill and his dash kick can be punished on block. Either with a SA or raw super. Tried it out in training mode

I just throw them,seriously I just throw them, one throw closer to the corner,once they’re cornerd, there is no room to complain about your throw anymore.
Throw them walkup, prepare your next manouver. Have allways Plan A,B,C for every knockdown situation, ready.

Same boat here. Her throw could be better but making him block forever gives you nothing. Just keep going and you will corner him eventually.

I think beats teleport cleanly. Gotta test it more though.

Sim is annoying to me. If he teleport high enough, he can beat out B+Strong with jump Fierce. But other than that jab and back strong beat teleport. I usually try to walk or whiff punish him into the corner, walk in and out of throw range and whiff punish whatever he throws out.

I slowly start to figure the FANG MU out.

His Specials are all unsafe, if I stay at midrange I can allmost react to everything he does.
If he throws fireballs, I can just arrow him, I will trade in the worst case with one fireball.
If he puts his clound onto the ground I can M hooligan him during his Animation.

A lot of the stuff he does I have to react to and can’t just read it. The reason might be that he’s new.
The good thing is, he can’t do a blockstring into chipdamage without giving me the opportunity to build new pressure up.
Kinda interesting I think I have to practice this more, this MU seems weird.

I think Sim is one of Cammy’s easiest matches personally. You can go absolutely ham on him. Just walk forward and block. He can never fireball either.

I just DP if I see him being funny in the air. Judge quickly which version is the best and bam!
Just gotta chase him down again :slight_smile: