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No offence, but it would be probably easier if you collect all MU’s in one thread instead of making one for every single MU.

Anyone has ideas on a framework for the match-ups ?
I did a couple from my notes but it is haphazard and based on generalities rather than the specifics. Even if a couple of changes might be in with the release most of it should be at least somewhat useful.

However I’d really like your thoughts on how to organize things in each section, notable moves, gameplan ? How to punish how with what ?

Hmm maybe: General gameplan and what to look out for, whether it’s a good/bad matchup and why specifically (so you can exploit the advantages you have, and be extra careful at the disadvantages you have), good pokes to use in the matchup (which poke works well against one of the opponents’ poke), max damage punishes on specific moves/specials/supers.

Also, not sure if character specific combo’s are a thing, but those would be helpful if they’re max damage.
Also, maybe safejumps?

Thanks god, we have ONE matchup Thread.

One match-up thread with an OP that’s never going to get updated.


Is there anyone that is giving you guys particular trouble? My biggest challenges have been Bison and Chun-Li.

Is that the real James Chen? Hm, he should maybe give someone the rights to lead this thread and add stuff, otherwise this could be pretty messy.

My biggest problem is that my opponents never stay longer than 20f on the ground before they jump again. I don’t know if any char gives me trouble cause all I do is anti-airing them.
And ther more points they have the more they jump.

No idea, but it is definitely going to get messy. Where are we compiling information if not in the OP?

that should be the real Chen.

On multiple threads. Wait. Hm…
Yeah I just hope he actually comes back and instead of thinking this is just a discussion forum. This page is supposed to be something like a compendium.

How do you guys deal with bison. His double knee press is kicking my butt. It’s safe on block and I feel like the only way to get out of it is to poke but you have to do it super early. I’m new to fighting games and I lab everything I’m having trouble with between matches. I know fighting games are not easy for newer people but I am trying to get good. When I lose I evaluate what I did wrong and what I can do to fix it in the lab, but that move is kicking by butt, especially in corner. Any advice.

Anyone got any tips for Gief? Totally unsure of how to approach that match

Yes it’s the real James.

Bisons Kneepress is safe on block but not + on block. he is allways - unless he uses EX knees. You can just press buttons and he will lose. depending on the rage I would say or
You should be able to keep him at the distance you want him with and cr.hp and if you’re in he is pretty much defenseless. Bison has no wakeupgame outside of CA or V-Reversals and both can be baited out and punished. Or at least he has to deal with pressure again.

You can always V-Reversal if you have the VG bar to do it.

I havnt even got that far, something I need to work on.

You know how minus. I set it up so I’d he jabbed and I jab I got a counter hit but everything else he got a counterhit. Now it is pssible I wasn’t getting my mediums out on first frame. I guess I’ll test it some more.
Is he incincible during his dashes?

Spent a few hours playing a friend who was using Chun all night. I was really having a problem getting in on him. Chun’s b.HP seems to work as a really good anti-air against Cammy, including stuffing some poorly timed/spaced cannon strikes. Speaking of Cannon Strike, Chun seemed to be fast enough to counter any crossup CS’s I was doing, either with a blockstring or maybe I was just a tad too high in the air and got punished. Overall, the matchup seems to be a war of attrition, just wearing each other down till one player makes a mistake.

Anyone have any tips on actually getting in on Chun?

-5,-4-2,+1 according to the Beta3 framedata.

He is a short time invincible during his Dash, I just press Jab to stop him from doing this.

What I usually do is stand out side of Cammy’s standing forward range. Space yourself so you can walk in and out that range and poke with stand fierce, crouch fierce, low forward, stand strong to name a few normals. This will provoke gief to press a button or jump. If he jump Back strong, Back Roundhouse or Cannon spike him. If you hit him with a cancel-able normal, cancel into spiral arrow and dash up to him. You can get a free meaty attack since he can’t wake up SPD. And rinse and repeat. that’s my go to game plan, Fish for whiff punishes, harass his wake up and anti-air him when he jump.

Its -4,-3,-2,+1 in the prima guide