Cammy basic BnB combo help?

I’m really struggling to get cammys c.lp xx h.SA out reliabily. I’ve been practicing this for awhile now and I cant get it down. Like yeah, I can do it a couple of times, but its maybe a 50% chance. I’m aware you need to link the c.lp and but I just cant seem to get the timing. Watching vids doesn’t help, there isn’t any way to pinpoint it down and so I’m really scratching my head. Is there some kind of trick to it? some way of making it easier, or knowing exactly when to do it? Any help on this would be apperciated, I really need to get this combo down as its pretty hard to play cammy without her bnb.

You need a slight pause between the cr.lp and, in general if the SA doesn’t come out the pause wasn’t long enough, if the SA is blocked the pause was too long. I recommend, cr.lp, st.lp hk SA instead though, I find its easier to perform.

I don’t know if anyone remembered this, but a WetWookie made a program that teaches you the timing of that combo… The mediafire link is down, I just sent him a PM about that.

I find cr. lk st. lp st. lp to be the easiest way to practice.

Oh my god I would totally apperciate that link!!!

Also, I’ll try these variations. Thanks guys, I apperciate the fast and helpful replies

I’ve read something in one thread a while ago that it helps to press cr lp twice then cr lk. I’ve tried this and it greatly helped me with this combo.

Not to side-track you from playing Cammy, but it might be worth your effort to practice some of Adon’s bnb’s given that he has to link all of his c.lp and’s into a special move (rising jaguar).

I just recently began playing Cammy after having played Adon quite a bit, and I think some of what I learned in regards to timing his hits have helped me a lot with my execution.

The general bnb to practice with Adon:, c.lp > l.RJ, or any combination of 2-3 hits of’s or c.lp. They all need to be linked, just practice in training mode with the dummy turned to auto-block.

Hope this helps.

So then where does c.lp c.lp > xx SA fit in? This one is in Cammy’s trials. How is it any different from the c.lp > xx SA combo? The link occurs in the same spot in the chain right? Do such little variations make a difference or do they just exist to confuse the opponent during a block string?

Not sure if I used the right annotation in describing those combos but you get the idea.

as far as i know they are pretty much the same…

similar to:, c.lp, c.lp, hk sa

or, c.lp, s.lp, s.lp, hk sa, c.lp, s.lp,, hk sa

last 2 normals are linked…

for me different matchup = different bnb…


Ryu/ken/chun li/fei long:

primary bnb:, c.lp,, hk sa
secondary bnb (close):, c.lp, s.lp,, hk sa


primary bnb (guile standing):, c.lp, c.lp, hk sa
primary bnb (guile crouching):, c.lp,, hk sa

secondary bnb (guile standing):, c.lp, s.lp, s.lp (c.lp if dead close), hk sa

and so on for the rest of the cast… i always have a primary and a secondary depends on the matchup…

with the same concept… last 2 normals to be linked…

Interesting, but what influenced your decision to use those combos in those particular matchups? For me, a total scrub, I couldn’t possibly imagine rethinking lp and lk patterns for matchups against different characters. Another question, is there any particular combination of those crouching attacks that is easier to link/perform? Perhaps I should try the combo with the standing jabs?

I think whichever I end up finding easiest to link is going to be my go-to.

You’ll find once you’re comfortable with one or two of her BnB combos you’ll be able to do all the variations, 3 or 4 hit. The timing is all pretty much the same.

It seems this question has been answered quite well by the above posters. I would like to offer my 2 cents as well. Maybe my search gives you some more insight. I?m one of those people that needs to understand the complete package before I can start using it confidently.

What makes the BnB combo (cr. lk x cr. lp, cr. lk xx HK SA xx super) so interesting is that it has all the major elements of the SSF4 engine in it. Chains (x), links (,), cancels (xx), super cancels (XX), framedata and even plinking (~). (Plinking is part of it if you were to do it my way ;-p) I?ll start by explaining the seperate parts and then combining them as a whole.

Chains (only normals can be chained)
Super Street Fighter IV - Shoryuken Wiki
Cr.lp x cr.lp x c.lp is an example 3 hit rapid fire chain combo with Cammy, as well as any character whose cr.lp is a rapid fire attack. In the framedata in the wiki you can see that in the colum with cancelability it says ?ch?.
It is important to note, that rapid fire chained attacks in Street Fighter 4 LOSE the ability be special or super cancelled.

The thing about chains is that you have to hit the button during the active frames or recovery frames of the move. So in the chain: cr.lp x cr.lp x c.lp you would have to hit the lp button between the 3rd and 12th frame. Quite a large margin.

(question I have to someone that might know: I think you can actually only chain during the recovery frames and not the active ones. Anyone know for sure? )

Links (all moves can be linked provided they give enough hit or blockstun)
Super Street Fighter IV - Shoryuken Wiki
Cr.lp gives +1 on block and +4 on hit. The cr. lp cannot be safely linked into a cr. lk. If you are doing the BnB as part of a blockstring a blocked cr. lp link to cr. lk. might result in a dragon punch in the face.

Cr. lp. link to cr. lk. has to be hit at EXACTLY the 13th frame. I.e. the first frame after the cr. lp has completely finished.

Cancels are a bit like chains. But there is a big difference. A special or super cancel has to be complete before the first active frame of the normal. If you perform cr. lp. x HK SA you have to hit lp followd by both the move and the HK BEFORE the third frame of the cr. lp. You cannot be too fast when performing a cancel. With a link or a chain you can be too fast.

There is a great quide to plinking to be found here.

I?ll just leave the explaining of plinking at that.

When putting this all together there is one more thing to consider. The reason why cr. lk x cr. lp, cr. lk xx HK SA XX Super is a BnB is because you can also use it as a blockstring. If you stop the combo at the second cr. lk. you will have pushed yourself far enough away so that you can safely block. If performed correctly it is impossible for any opponent to sneak in a dragon punch in between the normal attacks.

Lifting fingers/hands
When I started SF I used to lift my fingers and bring them down with different speeds to chain/link etc. I learned a trick for putting in golf that actually makes this easier. I now bring my fingers down with the same speed but I vary the height I bring them to. It takes some practicing, but I find it to be more reliable.

Putting it all together
The way I perform the BnB combo is like this:

I hold downback and plink lk~lp. That way a cr. lk will come out in most circumstances. If your opponent tries to grab you a tech throw will come out. I then hit lp. chaining it together with the cr. lk. I then bring the joystick from downback to downforward and hit lk. The time it takes to bring the joystick from downback to downforward just happens to be perfect for the timing in this BnB combo. After the lk I bring the joystick to forward and hit HK.

Written in the SRK lingo it would look like this:
cr. lk x cr. lp. , cr. lk xx HK SA XX Super.

I prefer:
DB (plink) lk~lp (chain to) lp (D) (DF) (link to) lk (F) (special cancel to) HK (D) (DF) (F) (Super cancel to) Super.

I hop this sheds some light on the subject. I?ve been told I can be somewhat chaotic at times because I want to cram as much info into a conversation or post as possible.

The biggest help for me was when I learned about chaining and cancelling. I was hitting the cr. lp way to early resulting in mashing. When I learned to chain then link then cancel it all came together.

This question keeps getting asked. Maybe someone can compile the best answers and can sticky it or something. Either way: good luck and let us know how this goes.

for certain matchup regular bnb (, c.lp,, hk sa ) tends to whiff

on standing Guile, crouching/standing Balrog, standing Abel (vanilla? now he’s easier to bnb)… so i would vary it accordingly… most notably on Balrog…

on crouching balrog, c.lp,, hk sa … where the last lk whiffs… even at point blank… same for, c.lp, s.far.lp, hk sa…

try it in training… stand next to a crouching balrog then bnb… last lk or standing lp will whiff…

against crouching rog i always use, c.lp, c.lp, hk sa…

apprently people have trouble reading lately…

/douchebag off

Is there an all purpose bnb that never whiffs?

i can’t think of a single character that > xx hksa doesn’t work on.

Does > St.lp > xx Hksa work ?

You can’t link the st jab to the cr forward; cl st strong into cr forward is a one frame link but you can’t do it with the st jab

Id also like the link to this program if you can get it.

Well I can’t for the life of me get this thing to come out but once in a blue moon. Sitting in front of the TV trying to do this might be driving me insane. I feel like I’d have an easier time learning Polish underwater.

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