California passes the "Yes means Yes" bill into law. Time to pull out your kobe bryant contracts

Gone are the days of consent being that you guys have made out for hours, shes been grabbing your cock, saying how much she wants you, and is happy to be around you. Now after all of those green lights, “sir, im going to need you to formally ask her for sex, and since your word wont mean shit vs her in a court of law, im basically going to need you to get her to sign a contract, and video tape her saying she wants to have sex with you”.

What a fucking bandaid way of addressing sexual assault on campuses, where much sex is under the influence to begin with.

hurray for equal rights!!!

Does this mean if a chick starts blowing you, or hops on your lap, we subjugated men can charge them as the rapists they are?

edit: what happens if the chick I wanna bang doesn’t speak english? No sex allowed? What if she’s mute? Do we need to play Charades first, and guess correctly, before we fuck?

So many drunk white women bout to get killed playing in traffic without their fuck buddies to protect them from themselves. Like anyone is really going to the trouble of baby sitting a grown person if they aren’t fucking you.

Anyways, being a pimp in Cali just got a lot more profitable.

calling it: mini post-it type sex contracts made to be given out with condoms and lube. i’m seriously considering putting up a kickstarter for this idea.

I knew this was gonna happen.

Not surprised. Unfortunately I’m not sure how this will be enforced. Gotta read up on the bill before I make any funny comments.

Great article that basically goes over why this new bill won’t work.

Oh, California. What especially gets me is this part of the first article:

No. Just no. Constantly asking if everything is OK is about as “hot”, “cool” and “creative” (WTF?) as the Windows prompts that ask ‘Are you sure?’ every time you try to install or delete something.

>Do you want to allow the following penis from an unknown publisher to make changes to this vagina?
>Are you sure?

This better not become Florida 2.0

Good job California, good fucking job. Maybe whores should learn some personal responsibility. Or does infringe on them and make them feel less safe. Fucking patriarchy, robbing women of the freedom of drunken nights with no consequence.

I heard the proposed Surprise Sex bill was voted down unanimously back in March.

Oddly appropriate now

This is going to branch off into a new form of softcore fetish porn.

Bet that.

What kind of gay earth is this?

We are ten years away from living in the demolition man future. I already got random corny bitches telling me to be well in shit…

Actually it doesn’t have to be verbal consent, just consent. And I don’t think it has to be “undressed, turned around, and waved her ass in your face with the most expectant look in the world thrown over her shoulder” nonverbal.

That said much of this is entirely up to school administrators who, because of this law, have their jobs on the line for no reason so take the fuzzy line in the sand and put it where ever you want.

and then they hit you with the no/yes fake crossup at the end and convert it into a touch of death loop.

Keep a camera running in your bedroom. You have evidence and your own personal porn. Win/win. Been doing this for years…

But seriously, ya young ass niggas is fucked. I’m glad I did all my dirty work already…

^ I got a 6 camera set up ready to be installed right now. Any bitch that comes over gets told about the camera, while we’re on camera, before anything even begins to go down. If she don’t wanna be on camera, she can leave. :coffee: