Cali regionals

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be going to the California Regionals at Denjin arcade in January. Anyone else going?

yeah ill be going, but what you SHOULD be going to is our SF4 regional Fatbear. Where u at man?


Enjoy my absence from SF4 while it lasts. You’ll miss it.

i’m waiting to hear the confirmation on my request for the days off if it goes as planned i will be going too!, and i’m not stranger to the sf4 in taco-town.

I wanna seriously go this time, count me in!

what does that even mean?

Speak american?


Get Hype!

Ignore the talk about the $1000-$2000 sidebet on my match. That’s not real…yet.

time off confirmed! see you in cali!


Has anyone made travel plans for this? Cole, which airport are you flying into?

Whoop their fucking asses SamY. Do it. You got money, and you know it. Take it out your pocket and show it then throw it.


i scheduled time off for cali regionals.


Is that your birthday or something?


you’re a fool.

my birthday is in september.

i haven’t been to a tournament out of state yet, so i wanted to go.

/edit: even though it’s not my birthday, i’ll still take your money.


Well since i missed sf4 1000 dollar tourney grumble im DEFINATELY going to be goign to this. Im hoping I can still drive but we will have to see. Im not flying.

Might be driving down with SF4 Team NW, Me, mandel and Mickey. Gotta talk with Korean Frank too to see if he is down.


Cool. See you guys there.

i finally have some money again so i am in for this one for sure

Most def Fatbear, we shall rep NW strong.


ps - .I still owe you a beating in 3s from that portland tourney =P

time off approved.

now i need a way to get down there.

is mackinzie driving?

if so, i’ll pitch in gas monies and help drive half way.