Calgary Thread 2017

no pope francis why are you such a bully

Josh you savage. At least make it 2017 not 20177, lol.

Happy new beers, 2016 can suck it.

May your hadoukens always be fresh and your links crispy.

This is it everybody.

This is the year of the 'maidens. God help me if it isn’t.

I’m so fucking close.

Fing Fang Foom plz be real

Leon, Ada, Wesker, Venom, Fing Fang Foom, X, Sigma. This roster will work for me :wink:

Sadly it’s fake though… sniffles


You can tell it’s fake because, as with every fan list, it fails to take into account Capcom’s “rule of bodytypes” for Marvel games which is that it needs to have giants (Hulk, Nemesis, Juggernaut), midgets (Viewtiful Joe, Arthur, Rocket Raccoon) and weirdos (Shuma-Gorath, MODOK, Amaterasu, Tron Bonne). Keep note of this every time one of these “leaks” pop up.

And just as an aside… I really hate Fin Fang Foom… it’s like some deviantartist’s macro fursona.

How would they make Fin Fang Foom work? Isn’t he like 50 feet tall?

Apparently like the giants in Tatsunoko vs Capcom. But that list was already confirmed fake by an insider.

So are there still any SFV meetups going on? Ended up fucking my leg and not being able to drive for a few months, but want to get back to playing offline again. Want to start hosting IGAU 2 nights once it’s out, but definitely up for hosting some street fighter as well. (Big main level, can probably have half a dozen setups fit comfortably)

I remember someone mentioning a group chat a while back, is that the better way to set things up or is that a ghost town as well?

you did it josh. reboot the thread haha!
next fighting game i’m looking forward to is also injustice 2 - i’ll give tekken 7 a shot as well.

been playing MK Shaolin Monks with Jellybean … NR should do another beat 'em up, this game is like two player god of war with RPG elements and fatalities lol. pretty sick!

You’re alive! PM me your number (I thought I had it but maybe not), and I’ll get you into the whatsapp chat. It’s far from dead (though highly off-topic so you’ll want to mute it so you’re not getting notifications)

I am beyond excited for I2 and playing offline with you guys again. I hope you don’t mind being second best in the city ;). Gonna make it to Evo this year?

I’m hoping Tekken comes out within the next month so I can screw around with it for a couple months before I2 is out.

The offline scene for SFV in Calgary is fairly non-existent though. But meetups happen sometimes.

Once the game gets a release date I’ll put together a Calgary thread, Facebook group etc for I2 and hopefully we can get something going at Dickens for it. (cus ain’t nobody gonna find this troll thread)

I’m half expecting release dates for Tekken and I2 to happen on the 24th during the Evo announcements…

they would if the creator changed the name to read as “Calgary” and “2017”

Edit: Thanks PJ!

Speaking of… Later than I thought :(. Only 2 months to practice before Evo! Must have been moved back from their usual window so as not to compete with the Switch.

Edit: lol thanks PJ

I really want Hugo in MVCI

Just imagine his moves Marvelized.

Full-screen invincible anti-air grab super, yes please.

PR Balrog somehow got a glitch while playing online that reverted his Balrog to Season 1 Balrog.

That is extraordinary. Kudos to you Capcom for making the most quality fighting game.

Haha yea, just don’t really enjoy MKX. Oh for sure, I’ve just been waiting for I2. I should be able to get out this year. I’ll send my number over!

Captain Cold is mine, btdubs.

Will you play Injustice 2 if it has Giganta, Josh ;)?

If it has her, and her character model somehow doesn’t look homelier than a chimpanzee’s ass, then… maybe.

That’s all you’ll get out of me. Just keep in mind I’ve never been a big DC or MK guy…

Whatever group you guys start hit me up, I’ll be looking for some offline games again.

Had to disappear for awhile and work and be a new father again!! May seems like a good time to crawl out of the shadows and play again :slight_smile:

Anyone been keeping up with KI? Still love that game.