Calgary Thread 2016

Stuck at the airport, so yup.


“Ore-sama wa Daitoryo no Trump-sama!!!” Donald bellowed, the Chaos Emeralds swirling around his golden coif.

2016 gonna be an interesting year for the FGC

Well met, Mike

I wanted to make this but tonight was actually pretty busy at my bar. No time to fuck about on the phone! Til 2017…

Happy new years guys!!!

Happy new year guys

Happy new year, guys.

prepare yourselves for the unwashed 16’ers!

happy new year dudes, here’s to 2016

Soon the era of disappointment in SF5 will begin!

Happy new year homies!

gg 2015
happy new beers everyone

who wants to hit up dickens tomorrow?
angry moike i got that mb for you still if you’re planning on going.

if anyone is up for some MTG i’ll bring a few decks too.

oh man epic boss theme for super fukt boss

hahaha of course

Works for me.

Happy new years, friends!

Ryu bottom 5 in USF4?

Yay or Nay?

I’ve actually had people try to convince me of this.

Na maybe bottom 10 but Def worse chars. Dj, hawk, dan, Dj, dj

Hey virus, do you think you would be at dickens tomorrow so i can get that copy of fallout 4 from you?

no chance ryu is bottom 5

AGDQ has started, lets watch nerds for the next week straight play video games

Absolutely not bottom 5. I don’t even think he’s bottom 10. There’s just no reason to use him when there’s e.ryu