Calgary Thread 2014

Happy New Years Everyone!!!

Lap Chi Duong

Lap wins!

goddamn thats just what i was coming to do!

Happy New Years guys,

Happy new years niggaz

Happy new year bitches!!!

Happy New Year bros!

Happy new years, bros! Now it’s time for . . .

(just kidding, I know exactly where i left it)

happy new year calgary fgc.

happy new years boys. hope it treats you well.

Happy New Years everyone. Hope this one is a gooder!

Also; My old roomies jacked my stick, was wondering if there was anyone out there that wouldn’t mind hooking me up with a stick til I can buy another. Inbox me

Happy new years Calgary!

Making sure to get in on the first page here, happy new year!

This year will contain… the release of USF4, and maybe the announcement of some other unreleased projects, but that’s really about it? Maybe another round of KI characters?

EDIT - Ah yes, forgot about Smash and Guilty Gear. Even if the new Smash is not at all good for competitive play, Project M 3.0 should keep the Smash scene strong for a good while yet.

Guilty Gear, Blazblue, probably Smash. Lots of stuff.

Oh god, back to work today! :S

holidays went by sooo fast…

Happy new Years

Bravely Default demo is today on the 3DS, one of the more anticipated DS games coming out early feb.

It has its own side-quest storyline that isn’t in the actual game itself, also has some item packs that aren’t in the game, that will transfer over. Looking forward to checking it out tonight~