Cable VS. thread

Cable vs. Cable this you have to becareful because of you mess up the other Cable can HVB3 you always look for a mistake for other Cable player.

Cable Vs. Cyc. As long as you have aaa you should be ok but Cyc will also try to chip you out. If you dont have any aaa you should be careful vs a really good Cyc player.

Cable. Vs. Sent. Make shure you have 3 or more levels. Make shure Sent does not fly on you call aaa.

Cable Vs. Storm. This is very hard for Cable players if all there doing with Storn is runaway. Ill use black heart aaa but he sucks on point. But I dont see any other way of bringing her down.

Cable vs. Doom. Well you know you’ll have to run under doom and call aaa. Also jump before he does and FP lazer. Or HVB.

Cable Vs. Spiral. All though people say shes not as good as she used to but she still can beat Cable. Remember she takes tons of damge. Use flash bombs and then make shure she doesnt re-load her swords.

Cable Vs. Mag. You must be very patient and wait for the right time to call aaa.

If the Cyc player tries to chip you to death, he’s stupid, well, not stupid but it’s not the best idea. All you need to do is be on the ground when he does a MOB (I’m assuming that’s the main way you’re saying he’s gonna chip). Once it ends, AHVB.

Although I will admit, I’ve never played a good Cyc player, he’s just not popular around here.

Cyc can double jump and hes twice as fast as cable in the air.

If Cable doesnt have aaa. You cant run away from him forever. Its better to have levels so you can rush down Cyc.

cable vs Ironman?!
Im in Japan right now…
and the Ironman im having troubles with is Mitsus Ironman, he is the best japanese player… basically i need advice cauze all he needs is one hit on me… and please dont say dont get hit, unless thats the only way… fuck the guys ironman is too good

Cable vs IronMan well IM can drop smartbombs on you then lazer. The main reason IM beats Cable is that IM can stay above Cable. Always jump before IM, and throw gernades at him to keep him down. Use black heat AAA that will keep him down. IM also will try to rush you down. Its not as bad as Mag.
Stay above IM throw gernades and Hyper Viper beam and Fp when super jumping, use BH aaa at the right time to get him down. This is all I can think of hope it helps.

Cable kills Cyclops for free. As long as Cable has meterm it’s almost impossible for Cyclops to do any safe chipping on Cable, unless he does jumping MOB on the way down.

To be honest, I’m reading what you’re saying, you seem like you don’t really know what you’re talking about.

Cable owns IM. If IM is trying to smartbomb your ass, just make sure to stay w/in 1/2 screen from him, call your ground covering assist, and s.hp scimitar his ass all day. Once you knock IM to the ground just stay on his level and he won’t be able to do anything. IM rushdown is slow enough to be eaten by a s.hp scimitar and call your ground assists for cover, storm/sent work very well here.

IM really is no problem for Cable. The best IM in the area gets owned by my Cable, just stay about 1/2 screen from him and you’re okay.

Does Mitu still use IM/Ruby-capture?

BTW, sup wc? TMO here on one of his many accounts.

Cable kills Cyclops for free if he has aaa. If Cable has no aaa then he cant run away from Cyclops forever it seems like you dont know what your talking about.
On other note if Cable has no levels and no aaa most likely youll try to keep away Cyclops since Cable doesnt have much of a rush down unless he has a few levels.

If you think I dont know what im talking about play a expert Cyclops without using aaa with cable youll see that its not that easy to win with Cable.

all of Cable’s moves out prioritize cyclops move. it’s not gonna be easy for Cyclops to get in on Cable. Cable can chip cyclops for free where as cyclops has only 1 option to chip Cable and that’s if he does scissors kick xxx mob. other than that, Cable can do regular hvb all day long with grenades. regardless if Cable has AAA or no AAA, cable wins this match for free, he justs wins it faster with AAA.

i play both characters and i’ve played with expert players from around the nation, so i do know wat i’m talking about.

Its pointless to reply anymore so this is the last time I will, because it will be never ending replying. You seem to think that Cyc has no no chanse to win vs Cable without aaa try telling that to Duc, or Justin.

Nobody really knows how to play Ironman, though. Although Japanese Iron Man players get owned here, I guarantee that the only IM players around the U.S. on their level would be the likes of Julius and perhaps Combofiend.

Fortunately, I play an Iron Man who is really good and I can tell you that he’s pretty good on Cable. Jump fierce, jump rh, and crouch roundhouse are really good normals on him, and anytime Cable jumps and you can jump past him, you get to drop smart bombs and fly for free.

His best team is IM/Storm/Cable
thats what he uses all the time now…
Thnx for the advice anyone but it wasnt needed… I won the tournament…
Basically what i did against IM was… to survive hahaha… i ran away with cable and killed his helper… i didnt try to attack iron man that much cauze i knew mitsu was good, and he could easily kill my cable if i did one wrong move…
The thing that i think japanese arent good at are teams… the tournaments they have are wierd… Its best out of one, single elimination… its fucked, at the beginning you pick one team and ONE team only, u cant change… So if a japanese player goes against someone… an american for instance, and the american pics a counter team… the japanese player instead of switching teams after losing, pics his one best team… they dont believe in counter teams hahaha… it wierd

The reason i beat Mitsu was that, i killed his helper, and i almost killed his storm… and his ironman was left… he coulda done the infinite on me, but i called out my helper, and he got both my helper AND my cable… so he couldnt do the infinite cauze the timing got fucked you know, it doesnt work when there is two people in it… so i was free, then i won hahaha

But their Iron Men are really good, they can do the infinite on you very easily… like every single launch they get on you, the turn into infinite with 100% accuracy, well Mitsu atleast… and they always finish it off with the super, everytime… they can play him to perfection, they dont get hit buy stupid things…
and i noticed about japanese players that they have something, when they play, if they get that something on you they win, if they dont… they dont win!!
it hard to explain but for Mitsu it is basically the infinite with ironman… for chikyuu it is the deamon infinite with blackheart, then switch into cable! then AHVB
they are very good players… just that, this one team thing they have is sorta fucked up… thats what i think brings their downfall…

And about Cyclops beating Cable or the other way around… it is very hard to tell…
i played a guy in the tournament who was very good, he came in second because he beat Mitsu too, even though Mitsu is said to be the best in Japan.
And well… it is not easy for a good Cable to beat a good cyclops… cyclops doesnt suck he is a really good player… and there are many things you can do with cyclops that allows him to use helpers freely… like his double jump abilites allow him to get to the other side and stuff, and alll that… hes a good player i uno hard to explain hahaha japanese have good cyclopses btw
they can do the infinite too which i think is pretty amazing

if it is Cable vs Cyc 1on1 no aaa Cyc can double jump over anything Cable shoots at him and theres nothing stoping Cyc from getting in.

see…that can be true, but Cable has 3 options.

  1. He can Psimitar

  2. Throw a Grenade and let it explode over his head

  3. Run the other way

Pryde: Just a quick question. I know this might sound stupid, but is it true that a good number of Boston players pick Dan and actually do well with him? I just heard this from someone. I mean, when you think about it, Dan doesn’t suck so bad. Guess it depends how you play and who you play.

Not to sound like a know-it-all, but Philly has a very nice IM player named Brandon aka Demon Hyo. People on the east coast consider his IM to be elite. But yeah, although I haven’t seen much of Julius Jackson, I have of Combofiend. He is very nice :cool:.

the only Dans i’ve actually seen win is the one from Marvel Super Heroes. That’s about it. If anyone plays him against me, they’d get so owned, but come to think of it, I think i’ll play him tomorrow and see how well i do with him tomorrow.

Long time no see Pryde. R u heading to GT Friday night? Im pretty sure I am, so I’ll probably see u down there.

On topic: Cable beats Cyke unless Cyke can keep him grounded which is really hard to do.

Mag beats Cable unless Cable has drones assist and a good anti air.

Sent loses to Cable

Sprial vs. Cable is sorta close but I give it to Cable

Cable vs Storm: depends on the assist it can go both ways

Cable vs Doom: Cable owns him. All Cable has to do is throw grenades at his head then chip.

Cable vs. BlackHeart: Cable wins.