Cabin in the Woods


It is stated that the dude is “the fool” and the girl is “the virgin.” Yet the chick implies that she isn’t a virgin multiple times and is doing poor in school (possibly sleeping with her professor for grades). Also, as far as we know the stoner only got as far as a kiss and was shown to be the smartest of the bunch and the only one to figure out what was going on. Everyone thought the dude had to die but It seemed to me that Joss Whedon was winking at the camera and subtle hinting that roles were actually reversed. Sure, I’m probably over-thinking it but at least unlike you I do think.

No, I already took that into account.
It’s a simple concept the deems one role per participant.
So from that we can all conclude that…

…You are still an idiot. [/details]

It’s been like a week and I still laugh every time I am at my shitty job and I think of the REO song kicking in.

I think I was the only person in the theater laughing. :*(

Also Lollercycle crash, HO MJOLNIR, TO ASGARD!