Cabin in the Woods

Go see this movie. SRK seal of approval. Not for morons or people still trying to defend Transformers sequels. Best studio horror movie in several years.

Spoilers aren’t the big deal people said they were - this is not some M. Night Shyamalan movie.

Just go see it and sit back and enjoy. Joe Bob says check it out

Good movie indeed.

So…Umbrella tricked out a cabin retreat, huh?

Going to go see it tuesday. Thought it was just some throw away horror movie but after what I’ve hard I’m intrigued.

What’s it about?

Is it really good?

Isn’t it one of those bs pg-13 horror flicks?

Do yourself a favor though and don’t read about it before seeing it. Text doesn’t really do it justice.

Just saw it. Absolutely ridiculous movie. Very, very funny.

So is it more silly than scary and is it pg-13

it’s definitely more silly than scary, and there’s some gore but not like saw-level shit. Only one pair of titties. I wouldn’t call it PG-13

It was written by Joss Whedon and some other dude.

it’s rated R…

I wouldn’t use the word “silly” at all. “silly” is what people called American Psycho because they didn’t understand why Christian Bale was “acting like a fag”

People called American Psycho silly?

so you’d use the word scary then? Was it scary? The movie was full of jokes, and a fucking unicorn stabbed a guy through the chest with it’s horn. You’re not that “deep” man. It was certainly more silly than scary.

Random photogenic airheads, cabin (tricked-out deathtrap) retreat, Nemesis wannabe, stupid choices are made, bad shit happens. Doesn’t really sound like anything we haven’t seen a couple hundred times in the last 20 years, but maybe the execution’s better, or maybe the humor is a driving factor. People here are saying it’s funny. Looking at the trailer, I was thinking “It would be funny if there was Nemesis’ “Stars” voice-over ever time somebody got grabbed.”

I was told this was movie was like SCP-### or whatever.
I remember seeing stuff on SCP, and that shit was kind of crazy.

This is news to me as well.

Wait… what?

Ironic, clever, meta, absurdist, etc. I was also responding to angelpalm…

It was funny and it’s a play on the genre.

The best parts was when this song came on [media=youtube]b-nsLFSqu2c[/media] and the elevator massacre.

I died when that song came on.

QE - It was much better then Chronicle, the last movie someone on SRK said was good and I decided to go see. Fucking shaky cam bullshit.

Well, you didn’t quote him, and the American Psycho comment kinda made it seem like you were trying to be a smart ass.

Absurdism, outright silliness…close enough for me.

I’ll admit the reasoning why everything was happening was pretty clever and i wasn’t expecting it. Worth a DVD purchase down the line.