Cabin in the Woods

dang! i was excited until Spooty Whiteboy said Joss Whedon. sorry, Gorath. :bluu:

I didn’t even know about this movie until a little over a week ago, and I’ve been wanting to see it since. Going tomorrow. Supposed to be doing to the horror genre what Scream did in 96. I don’t really care if it lives up to that kind of hype, but the critics are eating it up, and that’s not easy to do with this genre.

Slightly off topic; if you like quirky, or horror comedies, Tucker and Dale vs Evil is an extremely good choice as well. The name sounds like some generic B movie, but it’s anything but that.

Just finished watching it.

So… uh… was the movie supposed to be laugh out loud funny because it’s that cheesy?
Or was it supposed to be so lame that you faced palmed the entire movie and walked out feeling embarrassed of what you just saw?

Um, so I should wait to see this on video?

Whoa… that gif is huge.

Liked because you have randal avatar and I like the clerks cartoon. :slight_smile:

From what I’m gathering in this thread this movie sounds like another case of Drag Me to Hell.

Wow just wow idk what I just fucking watched but damn if it wasn’t bat shit insane!!!

Shit had me laughing so fukkin hard. Im glad My friends dragged me to see this movie.

8.8/10 just just go see it.

It’s a film made by horror fans for horror fans and I love how it deconstructs the genre in a way that’s vastly superior to those piece of shit Scream movies.

I thought the movie was enjoyable and fun. Plus the main actress, =p

If I had to describe what the movie is about I would say it’s a “behind the scenes of a horror scenario” movie.

It is a clever send up of the genre while still being a great movie on it’s own. I liked it a whole lot more than Drag Me To Hell. It’s not a movie for everyone, but if you are a fan of the horror genre, it is a very clever flick in that regard. The speaker phone gag, BTW, was a perfect way to set the tone of the entire film. Also, Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins were fucking PERFECT in the movie.

Fun to watch. Trolled my gf who was expecting the standard shitty scary movie affair.

Just watched this movie earlier today. How to explain what the movie is about without actually spoiling the punchline though? Regardless, as a fan of “good” horror movies (kind of hard to do), I thought it was excellent. Incidentally, I actually had to explain to some friends that I went with what the fucking movie was even about.

Fucking great?

I like how it is pretty much an old style horror movie in a way.

Had fun watching it and laughing.


So, was the stoner supposed to be the virgin?

It was extremely entertaining and I loved it. Might go watch it again before its released on dvd/bu-ray. Definite purchase.

Sure, why not. Not like the movie didn’t make it perfectly clear several times so explaining it here probably wont help.