C3 (MD/VA) September 22, 2007: The Rebirth

So much Guilty Gear hate! That little hall does get pretty cramped, and it’s tough for people to watch our tournament matches. Hopefully there will be some space in the open area this time around for our matches.

At least (from my experience) the bulk of Guilty Gear players shower, so we’ve survived with that corner ;p

Taping matches and posting them online would definitely be a plus. I really wish someone had that Steve H vs Sanford CVS2 finals match fully taped - and matches like that are bound to happen for this upcoming post-Evo season too. :slight_smile: Looking forward to the next round of C3s in the Fall/Winter and beyond that, GL with running it guys. And if you need help organizing stuff, let me know, I’d be glad to help out where help is needed.

this is my birthday…dunno if ill show up

I really LOL’d at that.

were you one of the 3 guys i was playing ST with last time?? if so, ggs.

GG players fucking stick and suck big fat balls and horse cock.

Yeah, I played gief mostly. I’m assuming you were the other gief player? If so, yeah, gg’s. Looking forward to playing you again.

I’ll bring a ps2 with capcom games/ GG AC and I’ll try to bring a TV (pending on how full the car is).

I’m going to try to bring Zar and XAQ to this. Though XAQ will have school so this most likely will be a hassle and I have no idea about Zar’s schedule.

Maybe some other NYC heads will invade? :slight_smile:

I like Guilty Gear. I suck at it…but I like it. Melty Blood…my bro likes that game. Oh yeah, B Chan does too. :lol:

Like who?


Don’t I COUNT?

Also, if Saiyd comes down, I want to see a rematch between him and DJ in 3S!

Ibuki mirror match!

Money on Saiyd!

>> <<

If I can get a place to crash then count me in for some 3S, MB and… whatever else I might have cash for…

I really think I’m going to try to make it. We owe you guys and I’d like to support. I need to see if I can round up 3 others to get a car and drive up there and get a hotel for the night.

what? i run the damn thing (well with help of others ) so i gots to get there man… you just better be there…

hahah yo i rememeber zar’s fucking ibuki… it would be sweet to see that shit DJ vs. Zar ibuki…

someone house those NYC cats…

Havoc- much appreciated for allowing Melty in my man… also CVS2 starts at 4 rite?.. man i gots to get me a copy so i can learn the damn thing…

lol marvel tourney?? whats that?

crazy white people

that’d be pretty sick, i’m seeing about making it to this one and bringing NGBC again. :lovin:

i think i once heard of it as like a fighting comic book super hero game but im not quite sure. can anyone refresh my memory?

and what is this dont get shot you speak of? will i need to bring a vest for big asians, “gat” ?

You can bring a PS3 with VF5 if you bring a TV also.

I know you just want people to play the game, but it seems like things are getting more and more cramped every month, and I don’t want to dedicate a TV to a game very few people are gonna play.

MB is cool, since you guys only need laptops.

Anyway, Marvel will be run. I’ll even enter. Eric Kim will enter too. I’ll make him. I need a rematch from Sunday night. I got beat by Arctic Attack DHC to Hail Storm all night.

This excited me more than anything else. I’d love for my games to be over and done by 9 (w/o me losing in the first two rounds :arazz: )

Great idea! At least the Sanford vs. Steve cvs2 match from july got put up with the audiance noise. The crowd hype helped make that match.

Oh, and yeah, count me in for my usual ST/GGXX entries.

godamnit pat

puzzle fighter HD remix anyone?

I’m coming only to hear about hailstorms at SIN.